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Emerging Best Practices for Effective Protection Against Targeted Attacks

With rising of business interests performs their best with cloud enabled business environments most of the functions of business are now deeply integrated with business computing environments. That is why hackers are slowly getting into the arena of sophisticated hacking targets with targeted attacks where security professionals have been facing more and more difficult domains…

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Ethical hacking

Word related to hacking does provide various misinterpretations of thoughts and ideas. There is huge number of negative ideas associated with the term of hacking. Mostly, many such negative concept of hacking news gain prominence and people tends to similarity these thoughts with the term hacking. Hacking is related with information security as well as…

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Tips and tricks for faster and safe computing


Computer is there everywhere. The internet is not a safe place. It is full of hackers. With due course of time, there are different types of internet worms and viruses which are lurking everywhere and always trying every time to enter into infected computers. Knowledge about internet and safe security practices is important. Every computer…

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There is no patch for human stupidity

Having human forms or attributes as opposed to those of animals or divine beings. Humans are full kindness and many other definitive attributes. Five fingers be not the same. Similar percentages of contentedness do not stay with humans. Percentages of perfectness varies from people to people. Humans love to stay with social gatherings and fond…

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Executive summary on cyber risks

Zero day attack vulnerabilities are compromising the amount of differentiated timings leads to cyber attacks in multiple forms and ways. What it is surprising is that more and older forms of viruses which have been forgotten for many years continue to attack computer that too without knowledge of users. Many a time a small piece…

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Are antiviruses going to die?

With widespread adoptions of Android Mobile operating system, it goes on to show that slow the importance of antivirus in operating systems is fading to anonymity. With the widespread use of open source as alternative as well as a concept for operating system beginning with mobiles to laptop, it becomes apt clear that slowly antiviruses…

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You cannot secure if you cannot see it

Existence and prominence of the internet within managed corporate network has become an essential ingredient for enterprise resource planning that many such inter corporate networks thrive on works with always on internet connectivity. Extended networks of corporate are infused due to presence of internet architecture and it becomes successful when such network remains connected and…

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Stay safe out there with Vipre Antivirus

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of GFI for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. When you buy that next great computer, do not hesitate to install security software on it. If the need to secure something personal and important to you is a natural instinct, yet that instinct does not…

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