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Genuine Beauty

It is always have the very much ambitions to have a good and sound mind and the body and how all these to be accomplished there does are many sources and many advices you can get from time to time, but the real realizations of ideas can be from the very real one who has experienced all these in life. The real life time and the way our life should have undergone way too forward and with the advancement of modern and simulate life style and many times it just feel that we are fast becoming some sort of junks with it and it does feel from time to time that the ghosts just walk among us and e are not as we are and it is the sheer of personality change that is undergoing fast enough not for our what so ever intricate mind and heart. It does affect our mind and the thought process and every thing from head to toe to ours central nervous system and it is making many a times our mind so slow that we even restricted our thought process to a possible greater limitations and these are not just the way to go.

Some times we tend to go out with not so fit body for genuine beauty and mind and it does have many reflections with regard to emotional factors and it is not good with it. This is more of a specific towards girls as the case may be you can find out with due course of time the health and the external appearances does matter and if due to some modern eating habits and with junk foods and other related contents which tends to make more fat and that is not good for girls as almost all of them want to look perfect nothing more and nothing less from it. To day girl want to wear different modern dresses and so much so that it is always fascinating to wear something choosy and for it one must have a decent and good health so that each and every hosiery would be stay fit so that one cannot feel at any stage to be let down and for this a perfect exercise and also consciousness of diets is necessary.

Dr Harekrishna Mahatab's 120th Birth AnniverssaryDr Harekrishna Mahatab's 120th Birth Anniverssary
Dr Harekrishna Mahatab’s 120th Birth Anniverssary

There are also several many short cuts methods and you could be seeing all these inside of television commercials and in those advertisements though it is been written as the paid commercial advertisements but what it is more appalling and bad is that despite very bad effects and many a times due to these short cut to health and good looking those are the really dangerous to the wildest of imagination it is also true that these commercials has also been endorsed by many big celebrities and why they are endorsing despite knowing that these will have very bad effects on girls who will believe it and use it.

It has become some sort of trends which I have seen most of the celebrities which has just been out of their prime and struggle to find it out for their living or desperately wants to be on the limelight are trying to advertisement this type of products and this is here the ethics parts come to life. That is why it is imperative for them to understand as most of innocent minds always looked up to them as knowledgeable and they should not be advertising these products. With the lure of stars in seeing promoting this type of instant slim product it is fast becoming really unnatural for them to be on that side and it has been some sort of painful for the people who are dealing with them. The single most not so good effect of a bad physical not so controllable phenomenon is that of the facial value and genuine beauty.

As the girls we know the real important part of ours is the face and how to make it more beautiful is always in our thought and for this we tend to go for various ways and for this each girl has it own recipe and try to apply it on face so as to make it more towards the glow and it is the sheer imagination of the others that make us happy and for this many facts of life and research and study has to be done so that then the most adequate part of the facial we tend to get it and then go on with it. This is like choosing the perfect and it is also one of the feeling of perfect match and the good so that after that it continues that way and become part and parcel of girl’s life. If you want to make it more and more visible and tend to more to wards the practical aspect of life then you must go for good health so that it will be reflecting upon your facial value.

If you have good health and also fit body then it will reflect upon your facial value and for this you have to be good at exercise and sufficient good amount of morning walk should be the order of the day. What I try to talk it about is the real beauty and that cannot be obtained through all the facials may be those are that of naturals or from high nana cultured ointments an creams but all these must be in some of the variations and to get the real and fantastic beauty you just not have to go any where else, It should be about life and it must be about life and the realness and in order to find the real beauty, you have to be good at food and also water and you will have to deny yourself all the enticing parties and other bad drinks and you will have to sleep for eight hours so that your body will get adequate sleep and the rest and your mind also feel safe and take rest and all these can enhance your beauties. It is not the rocket science or it is not about any difficult part, it is about the way of life and in which way you will be better at.

Then your face will be looking like that can be compared with that of the beauty of Mars and the red planet, just think about this phenomenon and which manner you will be getting into it. The smartness of thoughts and other parameters must be in control with you. This is all about carrying yourself and how you can be comfortable with others so that while any sort of conversation you will never feel that the other persons will not be convinced and that is why the real difficult part starts with. This means as we girl tend always to be talk or in conversation with always be happy when we do feel that others get the happiness and the smile with our beauty and that is the real parameters which has been with us for years and has been the secrets of girls. This has been the real reason that has been giving us the pleasure though many a times all these has been spontaneous.

All these have been simple yet some sort of complicated and many times some ought for zero size but these are not good actually. We always think about consciously many a times to create the curves as do with girls like us as it can give us the real feminine beauty but is it to go for consciously or to develop it naturally with sufficiently according to nature practice, I think the later part is good , one should never go for short cut for slimming and should go for natural and the moist natural is not dieting or not for over food it is for regular exercise and decent and healthy life style to attain and maintain and that is why it not the easiest way to attain the genuine beauty , it should be the regular and well perceived way to get it.

Swim against the tide

She was thinking about the whole night. How she could understand what she had been wearing. She reached her home. She was feeling a mixture of shame and happiness. Something had happened. She could understand. She could feel the flows of dreams occurring in her mind and while sleeping the entire flashback incidents reached to her time and again without interruptions. She slept well in the night. In the morning, sky was clear. There was no sign of any clouds hovering here and there.

There was the perfect portrait of the sun with smiling silken rays scattered here and there. She took a bath and washed some of her clothes. It was the habit of her since she was seven years of childhood. She liked to take a sunbath She went into the terrace and hung the clothes of her for a perfect sun dry. Sun could take away all the germs that had been there within clothes. She was wearing a frock that was of soft clothes. She liked to wear flowing silken clothes. In the meantime, she moved on the left side with a shout. Her group mate and classmate since childhood were there. He was playing tennis at his terrace.

At one side of the terrace, there was the staircase and he was hitting the ball as if the terrace was one opponent player. She smiled back and he said that, from today, their school would be on leave for three days. For this, they could finish their project. In the meantime, from the previous article the reader should understand that, both of their parents had been friends and both of their children were reading in standard eight at this hill town. Both of their parents have decided that after they stood in their own legs, they would be marrying both of them, but they did not declare it as it could distract the young minds.

Luckily both were in the same group of two people constituted by the class teacher. Half yearly examination completed, and now it was time to start the project works. School had given those five days, but they had scheduled it for three days in a tribal village observing their life and traditions and also they would return from there to start writing the project in DTP and then submit to the class teacher. Both were brilliant student and almost in competition for top rank in the class. They were surprisingly not jealous of each other. She smiles at him. He asked her what she was doing now. That side of the balcony was not visible to him and that was why he asked this question. She told her to wait for five minutes.

She accomplished the hanging of clothes on the wires, which were clamped across the balcony and then clipped them properly, so that winds could not fly away those clothes from there. Then, she appeared on the side of the balcony, where both could see each other. She smiled and said. She was hanging clothes on the wires. Surprisingly, a nice pleasant sun was appearing so it was time to give him the work for this she changed the clothes. She asked what he was doing there with a lawn tennis racket. He said, he was playing lawn tennis as he felt bored after examination. Why not you reach to my home, just neighbor and best friend of yours she said.

Swim Agains Tide
Swim Agains Tide

That was a bright idea;

I would be taking some movies to watch. She was happier and told some of her favorite movies for recommendation. In the meantime strong wind reached, and the sun went behind the cloud. He said that, it seemed that climate was steadily changing. She smiled at him and said to him that, here it was so, at least for a few seconds sun reached and I took a sunbath. In the meantime fierce winds were blowing, and from down stairs both of their respective mothers shouted to come out from the balcony. In that locality, there were many posters and trees, with bright wind across, anything could fly within and struck and could bestow severe injuries.

In the meantime both preparing to reach downstairs, a sudden burst of wind reached and then suddenly her cloth began upwards, she tried hard to prevent this, could not succeed for few seconds, and when the wind blew away, she looked at him to watch his reaction. It was some sort of natural friendly gesture and she felt a tough time at that time, he solved this puzzling situation easily as he said, you should not feel ashamed of, we were friends. She felt shame due to trespassing of winds and moreover she could not control her apparel. She was hardly able to smile at this situation and kept running downstairs while keeping with a smile towards him. She was amused and confused, but still she had the solace that.

This had happened in front of him, if this had it all happened in front of others, she could not even think of that sort of shame she had been facing these. Nevertheless she reached slowly, in her room and was smiling happily with that sort of incident. She drank a glass of water. She was feeling a lot of cool now. Now, she was analyzing the last two incidents. The first incident happened and in the detailed description in the preceding article. The second incident really happened and she returned to her room.  In both situations, she felt that and also quite sure that, each time some heavenly forces was intervening this and tried to convey that she should be more comfortable with him as in both incidents, she had closeness with him and also secrets shared with him without any such confusing manners.

She had no sense of guilt with him and the opposite side; he had no sense of guilt with her. It seemed almost natural for their friendship. She looked at the mirror. Suddenly, she looked at it with more interest. She was feeling that he was looking at her and trying to say nothing. She combed her hair and adjusts her dress and tried to apply some makeup and tried hard to apply the cosmetics so that she should be more beautiful. She slept in the noon for three hours. At five pm, she woke up from the bed. Scheduled to end of examination she was trying to recuperate. She was planning more sleep, but she woke up from the call from her mother, who was at the downstairs and was at the dining room.

She said that, his group made was reaching to her room. Suddenly, she woke up with a sudden surprise, and then she tried to adjust her room, especially she removed all her clothes, which were there at different places and then she adjusted her bed and heard the knock on the door. He reached there inside her room; he said hi mate how was you. He said had I disturb you from sleep. She said, your presence was welcome. He sat on the adjacent chair of bed. She sat on the bed and while riding to bed, one of her legs struck with something, she almost had a fall from there but luckily she had the bed to support. In order to do this, she fell upside down and ready she recovered. Few moments passed thereafter. He said you are pleasing.

She smiled. You have flashed something again, be prudent did not feel nervousness. I was your friend, be comfortable. With these words, she felt cooler and smilingly looking at her. Then, they were talking about the future course of group studies. They would be starting this after two days of rest and they were planning to make inroads to obscure part of mathematics and tried to solve as many as trigonometry as possible. She said she was good at trigonometry and she would be taking this and try to master these within their group which consists of both of them. He decided to manage geography, public administration and science subjects. In the meantime her mother reached there with some foods and they both enjoy a delightful supper with some deserts.

Memories attached with fashion statements

Past happenings stay awake through out with each passing days the attachments that has been in stead fast motion with times comes to memory lane in due course of time. Starting from Hercules cycle which was bought by daddy and each part of it comes from the best of business and that felt to me like the more sophisticated vehicle at that time. Many times I felt it to keep it cleaner than daddy’s Legend scooter. It was sort of achievement that I always want it to prevail at the earliest.

Starting from Hercules cycle :

I used to cycle it to tuitions and other education institutions. Sometimes, I prefer to ride it like as it I was with some of aero plane ride. It is very interesting at that young time it always felt me more that something. I learned bicycle from this cycle and for this it had to undergone more stress and facture, means break than ever before. I always like to ride it in perfect condition and for it I always prefer to make it perfect before I could ride with it.

In the mean time whiles learning cycling, I taught plenty of other facets of various traits of cycling and with it more and more provisional learning and learning from cycle garage which is automatic and wonderful. I was so engulfed with riding of bicycle that once, I had to skip the most boring class and luckily two classes in a row and then I ride it for 20 kilometers and then reached the most famous mango garden, that is most beautiful place, which is on the top of a small hill and the most enjoyable part of it is that one can ride with it , and then slowly , you can move to the top of the hill within few minutes and there is a beautiful Lord Shiva temple and there you can worship on your own. The most sacred tea, which leaves Lord Shiva likes most, is there and one can goes for and pluck those leaves from there and then worship by offering leaves there. The most enchanting experience and there one can feel the cool winds that has been flowing from the vicinity and the slow flow of river water makes you feel more soothing and good.

The perfect part of it is that, from here once can observe the entire city and its surroundings; here I felt from my child hood that, this place should be developed to more and more prominent place so that in future, this could have most promising aspect of a brilliant tourist destination. Since child hood I learned to ride with hill with my cycle and it is a brilliant journey. Once ,I cycle down from the top of the hill to wards the foot of the hill and the speed of bicycle is at a good speed and sometimes it gave me some thinking that the speed should be reduced , but I drive it with good control and while driving I always try to hold the most significant part of cycling system ,that is the break and have the feel of it , other wise it could have been such that , when the need arises the rubber sized break at both sides of rim of the cycle wheel , could sleep and not work properly.

That is why I always prefer to apply some part of back wheel break so that it could stay in control a thus the flow of bicycle could be more of some sort of controlled speed. Still to date that bicycles should have been with me, but during transfer the bicycle was kept nearer to heavier materials and for this the during journey the entire bicycle just been smashed into one single circular unit and when unloading of objects after reaching destinations, was going on and I was deeply hurt and pained by the state of my beloved bicycle then. I cried and looked at my daddy and daddy gave me solace and also said he would by a good bicycle this time and nothing to be worried about.

Classification of skirts at different occasions:

In modern times there is heavy demand of skirts and different classification of skirts at different occasions. Even when there is slightest change in cut, shape and length, the name of skirts changes. There are many kinds of skirts but it is not guaranteed that each skirt should fit each one. On the other hand in the same class of skirt, the size and the design of footwear also not been attached and for this one had to find and choose the better footwear for each good occasions.

So, while buying skirt one should look and see that whether that part suits best to you and then you should choose the similar designed shoes for it so that the symmetric as semblance between all these should be attained in proper and perfect manner. If your length of your skirt is beyond your knees then it is better to choose for toe high hills pump or better known as something similar to half shoes. In these shoes the upper part of feet is hidden inside the upper part of shoes.

If you have asymmetrical skirts then it is better opt for high heeled gladiators shoes to match it most. In this class of skirt the back side of skirt touches almost to ground while the front side of skirt comes from upper side of knees to bottom of it. These skirts are called asymmetrical skirts, in which one part of it has the high length and the other side of it has lesser length.

Peplum skirt, the latest fad in the market:

Peplum skirt, the latest fad in the market, which stays at the upper side of knees and there is one more cotton layer over it, with this the very best shoes can be of oxford shoes, and high hill pumps. The most beautiful skirt is short flowered skirt and in it, one can have a high hill sandaled combination shoe that matches it most.

Here, one should always feel the importance of shoes while wearing these style statements as this could simply enhance and augments the dress and personality attached with it. Peplum skirt, the latest trend in market and the maker of style statement just been getting more and more popular and for it one should also see and observer the most important shoes that combine it makes the most significant statement of your personality.

The Etiquette of employees of Big Bazaar of Puri is far from satisfaction

Yesterday was auspicious day of Lord Ganesha’s birthday and it was being celebrated in Puri of Odisha with pump and valour. Within some shorter distances you will find Idols of Lord Ganesha with highly tall structures provides one of much satisfied level when I move to see Lord from place to place. I decided to go to one kirana shop nearer to Gundicha Temple and that was a famous whole seller shop and it will also provide the retailer to individual shopper like us.

I bought besana and then corn floor and then coffee sachets which it provides two rupees less. By buying 12 coffee sachets of two rupees each that should have been 24 rupee my es but it costs 22 rupees as during day and night time we do drink coffee as per latest revelations coffee is good for insulin and that is why parents prefer to have coffee instead of tea now. I found after implementation of newer and stricter traffic rules vehicles in and around Puri town has been driving with care and with slow speed and that is why moving in and around Gundicha temple is now easier than earlier occasions.

It was already nearer to two o clock and there are some items to be bought from Big Bazar and I decided to go there during noon time in order to avoid heavy rush of traffic nearer environment of cash counter. First I kept my two wheeler in and around nearer to garage and the security person was expression in not satisfied with his job as he was shouting at bicyclers and it was evident that he was not enjoying his job at all and even in this time of holiday his dissatisfaction is going overboard.

Daddy and mummy at Big Bazar of Puri

Unnecessarily he was showing his aggression towards bikers and those were at the teen and they just keep their mouth shut otherwise there would have been the situation of chaos in and there around that area. He was shouting that it was not his duty to watch bicycles but in reality it was not as he was appointed to safeguard both bike and manual bicycles. So, it is important for authorities to see how these security guards behave towards customers.

Then, I each towards second floor and there I have to bought some groceries out there. At the loose grocery segment, the lady was in constant talk with another her colleague and after asking for three times for three kilogram of sugar she finally responded and gave it to me. I suppose these workers are there to respond to customers within seconds as every seconds of customers are of high values but instead they were talking each other ignoring customer altogether and then when I ask them where is fried vermicelli, they show me that it was there but despite searching for three times I could not find that then when I asked them again then they told that it was finished for time being.

If that was so they they should have told me earlier not after sending me to search for three times in and around that areas. I think management of Big Bazar must look at all of these developments as their paid employees must date themselves each other outside and after working hours not inside their organization and even ignoring customers. That was really shocking to me for fried vermicelli I have to bought it for one kilogram they told me to search it for three times and then at last said that it was finished.

This was one of worst customer satisfaction I had seen and experience even after so many authorities and managers that are inside Big Bazar but still all are not well managed. Then, I reach for cash counter and to my utter surprise in and around four cash counters at the second floor no one is there at any of cash counter and when I asked for to one cash counter specialist was talking with other and he hesitantly came to it as if she was providing some sort of unwanted to provide billing.

In the auspicious occasions my worst experience at Big Bazaar Puri and it provides one of most undeniably worst experience beginning from security of garage and then workers at the loose grocery area second floor and then at the cash counter one of unhesitatingly the most difficult time but thankfully I kept my cool throughout this journey of shopping at Big Bazar at Puri, Odisha.

The Interview

For some time doing freelance work provides extremely amount of satisfaction as companies offered to work for their websites and I do it and now they have started paying for my work and while doing this for some time I received Google Adsense publisher account. It provides one of most extremely amount of satisfaction as it provide one of better understanding of how a website can be beautiful optimised in order to have greater amount of sharing of advertisements all over.

Now, there is plenty of amount of extremely satisfiable time and for this I search for jobs in fact full times so as to provide one of extremely way to share my knowledge towards constructing of websites, better management of wordpress websites, PHP and other digital marketings, search engine optimisation technologies, search engine management, content writer and so on and for this my search for full time job continues.

DLF Cyber City

My location is at Puri and the job opportunities for Puri town is scarce as there is no such important industries are there in nearby locations. For this I have to reach to Bhubaneswar as there are more and more business opportunities in order to catch the provisions and I do hope that most of them will call me for interview purposes and then this would be helpful for me.

Inside DTS Mo Bus

I am pretty much excited about it and for this I search through internet and short list some of these companies which deals with my important work schedules and my expertise and for this I continue to search it and take the help of many search engines such as that of Google job search, Indeed, Linkedin and find out some real jobs and locations of jobs and by reaching through their website I do make some sort of research on it and then find that, I note down their requirements and then put it on a plane paper.

I write down companies as and when I found it on the serial wise. I write down the name of the company one y one and then go to their website as I read about their service offerings, as well as about their companies so as to find out more about their companies as these would help immensely while taking interview at these listed organisations. I wrote down the names of companies and then match my work profile and which work profile vacancy there and then I wrote down their email addresses, telephone numbers and then talk about their companies.

Mo Bus

Then, I wrote down their telephone numbers and then take my phone and connect with a headset and then call these companies with the help of these numbers as I connect with headset to have clear tone while talking with these companies. Most of these companies call for walk ins and they told me to come with hard copy of my curriculum vitae.

I talked with these companies and then I contact with them and wrote down the schedules and then I talk to them and then confirm with them of my appointment so that when I reach there and so that I can continue my interview with them. I reached on the specific date with my daddy and then start with them with shuttle train which starts from Puri at eight am so that we can reach towards these interview points at the specified time.

We got up at half past four and then finish my daily routines, and then worship Lords inside home and then both me and daddy went to reach towards railway station as distance from my home towards railways station as it is hardly a fifteen minutes of work. I used to dress not formal but not so formal as the climate in Puri is currently with greater amount of humidity.

We reached at railways station as shuttle train is the passenger train and the price from Puri to Bhubaneswar is 15 rupees per person and there is no rebate of senior citizens. Generally, for senior citizens there is concession on express and superfast train tickets and for female senior citizens rebate is more that male counterpart.

I keep tickets inside my purse, so that tickets will not lost in the midway as government always checks tickets and it is important for all passengers to make journey within trains with valid tickets. We reached at Bhubaneswar, and then went to DTS bus stand and there government buses changes from Sahara Bus stand to Mo Bus. We reached at the location but bit confused about infocity and DTS Cybercity. We need to reach at DTS cyber city but sadly we got up at Infocity which is one kilometer prior to this.

One week back  we reached at the DLF cyber city but sadly we forgot exact location and then we feel hungry so at the side lane on one temporary shop we ate two cream breads costs ten rupees each and the size of the breads are so huge that I eat seventy five percentages of the bread. Then, we asked the shopkeeper about whereabouts of DLF cyber city and he shows one board which seems to go back side from where we are standing out there.

The sun was shining at its best and half of sky was filled with more and more clouds and this means the humidity and the power of sun is on the rise. Daddy wore one cap and I opened the umbrella there in order to avoid the scorching heat arising out from sun’s rays. We at last after 20 minutes of meandering here and there reached at the DLF cyber city and the next stop was to reach at the eleventh floor to attend interview of Shiftu Technology as there was the provision for content writer.

We reached there attend the written and then interview part and then we reached at the outside of DLF Cyber City and we moved out from, garage ideas it was almost one pm and we are feeling hungry and outside there was a moving hotel over a small truck and from there both me and daddy ate fish meals which is of 50 rupees. Surprisingly the rice was cod other wise all the other items are good and most of persons who are working there in the DLF Cyber City used to take lunch from there as for the distance there is no good amount of food stall in Chandaka industrial estates.

Rain inside Bhubaneswar-Puri Express way

The rice was cold but other items such as dal, the mixed non veg curry and the sweet water fish is good and benefit of chillies. I find it extremely nice to eat out. Hen, we move to the end of that street and then the citi bus stand out there. Nearby to that area we found that one ice cream parlour and with ten rupees with one cone and two scoops and the taste of both the scoops of ice-cream is very tasty and then the town bus reached and it was from private town bus stand, and they took 40 rupees to reach to master canteen and there was no concession of senior citizens out there.

When we reached from Puri to Bhubaneswar and then to mo bus the government town bus service in Bhubaneswar they have concession for senior citizens as they took 30 rupees for this journey, so this is the prime difference between government agencies and the private agencies.

Then we reached at DTS bu station to reach to Puri through air-conditioned bus service, as we reached at 3 pm but the bus was not going anywhere and we the bus service begins at 5.30 pm when most of people occupied the seats inside air-conditioned bus. During these two hour and 30 minutes we feel hungry and daddy from the nearby stall brought spiced puffed rice and it was of ten rupees and nice for taste and here is the man who delicately preparing the street food with too much of care and while watching this video which I uploaded on my YouTube channel Itechil and from there you can find more and more interesting videos to understand the travelling experiences of mine towards various routes.

While returning from Bhubaneswar to Sakhigopal there was too much of high-speed of rain and the speed of rain was too much and the air conditioned bus became too much cooler and that removes most of ours tiresome moments from this tiredful journey and the feeling of rain out there is extremely immense satisfaction and the movement of bus through new Puri-Bhubaneswar routes bypassing the Pipli makes the journey extremely satisfying.


The story which deserved to be mentioned

It was on an early morning when there is cool and winter which are going to be there for some time. I like this part of the year as it gives an adequate moment to summarize the entire situation and its related environment where the wind is cool and wonderful. From the western hemisphere dense to very dense cool winds fluttering all across into the sky, and it does make it more and more simulated environment where every possible related environment is going to touch to its limit.

In the entire arena of hopelessness and possible contradiction all what it makes to the final thinking is all about a clear sky with a complete positive happenings where every possible ideas and also related thinking must go with each of its known facets where the possible happenings is going to turn over into entire arena with the most possibilities of happenings all around into the mind of memory where the significance of thoughts has never ever been concluded with simultaneous happenings.

When the portrait is been seen by me where the lively portrait of innumerable emotions which does creeping into the mind with heavy happenings of all around with a stronger sense of attachment in which the most possible happenings is going to turn over with each other unison but that does not seem to be happening.

The latter part of life is still reeling under the hood and reviving in each of folder like a workable idea of a complete synchronization of facing the movement of parable conformity. The probability of relationships is still missing all among us as the separation part of hidden hindrances which is still yet to be broken as no one knows how this could be the most dangerous part of life and how all these could be a sudden ice break.

Where the mind and the heart does not break into the passive life but the beating of heart is still going on and it is still continuing all over the world with a possible call from the heart beat and the question is being asked to her is still immersing to a unknown path of feelings where no one could ever able to want to evade such happenings.

It seems that both of them have been pretty confident of hearing the beatings and musings of heart where each and every beat is still beating with its possible movement of ideas and the world seems to be at the wrong side and the finding of the dreams is still there but what is hiding inside me they want to see both but what is making the entire situation and the dreams that is still continuing in its path to recovery.

In this way, the dreams go on but the possible flowing of wishes and dreams is still continuing in its motion of ultra slow where life seems to have left a long back. The sounds is still there and is still continues to be one such factor where the imminent part of life is still continuing to be in its path to victory but with each victory the signs and the sounds of defeat is still emerging from nowhere where the path to control heart cannot be undone but the path to wonderful motion is still being able to move back to the most attached happenings where no one could find the movement and the motion is there all over to create a generic situation where the heart beats can be listened from the distance all the way from the distance.

It is the call of hearts, but still no one will be able to understand the motion shift and positive attachment in which the movement of emotions cannot be tracked. The way life is going to a motion shift which can only be mentioned where the trying of mind in which the entire arena where the life is still reeling under the foot of her, but the connection to the life is still not able to solve the mystery.

It is life which has been there for all over into entire arena and in which the entire atmosphere is singing with the tune of attachment of both emotionally surcharged environment with the memories are the still between us and the thought of enchantment and all possible movement can only be there as with me is yours memories which is giving me the most possible energy where the heart is still beating with each spots of movement and the enchantment of yours memories is there in this solitary environment and yours memories are there for me all the time and in this way yours memories are there for all the time of me with you,

I will be there whenever and wherever, yours memories are there with me and this gives me the hope and aspiration where I can continue to be there with yours memories and with yours smile. Wherever, I look at anywhere, yours memories are there with me, with my memories are there, where yours portrait is slowly erasing from my memories and I want to search for the colors of life but what is worrying me that all the while I want to walk with solitary though am not alone with me yours memories are there for all the time and it gives me the enough time to remember and unite all the while the complete illusion of staying with you alone all the time.

Where have you gone, each songs I listened gives rise to feeling of yours presence, and the past roots are still covering my heart, and everywhere I see yours image and anywhere I can found each facets of life with my eyes, and my memories are there and for which I still reeling under solitary routes and the memories of mine is there and it is always there and with it I am still continuing to be there all the time with its most attached and inherent manner.

It seems that you are my dream and I am yours sleep and with unity of this we have become a night of life, and in which we are still there within the life of all of ours and it seems that memories of yours are still reeling under the sweet rivers but it does not keep all these functionalities where we all seem to be the motion ambitions where I know you are thinking about me and want me to come to yours house talk to your parents about you, and what should you speak more about it where the life seems to be going all over with most positive happenings where the most positive happenings is still there among us and this is going to be the perfect dream where we do not even want to solve anything as such.

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