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Security Vulnerabilities of Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are common. It now completely integrates with laptop, televisions and other smart digital assistants. With the advent of mobile operating system such as android, there is every possibility of the creation of mobile computing environments. Most people are used for personal, professional or smart office and home office environments. There has been consciousness […]

Tips for protecting data privacy of Android users

Data privacy is otherwise called as information privacy. In the world of a computerization and globalization most aspects of knowledge and sharing goes through the days of information technology which deals with each and every aspects of data sharing and protection. Information technology determines and finds out which are the data that need to be […]

Samsung launched its mobile payment service Samsung Pay in India

Before launching of Samsung Pay service, buying of applications within Google Play services with android Jelly bean and prior operating systems becomes extremely difficult. Only credit card buys out were possible in those days. Though with the advent of android 5 and later, there is a much easier way for new banking facilities and that […]

Google Play Music will be the default music player on new Samsung phones

Google Play Music has collaborated with Samsung to bring forward smarter music management to its high end devices which would be launched soon. It teams use with Samsung to provide the awesome music that would be suitable and right for you. Google Play Music has seen vast changes and especially with the launch of its […]

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