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Best practices for smart phone security

Android as mobile operating system slowly evolving towards a complete operating system which has so much ease of task to do just like using a desktop operating system. It has been seen with due course of time the way smart phones are operating in terms of hardware specifications it has clearly seen and showcase the…

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An introduction to rooting for your Android phone

Android is the single most popular platform for mobile manufacturers in the world. Its usages statistics keep on increasing day by day. Android removes differentiation of mobile operating system and desktop operating system. Now, almost all of the works and in some cases more works can be performed with android smart phones than desktop computers.…

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Mobile Industry Slow to Push Android Updates to Users

In the last few years, mobile industries have evolved from basic paging services to now being called, installing of applications, social networking, push services, live synchronization, streaming of videos, creating of blogs and checking of websites and many more. It is currently slowly becoming a mini desktop with most of its functions is now embedded…

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Walled garden

With increasing use of smart phone and mobile devices, Google and Apple are leading in providing unlimited storage spaces to users. Google is providing through its android image application unlimited storage options, with unlimited uploading capacity of Android to Google services of images and videos. Both Google and Apple are offering a vast ecosystem of…

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How to Make Android Secure?

Android is an open source operating system from Google. It has many security features but all these features are not enabled by default. Google wants users to be educated to enable these options. That is why most uneducated users could not even know the trace of existence of such features. All these informations are relatedwith…

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Cracking upon the hood to access Android phone

While writing one article on Samsung Bada operating system I came across the idea to root out an article on the Android as so far is writing very few write ups on this subject. What may be the reason not perfectly to known to me but some how I always miss the bus while writing…

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