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How to create your own Android Virtual Device in order to test your app created with Android Studio?

Android Virtual Device (AVD) is meant for Android Studio, to test out the apps into a new phone so as to realize complete android virtual environment. In the upcoming series of tutorials we will be learning about coding and other aspects. Prior to learning of Android Studio coding t is important to learn all of […]

Some very useful Android Studio tips:

First you should know about what are short cut keys available to Android Studio. It is important as while working short cuts works best and you should have one list with your computer table so that ultimately you could refer to these keys on yours left hand side by looking those lists in detail about it. All about is to go to ‘Help’ and then click on ‘keymap reference’. Connect to internet and click on that link. The link will open into a new window. It will open with yours default web browser.

Learning interface of Android Studio Integrated Development Environment

In the earlier version of Android Studio we have application frames there which tend to minimize the space of android phone inside main windows but with the latest version of Android Studio updates that is now providing the prototype of android phone inside main window of Android studio without any frame so that the visibility space of it is now more increased to make it more comfortable to watch and understand how the layout is working.

How to run Android Emulator to successfully launch app built with Android Studio?

In this tutorial we will learn in detail about ‘Android Virtual Device Manager’. So far from the beginning we learn how to download ‘Android Studio’ and then install it. Then, we know about ‘Project Explorer’ windows and some basic tenets about ‘progress bar’, project structure‘ and have some ideas regarding ‘SDK manager’. When we finish […]

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