8 Best PDF Reader for Windows

The PDF format is popularly known as the print document format. This creates a virtual printer within the operating system to print the document. For offline scanning of the document, the PDF format is popular. The importance attached with these programs is that you need to have PDFsoftware installed to run these files. If someone sends you PDF file and your computer do not have such software installed then that file is not to be read from there.

There is so many PDF software available and this article aims to find out the freest software or freeware to help readers to choose from the variety of options. More and more operating systems are providing built-in facilities for such products. Nowadays everything comes with PDF formats beginning from circulars, bank statement, insurance statement, tax statement and e-books.

That is why there immense important to have the free PDF software installed on the computer but the thousand question is which one is to choose from the variety of resources available.

Sumatra PDF:

Sumatra PDF is available for download to Windows since the times of Windows XP. This program has the very low footprint, light on system resources and fast. It is going to perform a simple task as well as it is going to perform a complex task depending upon you choose from PDFfiles. It is available with the installed version as well as the standalone portable version in which it does not write to the registry.

It is available in 64-bit version on Windows. It is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. It is available for Windows operating system only.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC:

It is from Adobe and Adobe Acrobat DC is available for free for users. While installing this software to check for the installation of McAfee security and safe connect.it is a big download of nearing to 120 MB. Your antivirus software might stop this installation so allow to install it. This software for high=end computing processes.

Many features are included with it and for some features, you might need it and if you want to have these features then it is better to choose this software. It has the mobile version of android and apple operating system. With it, you are going to synchronize documents with clouds and your signature too and everything is going to stay with the cloud to access from each and every device.

When you first download Adobe reader on Windows, a download manager first downloads and it is small in size and then by opening that download manager Adobe Reader software is installed and this is nearer to 120 MB.

PDF-Xchange Editor:

PDF-Xchange Editor is smart PDF tools and most functions are free except some complex ones. It is a PDF reader, pdf editor and pdf tools. It can print PDFs, fill the forms created with Adobe reader and can extract images from PDF files. There are some advanced features included in this free version but most of these are not free one is that watermarking of PDFsoftware which is not free.

Foxit Reader:

Foxit Reader is fast, simple and is there for years. It is available for Windows, Apple and Android versions. It can fill the forms and save data. Can include and validate electronic signatures. During installation, the user needs to be cautioned not to install so many verities of other software. In order to keep the size of download minimal, the user manual is available for separate download.

It is faster than PDF-Xchange Editor. If you are not interested in OCR facilities then Foxit reader is best suited for your work. Multiple PDF documents, when opened all these, are opened in the tab format and shifting from one tab to the other is easier. From time to time it introduces some new features in order to provide dynamic software development.

It allows adding up of multimedia files easier. Collaboration with social media accounts becomes easier with Fixit Reader because of the ease to synchronize with Twitter, Facebook, Evernote and SharePoint. One caution is that Foxit Reader comes bundled with so many other software and toolbar and it is important to not to allow installations of such software during its installation.

MuPDF Reader:

It is very lightweight PDF Reader. On its first launch it will ask you about to choose from files instead of showing its interface and when the PDF is opened then it shows the exact documents and no toolbar and other interfaces are present. In order to see the interface of MuPDF reader, you are going to click on the top left of the visible windows to find it. It provides a cleaner interface and superior look for PDF files.

Google Chrome PDF viewer:

While browsing for internet whenever you see any PDF and click on it and it will slowly open in another tab of Chrome and you can read it from there or download by clicking the download symbol available there.

This setting can be turned and changed out there easily, go to settings of chrome and then advanced and then content settings and then pdf documents, Scroll down and click on PDF documents and from there switch on ‘Download PDF files instead of opening automatically opening them in Chrome’ and this will download PDF files from net to computer.

If you want to read PDF files that are stored inside the computer, then right-click on that files and then open with chrome and your chrome reader will automatically, open pdf files and for this, you will not have to install pdf viewers. Similarly, with android, if you install Google Drive then you will not need any other third-party PDF apps as Google Drive act as PDF viewer and make it default while opening the first PDF and that is going to make it default.


TinyPDF, as the name suggests, has the very small footprint of PDF reader and it has no string attached. It is only 586k as it is less than one MB. It does not contain any malware, adware, watermarks and no pop Global Home: UPS is completely free. JPEG compression is supported. No ghost script and third-party software included with the installer version. The downside is that it is partially supported on the 64-bit computer. Automatic font management is there.

There are so many alternatives to use for PDF viewer and if your computer is 64 bit then you can download the 64 bit version of Sumatra PDF and if you want to insert electronic signature then opt for Foxit PDF reader and if you want to have the old and classic PDF reader which is heavier in file composition and not for low-end computing purposes then go for Adobe Reader and lastly if you do not want to install PDF readers at all then it is better to open it with Google Chrome built-in PDF viewer.

So, there are many large numbers of the option to choose from and if you want to have some complex PDF functions besides the presence of PDF reader you need pdf tools and others then it is best to have PDF-Xchange viewer and so many other options listed here you can choose it from. There are some other alternatives are available which are there to search and find on the internet.

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