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This story happens during management days. It was during this time, of the year where summer is at its peak. During the on-the-job training  (OJT) time where first and foremost time is that management college which arrange the place for training is not as good as it seems so.

Me and my sister are doing management degree and we did OJT at Bhilai Steel Plant and for this ours Research Professor helps us a plenty. His office is at some distance from the place where ours management college is there. The research professor advised us he would help us in arranging and he did exactly in according to it.

We reached at his office during post lunch time. When we enter the office we saw most of employees there were drinking during office hours. Thankfully, I was there alone and then some one ask who to meet and I said to his I want to meet research professor. One executive oout there recognise me and said Sire said that he is at the management office and he will meet us.

My sister is at management college and I telephoned to meet sir is at the management school and within some time I also reach there and we both meet sir there. He said he arranged the OJT and Bhilai Steel Plant Human Resource department. We thanked sir, and he said to meet the DGM of Human Resource department. He gave us the letter of recognition so he would help us immensely.

We reached Bhilai through direct bus from Bhubaneswar to Bhilai. First, we thought to reach there through rail service through Durg but the train reached midnight. Durg is not a big city.and while moving at night from Durg to Bhilai was riskier and for this, we moved with bus service. It was interstate bus service and we reached on time.

When we saw the hostel facility at Bhilai Technical institute, we found that it is not a place to live securely. Then, daddy phones us that his friend has his bungalow is empty because of his transfer to Durg and we can stay there for one month fully. We reach there. There were two assistant, one is Ashok who would accompany us to Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP), and that was very helpful.

Another Nepalese origin person was the cook there. he would cook breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the difficult time in a search for food is not there. During, summer and because of the Bhilai Steel Plant the intensity of summer is heat threatening. For this people, they’re used to travel across with head and face covered due to Lu wind. I saw summer at Puri and Bhubaneswar and all across Odisha but never seen such intense heat of summer.

In this way, for the entire month, we felt none difficulties and continue without the project to find real enjoyment when we take various questionnaires from various executives, and their responses to ours questionnaires is very interesting. Ours research Professor at Bhilai Steel Plant, Mr. Joseph who was about to retire from service and very much attached to ours research work.

He taught us everything from the process of the writing project and he attached to us and helped us immensely. I hope that after reading this article, Mr. Joseph would feel proud that the way he helped us immensely. This implies that I write this article.

Article Updated April 04 2019
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Free Online Service Offers alternative to Powerpoint

Microsoft Power Point is a default power point for most of the executives, workers, and students. Most of these companies and institutions provide free to them. Many computer service companies also offer bulk registries at smaller prices. Those people who are not engaged in companies, institutions did not buy this expensive software.

With. increasing speed of internet online free alternative to Microsoft power point is a fantastic idea. Students, executives find easier to provide the presentation with Microsoft Power point. It has so many varied tools to make every presentation increasingly engaging.

Microsoft Power Point is not for everyone. It is too costly for individuals; small companies cannot bear this high expensive software. There are many free alternatives to Microsoft Power Point. Some research managers does not need all of these features included inside Microsoft Power Point and for this they want smaller and easier Power Points.

Many business managers of small and medium-sized companies does not need fully-featured software. Their need is based on small part of this software and for them it is a better idea to go for good alternatives to Microsoft Power Point solutions.

In this article you will find free online power point presentations for personal use. Let us now discuss in detail.

Google Slides:

  1. Google Develops it.
  2. They released it on March 09, 2006.
  3. Collaboration and team work allowed.
  4. Many pitches, presentations, and portfolio templates are there.
  5. Access, construct, edit presentations online, offline, devices through the web, app.
  6. You can download Slides app for Android and Apple.
  7. Create and share presentations online for everyone or for close quarters.
  8. Real-time collaboration, chatting and distribution of slides each other is easier.
  9. While working with the Internet and through the web browser, automatically save option is there. You will not lose your work never ever again.
  10. You will find the list of edits, the time of edits, and the person who edit the document.
  11. Google Chrome for Windows has a plugin for easier access to slides.
  12. Converts Microsoft Power Point to Google Slides and do editing and share slides.
  13. You can directly save files to Google Drive.
  14. Easy to learn.
  15. You need a Google Account to work online.
  16. Click on + sign to start a new presentation.
  17. You have recent presentations and template guides to choose from as the alternative.
  18. The theme is on the right side and the preview is on the left side.
  19. Do more with Google Slides with the wide range of add on.
  20. You can make available offline and publish to web and share to anyone or with close quarters.
  21. In the customisation of slides, you have transition effects, background effects, themes and skipping of slides and so many options to choose from.
  22. You have a built-in dictionary and spelling checks.
  23. In the tools segment, you have voice type speaker notes and script editor.
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