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Oh, what a difference!

Last updated on November 9th, 2019 at 05:29 pm

When I collected a few pebbles from the Puri Beach, I found the vast and cascading waves reminding me of my childhood days when I used to visit the same place with the same experience, but without so much crowd. The sea-bed has not changed, nor the charm it offered earlier, but what have changed are the situation and surroundings and, of course, my way of looking at it. Five decades ago, my father guided me to the whistling waves; now the role has reversed. The same sea and the same roar, but a different experience.

Oh, what a difference!

Now, I come here for fresh air away from the smoky city, resigning for a few minutes to the soothing, summer-repelling atmosphere. This is quite different from my childhood experience when I used to come here for the waves advancing and receding and crabs disappearing on the sand, digging holes for their refuge to escape the wrath of the truant children. Now, I watch people swimming in the deep sea and fishermen catching fish in the country-boats; but the time has gone when I was sand-balling my friends and running away in fear of being sand-balled.

Now, I only watch and visualize in a thoroughly pensive posture. Even though present is not the repeat of the past and childhood cannot return, I shall always visit my favorite Puri beach for the solace it gives me in my days of disturbed peace and diffused tranquility.

Farmer Market

This article is about personal shopping experience and how to find real organic food that comes straight from farms and that should be cultivated in the form through real organic cultivation methods. When we go to shopping malls, in another segment we do find large chunk of packaged organic food but on the cost factor it is on higher side and for this we tend to go to local vegetable market and skip purchasing through shopping malls.

In locality of Puri, Badashanka vegetable market is one of the bigger markets for vegetable buyers and it provides huge form of vegetable experiences, as from far and wide, and they sell mostly farming products. In this market one needs to be careful while purchasing as there are many vendors who purchase these from one of sources and rate of product is same and it is important to recognize the real farmers and the artificial farmers otherwise purchasing of products in these localities invariably becomes costlier.

There are real farmers who would be there in and around that market location. They used to sell the real organic foods in and around these locations. They used to sell real organic foods and that makes health well and good as these vegetables are farmed with natural fertilizers and any amount of artificial and chemical fertilizer are not there. This means within raw foods and vegetable there will not be any amount of chemical on it and after cooking and then eating only natural fertilizer and food will go into stomach.

Generally, non-organic foods do contain hints of chemical and that when goes into stomach tend to provide reactions into ours body structure. When for many years we tend to eat these chemicals then ultimately this would go towards the cause of cancers and other lever related and kidney related diseases. It is important to watch your foods even if you eat these at home but still the quality of raw food is of prime significance.

We know the importance of organic foods but when we buy from shopping malls it costs more and for this we move towards farming market of locality and most of these are there in and around downtown or in dense locality and you can buy products from there and from there too it is important to watch out for real farmers who use organic farming wile going for production of farm products. While in local markets these organic farm products costs less in these markets while when you go to bigger shopping malls these costs on higher.

In United States of America there is always high demand for organic foods and those foods are on higher side of course but there are also small farm markets generally during particular days of the weeks which uses to sell farming products especially at the some grounds nearby and those costs on lower side and people used to buy these products there as farmers straight sell these products just like the smaller markets in and around area but there in US farmers used to sell these products over benches and most of these are there on the table showing these and people used to buy these products there the completely organic products.

This means even if we are in here or at US we can find the plenty of presence of organic foods and that too in smaller markets like us and only the difference is the name that is here we call it market and there in United States of America we call it as farmer’s market. Here, these markets failed to appear during heavy rain seasons as most of them sell foods and vegetables in open air condition and when there is rain the water tends to fill that place in plenty and shopkeepers failed to show case their shop due to water logging problems.

In United States of America the farmer’s market also there in an open field and there is no shed into it as they sell under the sky. The entire area of farmer’s market stopped selling at the onset of winter as due to heavy snow fall it is almost difficult to farming as well as sells the farming products in an open space as it is almost difficult to venture out in open.

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How do Tigers Benefit the Environment?

Today is 29th July 2019. It is known as World Tiger Day. It is observed to remember to preserve tiger populations in the world. It also helps to provide good amount of living standards for people as they help to environment good and helps to have good amount of rain and most of water rivers which provides plenty of water comes from these localities.

When humans stay and circulate all over earth in different land places ultimately it allows many of animals for domesticate purposes and they grow with humans side by side and other animals which are likely to be crueler stayed outside civilisation out of dense locality. They stayed inside jungles and with due course of time governments makes it well protected jungles so that cruel animals and wild animals stays protected from poachers and thieves.

There was a time when almost more than half of tiger of the world existed in India out of total tiger population of the world. Now, it is reduced to bare minimum but thanks to some of positive government steps it is now increasing due to the presence of over 80 tiger reserves all over India. In these places tigers are preserved and outside packers and other thieves are stopped from entering into these reserves.

Preserving tigers are boon for society. It provides one of enormous balance of environment so that  humans live with quite satisfied stage with it. Where tiger stays the forest becomes desnes and the presence of other animals provide excellent opportunities for environment. Most of water reservoir and origin of water comes from the side of tiger reserves and it becomes well protected and due to fear of them people who tend to ut trees tend to be frightened for it and trees stays ad it balances the environment.

Most of tiger reserve forests are rain fed and in those locality there used to be high amount of rain due to presence of dense forests and that makes the side by side the environment nearby side makes it most fruitful and advantageous for people who lived in the locality Where there are tiger reserves which means generation of large amount of tigers and this means rain becomes on high side and then the presence of oxygen and presence of water comes with high amount quantity and that makes the living standards of people to the higher side and this is the environment friendly and that provides the absolute amount of living in these locality.

There are three types of tigers in India. One is normal tigers or white tigers mostly seen in Odisha and they are renowned for their beauty and look and being very popular all over the world and predominantly found in Odisha jungles and these tigers are in demand and one time the number of them were far less and now it is increasing due to good government policies.

The second class of tiger is Mahaballa or powerful tigers. They Are very powerful and have the similar look that of king of jungle Lions. Mostly the jungles in and around those areas are dense forests and then the flow of water in those areas are on the higher side and this means they are environmentally friendly.

The third class of tiger found in India is that of Bengal Tigers and they are found in Sunderbans of west Bengals. They are very clever and when people visit into the jungles of Sunderbans use to have masks at the opposite side  of face mask as these tigers attack from behind when you are completely unaware of the environment of where the tiger is as these tigers do not attack when you face them and that is why people visiting these places used to have face mask at the behind to let the tiger understand that even from behind they are looking at them. These tigers are very clever.

The another class of tiger is leopard or cheetah tiger. They are fastest runner of any animal calculated so far. Their body is constituted in such a way that they can run at superlative speed and then stops within pulse of seconds to divert the direction of running.

All of these class of tigers in accumulation provide excellent environment for people living by the side of it. In the earlier times due to the presence of poaching and demand for their skins many tigers got killed but now the situation is different and with the preservation of tigers now the environment as well as the rain and water power increases and last but the least due to the presence of large number of trees the amount of oxygen increases and it is safe for environment of earth.

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Kinds of Mushroom Cultivation in Odisha

Late Odisha has been famous for many kinds come Grand Road to Puri. You can find various cabin shops selling mushrooms related fast foods, and it is popular among vegetarians many prefer cheese related dishes legendary among vegetarians as it tastes like non vegetarian items. During winter, in “Dhingri” famous due to favorable winter weather associated with Our farmers well known to cultivate two one “Sajor Kaju” winter.

Something all and most of the days in a year. Advanced farmers who use modern cultivation utilize seven eight kinds cultivated some kinds of mushrooms and other give less of mushrooms in adequate heat and temperature a seamless production. This article farmers whohands cultivation of these (Dhingri) as these mushrooms needs a environment to the wonderful cultivation so get more and more .

They consumable mushrooms among and then it to separate farmers. Some new facts about colored mushrooms: In those spun of mushrooms the color, characteristics, slowly the mushroom a kind of “dhingri” and the single. From a distance looks like the shape of a rose flower, in the beginning stage the color is slightly red these reached at the of growth, it becomes color.

This not open it for so many days during its growing times. It becomes tasteless, but it has bigger sizes which have very much marketability to it. These mushrooms grow in four months during winter times. Owing to bigger many clients who are very much acquainted with mushrooms did not like this they can know the between Florida mushrooms are very attractive intense red. It grows not famous among farmers. Mostly, farmers are not provided with this cultivation. It grows within 15 to 25 degree temperatures.

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Indoor Air Pollution Problem in Your Home

Plenty of talk about exterior air pollution. These talks move from person to person to nation to nation and then to different organisations and climatic impact and weather change and so on. How to save ours lives and future generations from the impending impacts of ice becoming waters in Antarctica and so on. It is important to keep air pollution levels of atmosphere absolutely right as well as to keep air pollution level of area inside interior of house also good.

This article is about indoor air pollution problem and how to keep it safe so that moving inside home and taking rest always provides finest performance of good living. The most pollution at home comes from kitchen. Make kitchen at the place where there will be a good amount of air ventilator so that at any point of time the heat air must not surpass the amount of cool air that is already inside at home.

At home it is important to have well included ventilator to and from inside and especially built home at first floor and let the ground floor be it the movement of communication to and from your home. Do remember to position garage of your home at the front or side of ground floor. Stay at the first floor at home and do remember to provide well included ventilators from different directions so that good amount of air should be here and there, and the hot air move out from your house easily.

If at any point you find creation of ventilator is difficult then install exhaust fan and especially ne at the front side of the kitchen and another at the front side or sideways of latrine so as to provide well documented ventilation while you inside kitchen or in the bathroom. Inside kitchen do install a perfect kitchen air ventilation system by installing, kitchen air ventilation system and do use good gas stove so that cooking becomes safe and cooler who will be in the kitchen to cook food.

There are various air purifier system available in the market and while purchasing such do think about brand of company and then install those inside bedroom and living rooms so as to get the purifier air always when you seat and relax. Always circulate different canals within home underground and from time to time do clean those so that bad odour of air should not be coming out from these canals which connected to main canals.

Do remember to connect these canals to the main canals of municipality so that water goes out from canals directly to the Municipality water inlet system easily and thus it keeps your home cleaner. Do always clean ceiling fans and table fans so that the dust that keeps attending due to continuous assembly of air, all at one place at the wings of the fan and that makes the entire room polluted with dust. So keep cleaning wings of fans as well as remove all shades of spider that might have been accumulated at the corners of walls so as to have a perfect dust free environment.

When the house becomes dust free you will find that the air that is circulating from here and there becomes cleaner and clean air is good for all of us and it impacts gooddness in mind and all over ours thought processes. These are some of the suggestions to have a clean and fresh environment inside the house and in addition to this as the reader people also know about more and more details about it and they continue to clean and trying hard to keep the environment cleaner.

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Featured Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

Save Environment

This article is about saving the environment. Environment is essential for life of humans. In the recent super cyclone Fani at Puri many trees are uprooted and entire Puri town looks alike a barren land. There has been many ancient trees in and around Governor House road but sadly most of these bigger trees are uprooted with speed of wind force.

With due course of time, due to the rise of civilisation and reaching of many people and pilgrims in and around Puri we saw a vast increase of hotels and most of these are situated at government owned lands but perhaps due to presence of large amount of political pressure and authorisation the growth of these hotels makes trees to cut down and in the place bigger cement structures stands out there.

That removes all of these larger trees from the coast of sea and that cannot stop high force winds from crossing lands and reaching to the Puri town and then make mayhem to the town of Puri. What it intends to provide is that, the vital part of saving the environment is to plant trees and use eco friendly essentials so that ultimately, it provides a suitable environment were there will be reduction of natural disasters.

Recent occurrence of Cyclone Fani justifies that if there at all trees not cut as this like now, then the much of such devastation in the form of cyclone hitting over and above 300 kilometers per hour at the landfall inside heart of Puri town.

In the recent marriage ceremony when we left from lunch, at the gate of it ladies are presenting small plants to guests and that signifies the importance of planting of trees and aftermath such a severe cyclone the planting of trees are becoming more and more essential. It is important to find out which trees are stronger against the fast paced wind and then plant those trees inside of yours garden so that it will stop force of winds and the destruction comes from it must be on lower side.

In this 2019 Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra at many campls we can find the presence of free distribution of plants to people and urges the to plant these trees inside their garden so as to work as a cover up for fast paced wind. In Whatever circumstances be it any citizen of nation must see that there would not be any destruction to the environment and protection of environment and save nature must be there for each and every citizen to see that the world and the environmental protection must work in singular and unique manner.

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