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Getting familiar with Java:: Arithmetic operator and if statements

In the previous articles we learnt about data variables integer and the arithmetic operator of addition(+). Apart from addition there are some other arithmetic operator such as subtraction (-), for multiplication (*), for division (/),for modulus (%).  The modulus sign is used to find the remainder. In short it is called as mod. Here is Continue Reading »

Getting familiar with Java: How to store different values inside class variables for different instances

In the earlier two series of getting familiar with Java we learn miniature concepts of classes, variables and other elements that should be there with Java programming. In this tutorial we will be reading in detail about classes and objects in Java. Class is the systematic structure with which objects can be initiated. Properties of Continue Reading »

Getting familiar with Java: Working with classes

Properties is connected with objects in term of instances. You create instances to any of properties and then connect it and then create different methods for each property to work in seamless manners. When we built anything with Java, we create instances and this can be created innumerable ways so that these can connect with properties to assign the characteristics. In short Properties, is state of the object and methods are the behavior of objects.

The basic overview of an Android Application

We can use the logic element inside and write the same code and then it can be done that way. It is upto user to choose which part of activity such as design or logic part to choose. The design part is easier as it is drag and drop element. The logic part is for geeks who want to comprehensively understands the how the logic of coding in relation with design element works and it is completely yours choice to choose which part.

How to create your own Android Virtual Device in order to test your app created with Android Studio?

Android Virtual Device (AVD) is meant for Android Studio, to test out the apps into a new phone so as to realize complete android virtual environment. In the upcoming series of tutorials we will be learning about coding and other aspects. Prior to learning of Android Studio coding t is important to learn all of Continue Reading »

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