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Improving performance of Facebook on Android with performance and network segmentation

It is the fourth Saturday and it is a holiday. This time weekend is longer and this produces the exact space for thinking more about gadgets as well as the way android and computer applications works. With the advent of Windows 8 come the mobile concepts of presentations of applications. With due course of time,…

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Facebook Launches Faster Facebook Lite App For Low-End phones

One of the most popular mobile and desktop applications is Facebook. It grows from strength to strength. At first, it defeated popularity of Orkut as social mediums a decade back. Orkut replaced popular Yahoo messenger. Yahoo Messenger was very popular decades back but due to it lacks of customisation and privacy option slowly it disappears…

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Google’s new Messenger app is better and free alternative to WhatsApp

Human is a rational animal. Humans cannot live without society. Many anthropologists try hard to find out the reason behind it. Unable to find sufficient theoretical reasons behind this. Internet spreads everywhere. Most popular sites of the Internet are some of social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ is some valid and important factors for successful…

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