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iPhone 7 Plus review

Despite large number of controversies, the final product of iPhone 7 Plus is almost the same as that of predecessors, with few changes here and there. If you have large iPhone in earlier versions when there is nothing to be excited about this. There has been many controversial rumors prior to publishing of this phone […]

Creating iPhone applications

During 2007 with the introduction of an iPhone, entire world saw vase changing introduction of smart phone use. It is the advent of touch screen enabled smart phones that completely overhauled entire world and entirely present scenarios with the smartest form of introduction of touch screen enabled iPhones. It does make Apple phone premium and […]


Tips and tricks for faster and safe computing

Computer is there everywhere. The internet is not a safe place. It is full of hackers. With due course of time, there are different types of internet worms and viruses which are lurking everywhere and always trying every time to enter into infected computers. Knowledge about internet and safe security practices is important. Every computer […]

Appleā€™s war with Google fires up

Apple Inc shows up in its annual conference foe software developers with all vagaries of Apple Universe at hand with the driving of agenda that is against seemingly Google. The war path is with that of online search giant in smart phone searching and cloud computing and giving the clear message to the software developers. […]

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