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Getting familiar with Java: Arrays

In this chapter we will study about ‘Arrays’. First the similar process of creating a class namely ‘ExampleArrays’ with Eclipse. Go to FILE and then NEW and then CLASS. Then it will open another window namely, NEW JAVA CLASS. In the space of NAME write down ‘ExampleArrays’ and in the space of ‘Which method stubs Continue Reading »

The Connect Between Cloud Computing and Android Apps

With the advent of high-speed internet connectivity and almost unending internet available more and more people begin to move their multimedia contents towards the cloud. With the advent of super fast internet connectivity slowly, we are experiencing reduction of distance between offline and online cloud-storage. For many years, in order to keep the cloud the Continue Reading »

Getting familiar with Java: “do-while” loop

Now, after learning in depth about while statement, in previous article let us learn about do-while statement.  Let us create a class name ExampleDoWhile in Eclipse. The procedure is same and if you want to learn about it then you should see this tutorial in order to create class name or please go through my Continue Reading »

Getting familiar with Java:: Relational operators and if else statements

So far in the series of Java articles we learnt about the first program ‘Hello World’. Then, we learn about integer, shortcuts to write system.out.println and then we see the result function of integer and then we learn more about,  mod function which is the remainder of division and then we learn about if statement. Continue Reading »

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