How to Harden Your Browser against Malware and Privacy Concerns in Windows 8?

Windows eight is a secure operating system. When a computer connects to the internet, where stalks of malware and privacy intrusions elements are present inside the internet. In any computer operating system, your first line of defence is from malicious websites.

When you prevent your computers against the online malicious website that would save you from malware as well as intrusion of privacy. Most of the computers are using Adobe flash. It is a source of rich internet content and it is popular among developers.

Most online advertisements use this in order to show minute multimedia contents in your web browser. Most of the malware reach through Adobe Flash. It is wiser to disable third-party flash cookies. Third party flash cookies are established for different cookies, which remain in the computer for long duration and updates itself from time to time.

It is the rich source of privacy concerns and it continues to provide internet behaviour and computer practices to third party vendors.

In the first stage, this has been achieved in order to send anonymous statistics to third-party vendors so that they will customize advertisement solutions according to the need and requirements of users. In this way, they believe that it is important to send conscious advertisements to users so that these will give immense help to users.

On the other hand, it encroaches serious privacy concerns and in this way, most of the data sent anonymously contain your browsing habits, as well as file explorer operations and word processors. Malicious websites send flash cookies to the computer and continuously retrieve meaningful data of yours which can bid for consumers.

In a recent case when a user uses foursquare to detect location which also gives descriptive information about your location and from where you are the most accurate GPS and web-based navigation module. Then, these can be posted to separate social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and other related websites.

Some burglars know from these updates that the concerned person is out of the home and then they went to his locked house and stole all valuable belongings by taking advantage of his absence. This is the penance which as a user need to realise in detail otherwise these happenings can happen which is not good.

It is better not to send status and location updates when you get out of the home and away on tour. It is also wise to install good and one on your web browser which can protect you from intrusions and also private data theft. In this world of the Internet, if someone is not aware of his responsibilities then sooner or later data theft and malware attacks on computers might happen.

Uninstall Java and Adobe Reader. Windows eight has fast and furious built-in reader for PDF files. This opens in charm menu and it works fast and it gives more intuitive look than adobe reader. Time and again hackers love to attack these products and most of the time able to gain control over conventional computer systems.

Use search engine is namely “start page”. It is fast and it respects the privacy of users. It has stricter cookie management, though it uses a different variant of the Google search engine but it modifies it and presents suitable for consumers who want to have strict privacy concerns.

Then people at “WoT” start their own value system in additions to customer participation program to make it a more viable alternative to carefully consider the security of websites. Scriptsafe add-on of Chrome is same as No script of Firefox.

When dealing with, all aforementioned private modes one is to be real concern about how to runs these add-ons. Scriptsafe takes some time to be getting used to and once you are getting used to all these configurations then you will find it most useful and satisfactory and above all your computer becomes security from external attacks and vulnerabilities. A web browser is a gateway to attacks from the Internet world.

It is evident from different malicious malware which require one gateway to intrude into the system and for this one needs to take care of proper security parameters before using web browsers. Here, are some helpful suggestions for Google Chrome to improve privacy settings. Google Chrome is an open source web browser and it may use web services to optimize user experience. You can now disable all these in order to make chrome security.

Additional third-party Chromium devices use these techniques to stubborn chromium browser. Now, you can do it on Google Chrome to render it more passive and stubborn. Go to “setting”, then advance setting and then private option and from here go as per the following guidelines.

How to harden your web browser against malware and privacy concerns in Windows 8

1. Untick “use a web service to help resolve navigation errors”.

2. Untick “Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar”.

3. Untick “Predict network actions to improve page load performance”.

Tick is following from setting then advances setting and reaches for privacy option.

1. Tick “Enable phishing and malware protection”.

2. Tick “send a “Do Not Track” request with your browsing traffic”.

3. Go to the content setting from private and tick “block third-party cookies and site data”.

According to Google Chrome, “enabling “Do Not Track” means that a request will be attached to your browsing traffic. Any effect depends on whether a website responds to the demand, and how the request is interpreted.

For example, some websites may respond to this demand by showing you ads that aren’t based on other websites you’ve visited. Many websites will still collect and use your browsing data – for instance, to improve security, to provide content, services, ads and recommendations on their websites, and to generate reporting statistics.”

Blocking third-party cookies and site data will work seamlessly and will block third-party redirects and it will work in almost all cases and there are some legitimate sites which may be blocked but for sure there is an exceptions box and if you feel any of legitimate site is not working then you can add that site to exceptions.

Finally, if you are a computer paranoid user just like me then it is better to download “vanilla” add-on and block all cookies from installing into the computer through a web browser.

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