How to use Sandboxie?

Sandboxie is a renowned software as it creates a virtual or isolated environment inside the operating system, which allowed developers to perform control testing and users to surf website without fear. During the age of Windows XP the prevalent use of Sandboxie software by users with their web browser which makes them feel secure.

It keeps all browsing activities inside the virtual environment which can, later on, be discarded or delete to remove all traces of web browsing.

In this way, during the days of Windows XP were due to lack of development of web browser in one period, users tend to use Sandboxie to virtualise their browser activities to make safer internet web browsing. In February 2017 Sophos acquired Sandboxie and developed it.

Now, it is available for 64-bit Windows computer. It has never supported 64 bit Windows XP. Now, home users can use it free of cost. There is two cache of course of it. Both of these vital function remain disabled for home users.

Automatically running assigned program with Sandboxie is disabled and the second one is simultaneously only one instance of Sandboxie can be used with application or software. Still for free to home users is a great deal of course.

After 30 days of use of Sandboxie, users come up with a nagware message, to buy the paid version and this nagware message come up for five seconds and then dismissed automatically.

Many top software and software rating sites have given prominence to it. If I could remember some years back Gizmo provides a detailed information of how to use it and that was quite simple and elaborate.

Such was the craze for Sandboxie or virtualisation that Microsoft also released its ‘Windows Steady State’ which can reverse computer to a previous state. It provides administrative rights to administrators but later on it was discontinued by Microsoft.

Gizmo thinks that it is vital to develop the layered approach for web browsing. During the time of yesteryears when Windows XP become prominent, there has been the distribution of too many pop-ups and intertrial ads that becomes worrisome for users for normal web browsing.

These can be named as harmful trespassers and these come without your consent. That is why it is imminent to use such browser protection utility such Sandboxie to remove such unwelcome trespassers.

There are many vital personal computer security points in the operating system. By applying sandboxing elements to the web browser you isolate these vital points of the operating system and make it completely safe and secure.

If at all any adware or any other crapware downloaded by mistake then these operate within sandboxing environment and by deleting traces of web browser you could clear spyware from your personal computer completely.

When your web browsing session completed then right click on Sandboxie icon and then delete all sandboxed files and processes. In this way after yours browsing session completed yours personal computer remains safe to use.

It is like limiting user access and from all of these we see with Windows 7 the standard user account which works in a similar manner to limit access and stop giving away administrative rights to spyware unintentionally.
Sandboxie is not perfect and there are many downsides to it too.

If at all when you want to update your web browser then for sure you will have to unbox yours web browser from Sandboxie and then use it. Sandboxie program needs administrative rights whereas limiting user account can stop all of this spyware to reach your Windows computer.

For email clients to work flawlessly, Sandboxie does require some special configuration but it works mostly. It is important to use your computer with limited rights or in standard user account so that you do not have to worry about making your web browser to use it with Sandboxie and for this, it is important to use the Standard user account to keep everything safe and secure.

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