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How to use less Mobile Data in Google+, Chrome and Face book Android app

Mobile applications provide direct access to specific websites. Most of these applications cater more information, customized user profile and provide different ways to show case more to what its website version provides on desktop computers. All these do not come here as free of cost. It takes more mobile data and for this most of […]

An introduction to rooting for your Android phone

Android is the single most popular platform for mobile manufacturers in the world. Its usages statistics keep on increasing day by day. Android removes differentiation of mobile operating system and desktop operating system. Now, almost all of the works and in some cases more works can be performed with android smart phones than desktop computers. […]

Mobile Industry Slow to Push Android Updates to Users

In the last few years, mobile industries have evolved from basic paging services to now being called, installing of applications, social networking, push services, live synchronization, streaming of videos, creating of blogs and checking of websites and many more. It is currently slowly becoming a mini desktop with most of its functions is now embedded […]

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