Weekend’s syndrome

It is early morning with the flattering sounds of birds and the sirens from cuckoo making the entire atmosphere of realizing that it has been the morning now. It was already seven in the morning, plenty of works to be finished before reaching for her professional work space. She got up from the sleeping posture and then by folding both of her hands she prayed to Almighty for have a good day in work field and then she slowly brought her hands to switch on the light, which is at the left side of the bed. It was Monday, the most boring times of the week, where the weekends syndromes are still there, two days of back to back holidays are now gone, the things of the past, now she has to begin the work again.

She is in a comfortable job position, with a high ranked job and a handsome salary, she is young and will consider of her marriage only after two years. In these two years, she wants to live a happy life, wants to have a nice convenient and on the hand experience so that it would give her rich and prudent benefits in the times to come. She sat on the bed for few moments, and then she slowly removed bed sheets, and from the right side of bed the switch of ac is there, it was just like a big cut out and there is one green and one red bottom there, she pressed the red button and within seconds the ac stops.

She has hanged over from last night as she slept late due to watching from one of her favorite movie at the favorite movie channel in the satellite television. The film was so and so, but it has a brilliant storyline though the direction part is minimal and also the screen play is compelling. Here, one can be easily trap inside the story line as there are many contradictions and writer should have to understand the subject in a clear cut manner and also, in the manner the director have treated the plot is not so admirable in the widest possible imaginations. At the final part of the movie, it seemed like a certain detachment among the characters, and that makes the movies more boring.

The storyline is unique and she had never seen and heard about this movie at any point in time. Now, she is feeling the brunt of sleeping late as in the morning she had five hours of sleep, her eyes and body wants to sleep for more time, on the other hand her mind is keeping reminding about, her professional commitments and for this she had to get up from the bed within no time and finish her chores and then eat the breakfast and then would venture out to office. She is making higher her both of hands to the open and try to break the ever increasing tiredness that is consistently being crippling over her. She removes the bed sheet, and watches herself, as her hair has gone wild, her jersey has been in sideward and from one side of the neck is visible.

There is one big mirror at the opposite side of her bed so; she can watch herself from there. She has seen that from her right side shoulder the neck lace has been visible and she adjust it and then, she realized that due to deep sleep, her skirt is flowing upward, so with the use of her left hand she made necessarily arrangements, though no one is there inside her bed room, but still she did not like her skirt to be up skirt and her abdomen is visible. Then after making adjustments these entirely she slowly, brought down from her bed. She removed the bed sheet and folds it and then keep it aside and then bring all the pillows from one side and then make it appropriate size and base it at the nearest wooden cup board  and then put there so that pillow will remain clean when she comes to sleep at night again.

After all these arrangements, she reaches to the bathroom to finish all of her chores and today she had to finish within some specified time so that she could not have been late there. She hurriedly finished her essential chores and then first decided to wear the dresses. It is official dress she had to wear, the suit and recently she had bought from some reputation shop, and also at this time of the year fair priced shops are relevant there and all has been giving away the past year products at hand some fair prices dealings.

Now, it is the time to wear official dresses, recently she had bought on her own after getting her third salary, and all these dresses suits her the most as she is a young lady with good physic and she believe in maintaining a good personal identification and since the child hood she had been doing exercise in order to increase her personal appearances. In the mean time she wore the inners and then moved backwards to double check the clippings as she is particularly concern about her physical appearance and she is always believe to have greater control over the shoulders so that never at any given point of time, she would feel more comfortable than ever before.

She prefers skin color and soft and silken inners as she is always favorable of body absorbance inners as she do not advocate for inners that would make shape to her and that would be really not so comfortable for her as it would be hurting eyes of others and breaking their concentrations on the go. Then, after a proper settlement, she brought forward for lower abdomen inners, and for this she always prefers to have cotton attached as it has capillaries through which she can breathe and stay clear and dry. Then she wears the official suit and after wearing she looked at the mirror from different angles to confirm the book from all the sides.

As she knows there is the habit of some men to stare at ladies and she wants to double sure that from every angle she should be detectable gentle and for this she tried her best to appear such that. In the next moment she watches at the clock and realize that she has finished her works pretty rapidly and for this she sends a sigh of relief and at the same time she prepares herself for her day long journey where many meetings and get together will be there and she with folded hand prayed to Lord for successful day.

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