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Google’s new Messenger app is better and free alternative to WhatsApp

Human is a rational animal. Humans cannot live without society. Many anthropologists try hard to find out the reason behind it. Unable to find sufficient theoretical reasons behind this. Internet spreads everywhere. Most popular sites of the Internet are some of social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ is some valid and important factors for successful […]

Opera Max data saving application of android launched in India

Opera Max compresses data connection and served your web pages with equal quality and less expenditure on usages of data. It is kind of content delivery networks for android smart phones. It uses its own set up servers and compress data before sending back to the smart phone. It is now available in India. It […]

Greenify Wakelocks

What is having a faster mobile operating system, brilliant responsive design within seconds of touching gestures gives out the most satisfying moment. Out of many technological devices we have smart phones provides room for faster interface and we always want to access it immediately without any delay. It is mobile. Most of time, we have […]

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