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Biotechnology a sunrise industry

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The 1960s when scientists the genetic began the of understanding of genes. Initially, the Biotech was loosely applied to technologies and organisations engaged in mapping the human genes. The main objective stream is improve health by understanding the functioning towards building healthier defined “application indirect use of living organisms or processes”. In “technology relies on living systems”.

Biotechnology is a single technology but a collection and molecules make or improve existing products. Major techniques of biotechnology antibody technologies drawn immunology, biochemistry, biology and life Biotechnology is finding increasing application in diverse areas. biotechnology is being used in a wide of business whose to alter, wide set of organic cells, plants, animals and Modern Biotechnology is now to produce drugs, develop new therapies and diagnostics in grow better, and into Biotechnology.

Conventional refers to make modify products, improve or animal productivity or to micro organisms for specific uses. Natural fermentation process used for brewing, bread-making, cheese making, etc. and processes production enzymes, relies cellular processes recombination (rDNA), embryo manipulation and its plant regeneration, monoclonal protein to and make is also as an enabling tool and environmental worldwide. APPLICATION on can Agriculture Biotechnology c. Biotechnology.

The pharmaceutical was reap benefits biotechnology. Biotechnology in the human own tools medicines therapies antibodies produced the human body diseases, as well living plant and assist on discovery and synthesis of new drugs. Presently, of the world’s pharmaceutical products are biotechnology based. It includes derived from extract processes. The importance biotechnology are These pharmaceuticals expected to all the drugs under test, the turn the century. There primary areas in health which is currently being used : medicines, diagnostics, vaccines and gene therapy.

According to the McKinsey study, Indian pharma industry is poised to grow to an innovation – led US $25 billion industry by 2010 with a market capitalization of almost US $ 150 bn from the current US $ 5 bn generic based drug industry Vaccine which was a market in 2001 is growing at around 20%. In the biotherapeutics and diagnostics segment, Hep dominates medical biotech segment, Interferon The is to witness the launch of Human Insulin, Streptokinase, and diagnostics. players in industry Biotech, Bharat Biotech, Pfizer, Dupont, – Ranbaxy. b. Agriculture biotechnology food production to meet demand of growing world population, while reducing negative environment impacts. produced through Genetically(GM) seed are and Research on as with conventional and selection by aims to add plant,in mind needs and opportunities plants having important traits such herbicide resistance are where no resistance been demonstrated the local species.

There is intense on Genetically Modified Crops having resistance to viral, bacterial and fungal diseases; modification of plant architecture (e.g. height) and development of new varieties late or seed production); and tolerance salinity and The benefits plants include increased crops on insecticides soil disturbance, enhanced yields, easier harvesting and higher proportion of the crop available for trading. Besides GM sector also Biopesticides, Biofertilizers and plant products are based on natural agents like microorganisms and fatty acid compounds. They are toxic only to the targeted pests and do not harm humans, animals, and beneficial Besides, as biopesticides can control pest population that has developed tolerance to chemical pesticides. Plant extracts are plant-derived materials or preparations that contain raw or processed ingredients from plants have medicinal value.

Often, have commercial applications. The sector driven by the rising desire to use ‘Natural’ products and increasing awareness about the side effects of chemical based products. India being the second largest food producer after China offers a huge market for agribiotech products. This, combined with excellent scientific infrastructure in agriculture, rich biodiversity and skilled and low cost human-power, make India a force to reckon with. Transgenics of rice, brassica, moonbean, pigeonpea, cotton, tomato, and some vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower etc. are expected to complete field assessment and some of these would be ready for large scale production by 2005.

More protein rich wheat with a higher lysine content is likely to be introduced farmer’s Neutraceuticals market has grown to INR25000 – 30000 mn Genetically market segment has grabbed almost per of total market worth US $ 500 mn development and aqua culture also hold great potential India its covers km including Industrial Biotech Industrial involves and their preparation as biocatalysts perform reactions, a range of bulk and fine chemicals, food, agro health sector that industrial will play similar role industrial development in the 21st century as chemistry the twentieth century biocatalyst approach be leveraged from transferred to variety of manufacturing processes.

Enzymes such as lipases, proteases, cellulases and amylases can be substituted noxious high temperature, and Enterprises involved in industrial biotechnology are constantly striving to discover and develop high value enzymes and bioactive compounds that will enhance current is to line overall of the sector Biotechnology Environmental implies application of environmental problems, including waste treatment and pollution control and their integration with non-biological technologies.

This sector encompasses environmental monitoring, restoration of environmental quality, resource/ residue/ waste recovery/ utilization/ treatment through application of rDNA technology, substitution of non-renewable resources by renewable ones, stain improvement for degradation of highly toxic pollutants with the production of chemicals, global changes like global warming and biological diversity.

What is a Geyser Used for?

Water Geyser boils tap water and the hot water comes out at the another tap and basically on the main tap one has two outlets. One is for cold water and the other is for hot water. By placing a bucket at the front of taps and opening both cold water and hot water taps one can find like warm water to bath on. In the cod countries where there is cold and snow fall in most of the years normally people do have possibility of bathing with hot or Luke warm water as most of time the water temperature becomes unbearable.

On the other hand in hot countries where normally the water level is down due to lack of rain we do found that the water which is there at the deepest core of the earth and the polluted water is there at the upper side and when bore well brings outs polluted water and when we bath with it or generally use for home work then those pollution tend to dilute and tend to provide huge form of health hazards mostly in the form of skin related diseases or in the form water-borne diseases.

In the tropical countries where during most of times the temperature touches on or above 40 degrees Celsius we do find plenty of reasons as we find in the above paragraph to use like warm water. Even for sterile facility and in most of areas nearer to sea beaches we do find that the presence of arthritis problems for people who are above the age of 40 and above and for them the use of lukewarm water as the use on the pain side to make them feel relaxed and this can be done easily with geyser and when one goes outside or go to play then use of Luke warm water on a bucket an then out both the legs inside it for clearing of germs is essential for all of us.

That is why importance of using geyser for the home purposes as it will keep out germs from water and then for home purposes it is important to wash utensils with warm or lukewarm water to have more sterility to it. In this way we will move out more from such imminent health hazards and keep ours home and family free from such health hazards.

Water is life and due to modern civilisations there are side effects to it as more and more water becomes polluted as the result of it. Health is wealth otherwise how much you have money or wealth all will be disappeared all of a sudden and for this importance of health is important and we should start all of these at home and for this, it is important to look at important of water and in this way we can find the real solutions and for this importance attached with importance of water in the life of people.

For all such reasons the importance attached with geyser is extremely important as it boils water from time to time without waiting for us to boil water on the gas from time to time and in this way we cannot know-how much time we need to boil water and that can make the wasting the important gases in the process and for this it should be done with especially of that of with the help of geysers, so that it should be do with special object such as geyser so that ultimately, we can see that it will boil water, and after perfect Luke warm or water, such that at the right time it will stop and keep the water heat, and inside its tank the water remain at the state of warm and for this you do not have to heat the water time and again.

In this way, we understand how to preserve water and how to conserve energy in the form of natural gas, electricity and  make your health good and nice. By preserving water for the long term in the form of water in the form of tanks of geyser that preserves to make warm water inside geyser tank and use it when the water needed just open the taps and collect waters from the taps and keep your health good and nice.

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How do Tigers Benefit the Environment?

Today is 29th July 2019. It is known as World Tiger Day. It is observed to remember to preserve tiger populations in the world. It also helps to provide good amount of living standards for people as they help to environment good and helps to have good amount of rain and most of water rivers which provides plenty of water comes from these localities.

When humans stay and circulate all over earth in different land places ultimately it allows many of animals for domesticate purposes and they grow with humans side by side and other animals which are likely to be crueler stayed outside civilisation out of dense locality. They stayed inside jungles and with due course of time governments makes it well protected jungles so that cruel animals and wild animals stays protected from poachers and thieves.

There was a time when almost more than half of tiger of the world existed in India out of total tiger population of the world. Now, it is reduced to bare minimum but thanks to some of positive government steps it is now increasing due to the presence of over 80 tiger reserves all over India. In these places tigers are preserved and outside packers and other thieves are stopped from entering into these reserves.

Preserving tigers are boon for society. It provides one of enormous balance of environment so that  humans live with quite satisfied stage with it. Where tiger stays the forest becomes desnes and the presence of other animals provide excellent opportunities for environment. Most of water reservoir and origin of water comes from the side of tiger reserves and it becomes well protected and due to fear of them people who tend to ut trees tend to be frightened for it and trees stays ad it balances the environment.

Most of tiger reserve forests are rain fed and in those locality there used to be high amount of rain due to presence of dense forests and that makes the side by side the environment nearby side makes it most fruitful and advantageous for people who lived in the locality Where there are tiger reserves which means generation of large amount of tigers and this means rain becomes on high side and then the presence of oxygen and presence of water comes with high amount quantity and that makes the living standards of people to the higher side and this is the environment friendly and that provides the absolute amount of living in these locality.

There are three types of tigers in India. One is normal tigers or white tigers mostly seen in Odisha and they are renowned for their beauty and look and being very popular all over the world and predominantly found in Odisha jungles and these tigers are in demand and one time the number of them were far less and now it is increasing due to good government policies.

The second class of tiger is Mahaballa or powerful tigers. They Are very powerful and have the similar look that of king of jungle Lions. Mostly the jungles in and around those areas are dense forests and then the flow of water in those areas are on the higher side and this means they are environmentally friendly.

The third class of tiger found in India is that of Bengal Tigers and they are found in Sunderbans of west Bengals. They are very clever and when people visit into the jungles of Sunderbans use to have masks at the opposite side  of face mask as these tigers attack from behind when you are completely unaware of the environment of where the tiger is as these tigers do not attack when you face them and that is why people visiting these places used to have face mask at the behind to let the tiger understand that even from behind they are looking at them. These tigers are very clever.

The another class of tiger is leopard or cheetah tiger. They are fastest runner of any animal calculated so far. Their body is constituted in such a way that they can run at superlative speed and then stops within pulse of seconds to divert the direction of running.

All of these class of tigers in accumulation provide excellent environment for people living by the side of it. In the earlier times due to the presence of poaching and demand for their skins many tigers got killed but now the situation is different and with the preservation of tigers now the environment as well as the rain and water power increases and last but the least due to the presence of large number of trees the amount of oxygen increases and it is safe for environment of earth.

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Flush Toilets

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Human is a rational animal, this differs them from the other living entities in the world. There were many researches which stressed on the sole fact that, toilet was the greatest discovery of the world and it was even better than that of steam engine, electricity bulbs or any such scientific invention that could have been here for this.

Toilet was the biggest invention and out of it the flush toilet, which made the human more human. This elaborated further was that how toilet was the prime for human civilisation and how it could generate more and more support as it dealt with the ultimate possession of humans as while walking within the roads , we could be seen as the most essential one to perceive and understand.

There were some countries which were still lagging behind this and this concept was accepted by ministers and for this the real enlighten to be done so that the entire prospect could be seen and perceived in the correct manner. While walking with the roads we could experience the stools of animals, but as humans we did expect to be the plenty more cleanliness and good atmosphere so that safety precautions could be attended fully.

People should be conscious about it and in this process the real facts and the mind of people must go in cleanliness and other forms of understandings that they should be adhered to. Who was responsible for this and the blame to which it should go? I thought it was the person and the individuals that they should be attending to, only government could not do anything all the time, it was the duties and the responsibilities of other citizens that did matter and with the collective social responsibility they could do the inevitable with ease of mind and heart.

If you had the country which was welfare one then it was expected for the government of the day to do the jobs for you, but that was not the case always through as with many instances, the job of this would be that of individuals who were polluting the nation and for this their should have the individual relationships with each other to the finest of the fact and with this the entire spectrum of antecedents might get it on with the right manner.

There should be people not to venture out in the open to go for the call of the nature, they should be doing their own latrines in what so ever manner so that the world would not be polluted at all in any stretch of imaginations. There had been increase of literacy in statistics, but should it be on the paper as with increase of knowledge, people should be aware of the fact that latrine in every house hold was a must for all, for call of nature going outside did not justify,

If you had the home then you should have house as we could see, there were homes in villages and they had good homes with good incomes but still they prefer to go for call of nature at fields as they had the get together , especially the ladies of nearby areas went there , they talked and went for call of nature and this seemed to be some sort of funny making exercises and they ought not prefer to go for call of nature inside home, this was strange but true , so what should be changing them in changing the ideas that had been inhibited with them.

It is simple , they had been devoid of education and even so they could at best write their names and signatures , as education did imply to the fact that you could read and understand the books and experience them and put it into your life straightaway. It had been described and also been taught to the people at large for many years but the saddest part it was , there were many people who were still holding these nature calls outside.

The country could reach to the smartest heights in whatsoever manner but the most prominent part of it was that the flush toilets systems should be everywhere and every house hold must exercise and think it as their responsibility towards the society to implement the flush toilets systems in their back yards.

People should understand at first that clean toilet would first liberate the people from all those contaminated diseases and for this it was high time, for everyone should learn and rectify their mistakes so that each and every part of life could be devoid of stains and other unnecessary contaminated diseases. There should be one topic in the school about this awareness and also especially girls also be taught about this usefulness.

After reading at the class the same students would urge their parents to implement in their house hold so that everything would be clean and sterile. There had been many novels written and there also the writers talked about the bad effects of open latrines. Why some countries were still lagging behind the proper implementations of flush toilets, instead they were still relying heavily of open toilets. It was not about governments, it was all about the psychology of humans who did go for call of nature and many a times despite governmental initiatives them still not going further in implementing this.

There were some bright examples where some people did have toilet , but instead of using it regularly , they prefer to use it like that of a wire house and that was what worries and they used to go outside , below the sky to have call of nature , and that was the real worry , so in this point of time how could government change the mind set and how could it be saved for good and that was the point of concern to which government as well as other establishments were worry off as it was always right that you could not change the basic attitude of humans and there were also one presumptive quote was that , the basic human nature went out of hand .

Till it went past the life and that was where the real problem lies , and to change this one should concentrate on kids so that they could be the better person as well as their parents would be influenced by them so much so that there would be more and more conscious about their attitudes and also perhaps that part of generation could go beyond and think out of bound and in order to achieve this , there would be alert and study for the kids so that they could change the attitude of elders.

There should be proper latrines for girls in schools so that , the school-going girls could learn from it and try to convince their parents to have the latrines in their house hold and that could lead to more and more proper understanding of the facts and through which everything could be achieved in more and more smarter way. There were instances, where there was the toilet but no water and that could rip havoc upon many persons and this could be the real bad sign as in order to clean the toilet, proper sanitation and water connection was the necessity and need of the hour and without it.

The nature and the purpose in which it had been done had no meaning at all for this and in order to get it more and more clean there should proper use of water so that everything would be in relation with sanitation. One proper example was the sulabha souchallaya , and that was the public one but you had to pay some price in order to use it and for this , people had to pay for the nominal price and they could get a good latrine with adequate water and it was well-maintained and this could lead the way for good attendance of public services and this could be the real example, and people should learn from it the real significance of toilet and how it could be used in proper manner.

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Incentives for Investment in Indian Biotechnology Industry

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Biotechnology relates to the industies  which deals with green form of environmental parameters. It deals with people who directly deal with environmental parameters. It comes from the environment and we do not need to search for these biotechnology  elements from other sources, it stands nearby to us as we do not need to go far any where else.

Cattle dungs dried with high sun shine and it becomes stronger an it can be utilised as fertiliserin plants. This is completely natural and do not cost anything. Most of farmers have many cattles and they can collect fertiliser from these dungs, and only collecting and then dried in sunshine, and this can be converted to high rich mineral fertilisers and this can reduce the price of chemical fertilisers, as well as the output of cultivations becomes one of, natural products.

These products are far more superior than chemical fertilisers borne cultivation of goods and these are not good for health for longer durations, and most people long for good amount of natural fertilisers such as these bio technology enabled natural fertilisers, which is good for health and it provides one of most natural amenities for maintaining good health.

Investment on these products can be very much help ful, as these can be a good commercial option, as using chemical fertiliser as investment option can be beneficial but on the other hand one ca see that using bio technology enabled fertilisers suchass from cow dung or from shaded trees can be a good viable healthier option to put forward, adnd provide excellent incentives to put forward good amount of increase of excellent business opportunities and thus the investment option becomes lesser.

No question of any chemical reactions, as it comes from natural ingredients as it comes from cow dungs andcan be collected and employed farmers as the elements of business copartners, and thus it enrich them with money from one sde and on the other side one can benefit from cow dung and not have to spend any money from outside.

In this age of technology and scientific advantages there are artificial fertilisers which enablefarmers to use it and that can have direct reactions, with chemical fertilisers, and from it is better to utilise natural fertiliser so that, the utilisation capacity of land stays all the time, but when you use chemical fertilisers it slowly removes utilisation capacity of lands and for this one need to investment in bio technology industries so that we do not have to create, chemical components of anything, but move toward biotechnology, such as written above could provide elementary task to return to natural elements that could provide one of better move towards health of farmers, people who eat vegetables and it is also good for earth the mother nature, and it does provide in saving arth and keeping enviornment good for everyone.

This provides excellent opportunities to save the earth, and soils of earth remains good and the cultivation capacity of lands remains as good as the first day and remains, and its impact on ozone layer remains good and in saving environment and remaining of atmosphere so that human beings stays secure and safe always.

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