What makes an operating system secure?

There are various security measures which could protect the vulnerabilities of the operating system to a considerable extent. The preliminary level of investigation should have been involving the performances in low tech levels such as securing passwords and make it more consistent and better so that it should be harder to crack.

You should be performing various levels password crack tests in order to investigate on its status of strengths. There should be regular audits into the security of systems so that it should be habits for security professionals to check about the statuses of operating systems. These security audits should be the process of countermeasures so as to provide absolute levels of security for the operating system.

Some windows passwords could be easily readable from some sort of hacking through its registry. It is important to secure registry so that these should not provide the easier access to hackers to find out information relating to windows.

First, keep the database of the registry and other regularly backed up and updated so that these should be used in the case of extreme cyber attacks. Try to use passwords that are more than 15 letters and try to disable all the other passwords which are shorter to it.

Just chuck out whether there has been the continuous null section in the database of Windows and if that so they turn off these ports to secure or at best use firewall and it is better to use server firewall or a hardware firewall than that of software firewall.

Do not allow null sections and anonymous users in any of ports so that every user who is with the server computer as the client should have been valid and authenticated information so that ultimately the performance and management of these should have been more to it than it ever had.

Most of the hackers try to invade into the system in the form of anonymous users by exploiting null sections in the hope that most of the system administrator does not have intentions to check performance parameters of null sections.

It can be easily disabled through share options of local security policies. Most of these security parameters are full proof and it is important in most of these system administrators should have sufficient information to it so that ultimately they should utilize these parameters for the betterment of security and should have sufficient knowledge of it.

For systems which are using Linux and UNIX, there ought to have been some security measures so that hackers should not find any such system vulnerabilities. Always use shadowed MD5 passwords which are very difficult to crack.

With these systems, you could help users and operating systems to create and built for stronger passwords so that within each and every field of password generations the minimum levels of security should always be maintained.

Cracklib for Linux is a nice system password filtering tool to check for every password generation and then filter it out so that there should not have been any such vulnerability within these.

Alternatively, you could use the password-auditing program instead of password filtering programs such as the password for Linux or UNIX.

Hackers exploited files or duplicate folders of the same name and then create the duplicate root with a unique user id and disable the original authentication root and then perform hacking into the system.

By ensuring all these processes you performed security audits and different security tests so that you could move to the next level of securing hosts of servers. In the series of articles, we learn how to tackle hackers who run around social networking through social re-engineering y performing security tests and security audits and providing more strength to passwords than ever before.

We also learn many aspects of physical tests of servers so that proper security should be given to the physical installation systems of servers. Now, in the subsequent articles, we should be talking about more technical problems and how to tackle these in the sphere of network security.

Network security of hosts means looking deeper into network aspects of different hosts in the perceive security eyes of insiders as well as from outside viewpoint to find out whether there has been any sort of security holes into these.

In these segments, we should see and find security vulnerabilities in wireless LAN systems where many systems should be connected into one single wireless or wired connectivity in a shared manner through different ports and it is important to recognize the hacker who might have in the guise of users could exploit the system.

In addition to it now we have seen ever-growing number of mobile users within peripheries of organization so that slowly we could see these could be exploited easily by hackers if they found or steal such mobile devices and for this it is important to have a complete and comprehensive security policy as well as constant security audits in terms of inside and outside of organization to find out more about what is the security state of organization.

In order to have the most fearless and comprehensive security environment of the operating system, you do need a secure network. Most server computers are connected to inter and intra-networks within organizations. Most of this networking and server works with devices such as routers, firewalls, server and workstations for hosts which should act as generic network hosts should be included in the comprehensive and complex security parameters to have the most decisive and most understandable network security.

These could provide thousands of security vulnerabilities which need to be well tested and configured with the user security parameters to test and perform security audits of systems.

System administrator should not be at all worried that there are thousands of such hacking possibilities and for this it is important to understand that though these exist still one should always concentrate one’s own system in order to have the most comprehensive parameters to move ahead and provide the most diverse system parameters so that even if hackers continue to persist but could not succeed in getting into it.

You should concentrate n yours own progression of security tests of your computers instead and continue to patch all those security holes of servers as well as network security so as to provide the most sophisticated and most determined network security.

Most of the original equipment manufacturers are providing accesses to the latest updates by releasing security patches and updates periodically so that servers should always be staying in the state of updates.

Simply by patching most of these systems through updates and patching the hosts, you could secure e most part of the operating system within short times. Due to the availability of most of the infrastructure to the public for client accesses, it is important to scan for these open hosts and find out whether the users are genuine or not.

In the earlier writing, we have discussed in details about some of the most common but stronger security practices that should let you provide super solid network practices within security systems.

Most of such network vulnerabilities in server come from the network protocols. Security experts should understand each and every facet of these network protocols to have the most comprehensive auditing in these aspects to protect the system by hardening network security.

It lets you understand the concepts regarding hosts and protocols and how such a host of protocols does work and it helps you to concrete concepts regarding practically every form of security audits from the lower level vulnerability to the higher ones.


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