Portable Apps for Your USB Stick for Windows and MacOS

If you have spare cloud storages and most of us have due to the presence of free spaces from Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, Jio Drive which used to increase its presence then you can upload these portable apps in these clouds or can keep it in USB storage spaces and use its different devices.

If you want to synchronize these apps then it is a good idea to keep it inside online cloud storages to make it find in each and every device without difficulties.

For the segmentation of audio and video, you can have AIMP as the portable music player and library manager on your USB sticks.

For the sake of free audio editing and recording program go for AUDACITY as the portable app.

Portable Software Lists:

There is the portable version of VLC MEDIA PLAYER is there which can handle any audio or video format. Most of this famous software have their portable or standalone versions and you can download these versions and can use it with the computer.

As most of these portable apps could not install into C DRIVE or system drive, it is a good idea to create one folder in the other drive and keep those apps with the separate folder to have no confusion of it at all.

INFRARECORDER is a simple disk-burning software and it is available in 32 bit and 64-bit portable formats as well as you can download its installation fils.

DEFRAGGLER is available in disc defragmentation in portable zip format. It has very clean interface designs with all the essential functions attached to it.

REVO UNINSTALLER uninstalls software and leftover related files of software on the go. According to Revo Uninstaller website,

“Revo Uninstaller is a freeware uninstall utility. It has powerful features to uninstall programs scanning for leftover files, folders and registry entries after uninstalling.

With its unique ‘Hunter mode’ it offers you some simple, easy to use but effective and powerful approaches to manage (uninstall, stop, delete, disable from auto starting) and to get information about your installed and/or running application. Many cleaning tools included! ”

AUTORUNS from Microsoft is one of the best portable apps to stop unnecessary apps from starting with the computer. It speeds up booting time and loads computer instantly.

According to Microsoft,

“This utility, which has the most comprehensive knowledge of auto-starting locations of any startup monitor, shows you what programs are configured to run during system bootup or login, and when you start various built-in Windows applications like Internet Explorer, Explorer and media players.

These programs and drivers include ones in your startup folder, Run, RunOnce, and other Registry keys.

Autoruns reports Explorer shell extensions, toolbars, browser helper objects, Winlogon notifications, auto-start services, and much more. Autoruns goes way beyond other autostart utilities.”

After installing and running this tool you would be astonished to find that how many startup entries are there and running without your knowledge.

APACHE OPENOFFICE PORTABLE is a comprehensive suite of tools that provide a complete office tool. It includes packages, databases, spreadsheets, processors, presentation tools, drawing package and databases.

You can take these tool where ever you want to go and that makes this tool extremely easier to use. According to Apache Open Office portable website,

“Apache OpenOffice Portable is a full-featured office suite that’s compatible with Microsoft Office, Word Perfect, Lotus, and other office applications. It’s easy-to-use and feature-rich, performing nearly all of the functions you’d expect in an office suite, but at no cost.”

PDF-XCHANGE LITE is a simplified product and it reads and works as a virtual PDF printer. It is available in both 32 bit and 64 bit. According to their website,

“PDF-XChange Lite is ideal for home users, small businesses and all who require a simple and efficient method to create PDF files. It creates files that combine optimized space usage and excellent image quality.”

PeaZip PORTABLE FILE ARCHIVER is a stand-alone package which is a self-contained software for proper management of data compression, archive extraction, encryption, format conversion, file splitting, and joining and is considered as the perfect alternative fo self-extracting files.

It just not need to be installed and this means the host computer files remains as it is. It can be installed on USB drives as it is the best choice and for this, you do not need to install this application. It is available in 32 and 64 bit. According to PeaZip website,

“To use this portable file archiver utility is very easy: just extract the software package (i.e. with integrated Microsoft’s Windows Compressed Folders utility) and start peazip.exe executable (file extension may be hidden on your device).

Once the program folder is unzipped, PeaZip file archiver can replace utilities like WinRar and WinZip for data compression and archive management functions, working with 180+ archive formats including popular 7Z, ACE, CAB, ISO, RAR, TAR, ZIP, ZIPX… and provides its usual set of advanced security features (manage encrypted files, secure deletion, file hashing, encrypted password manager).”

RECUVA is fee potable data recovery application and it is available in the standalone build. It can recover files from formatted drives, deleted emails from email clients, and music players.

It has varieties of scanning option to choose from, faster scanning to deep scanning. It can even erase files permanently.

Recuva portable undelete files on your computer, recover from damaged o formatted disks, recover deleted emails from email clients and iPod Musics.

After looking at all of these there are some questions that need to arise is that why some applications are portable while some others are not.

The real answer to it is that some applications are written in such a way that their portable versions are there while others do not have.

The settings are configured in such a way that, these can be carried back to another system when the applications run.

They use operating system files but only those files which are absolutely necessary to run within the operating system environment.

The advantages while using portable apps are many as they provide you with the suitable comfort of using these apps while not installing and that makes the computer lesser clutter free and that should provide the extra level of security.

On the other hand if these apps are not downloaded from official sources then thee might have been situations of advent of spyware, viruses embedded within those systems as well as most of these apps are not so suitable with different versions of modern operating systems and for which you should be aware of it and test its compatibility settings so that most of this un with a good amount of speed and reliability.

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