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Basel II Risk Management

Basel Accords are suggestions and rules and regulations with which banking industries should perform. Banking rules and regulations begin with Basel I, Basel II and now Basel III. During the year 2015 when this article wrote by me during that time Basel II was used by many banks and now slowly they are moving to the Basel III.

The Basel committee comprised of G-20 countries and other prominent countries of reserve banks heads or central banks’ head. The suggestions of this committee are for recommendation only but most of the member nations find it easy and good at administration to implement these policies.

These policies update itself through more and more Basel accords that are going to the stage of understanding present-day banking rules and regulations. Many organisations and nation tend to implement these suggestions or at times mould it with their national concern to make a better place for most the people who use banking standards.

It tires to advice banking industries to have minimum capital levels so that it can fight against any such emergencies of liquidity of funds. it removes competitive spirits among bank of different nations and thus create one of most standardise banking management.

In the Basel I accord the existing capitals such as shares, bank reserves comes into mind when calculating banking reserves. In Basel II hybrid capitals of banks such as time duration of loans, and other banking liquidity measurements come into force. In this Basel accord risk of capitals comes into consideration while calculating liquidity ration of banks.

It looks for credit rating and the higher it is safer for banks and the lower is vice versa. Banks are physical institution and in order to observe and manage absolute risks one need to understand the physical risks such as whether the building of bank is of its own or is at rented and then what are cash flow in terms of liquidity risks and what is the current liquidity value, and legal risks in terms of bad loans and how much time it is taking to solve this.

All of these comes under financial statements, calculate risk exposures and assessment of risks and management of it provide adequacy of judgement for calculation of capital adequacy that is maintained inside the banking system.

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The Essentials of Good Governance

Good governance is related with what people thinks about administration. Whatever the roles and thought processes of pressure groups ultimately the hopes and aspirations of common man that makes the difference. many a times experts failed to understand what is the forms and factors of a good governance but still if it connects people with government easily then it is the ultimate ways to understand it.

When, people thinks that they can reach towards government and their heads and stay nearer to them and their hopes and aspirations are fulfilled and the basic needs such as construction of attached latrines, low cost led balls and insurance for their crops it provides attractive options of security that people needs to think in the case of emergencies or natural disasters.

Good governance must show to people and must not be mere words but it must not be a proverb to people. Many a times when experts think that governance is going in diverse ways, but when administration moves learning towards working straight to people then it must show the forms and factors attached with clearly visible attached administration that should augment apparent well-being of people.

Take a look at the after relief of Cyclone Fani, when government moves towards helping hands to people when they are keen help from government, then one must sure that government is working. When the mere 2000 bucks help and 50 kg of rice provides ultimum helping hands to people and that provides printing thoughts of people in the days to come.

In the case with organisational levels the promotions and perks are important dividends provides complete impetus for creating wonderful working environment of workers inside organisations. If there is no standardised promotional system and if there is no same level of promotions, then it is the situations that must clear the way for equitable promotional system all over inside organisation.

organisation such as governmental organisation and non governmental such as private organisation performs differently but it must be part of organisation that removes disparity within organisation. It is the satisfaction within organisation as well as customers outside organisation that performs the best of organisational standards that is essential of good governance.

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