How to Access Your Computer if You Have Forgotten the Password

Computer Information Technology is the repository of all of the important files. It is frustrating for you when you locked out of the computer. Perhaps you lost the password or forgotten it and it needs to be remembered for

crucial junctions such as but even if you have not been able to memorize it still you can do with it by following this article.

How to change windows 8 or windows 10 passwords online:

If you have windows 8 and beyond the computer and have registered your account with Microsoft of synchronization then it is better for you and you can reset the password by accessing the website from another computer.

Visit Microsoft website on the web browser and once the site loads completely click on ‘I forgot my password’ and then click next. It is important to register with Microsoft account when you access operating system so that in these cases it should be easier for you to retrieve the password.

In the blank type Microsoft account email address, do not write the only prefixed name, it is important to write full suffixed Microsoft email, as it often ends with live[.]com or hotmail[.]com or outlook[.]com. Then, enter the captcha code that has been there, in the email field, and then click Next.

Select the verification code which should be either through phone number which you should have been provided in earlier, or non-Microsoft recovery email address so that the password should be sent to that email. Then click on send code to send it.

If at any point of time you no longer have access to either phone or email addresses then go to segment ‘Enter an email address that is different from the one you are trying to recover’ and then type an email address that you have active address and then click next to sent the verification code to this new email address.

Then open the email address and then type the code which you have received in yours inbox and then enter that code in the space ‘ Enter your security code’ and click ‘next’ to reset your password.

If you have received the code in the earlier method of already in secondary email or in available mobile then type that code in the same place to recover the password and create the new password.

If you did not have access to recovery email address or alternative phone then you should be reaching to a form and from there you should be asked about filling information such as contact information, previous passwords.

Then it should be investigated by Microsoft employees and then they should be in contact with you in yours alternative email address with a password reset link.

Then you should open that link and then provide the new password and then once it is approved you can login with that password with your Microsoft account.

How to change Windows 8 or Windows 10 passwords in safe mode?

In order to reach to safe mode one has to be extremely cautious and technology savvy in doing this other wise it is better to reach out to technology persons for doing this.

Restart the computer and the computer boot into the login screen, click the power button and then hold the shift key at the same time of the keyboard and then restart the computer.

Then the computer should be in restart mode. Then the lost of the option should be seen, here click the troubleshoot option and then advance option and then start up setting and then click restart to booth the computer to a new screen option.

Normally, by pressing F4 one could reach to safe mode but this is different with different original equipment manufacturers and then the computer will boot to safe mode and it would show the login screen. Here, choose the option as administrator so that you should not have to put the password.

Then after login into windows as administrator go to control panel and then user account, then choose the account of which password needs to be changed and then reset passwords. Here, you should be typing the password twice for confirmation and then save it.

Then restart the computer and before it enters into welcome screen press ctrl+alt+del and then click on the power icon, then computer boots and then enter into normal mode and here you put username and password and yours locked account should open immediately.

Reset windows password with a password reset disc or USB flash drive done in earlier date:

If you have created the windows password reset disc or USB flash drive on the earlier date prior to locking up of windows, especially on windows 7 and later versions of windows computer then retrieving of passwords with windows is super easy.

First, boot into windows in normal mode and then type the wrong password and that would show an error which would say that username and passwords are not correct. Then click ok from there.

Then insert the password reset disc or flash drive and then click reset password. This should launch the password reset wizard and then choose the location of the password location key and here you should choose the drive location where the disc is inserted or the flash drive location.

Here, type a new password and it is important to choose a password that is easy to remember and after logging, you could change it to some other password.

Here, while putting the new password you could find a hint box and here you should put some hint that should be mostly nearer to the password you are providing so that ultimately at some other time if at all you forget the password then it can be recalled easily.

Then click finish to end the password setting wizard and then you should be reaching to log on screen and from there you could enter the new password and then enter the logon screen easily. It is important to create a password reset disc in prior time so as to remove any such worries as well as this could provide the well achieved comfort to yours.

These are some of the methods you should be doing prior to using windows so that you should be better prepared for rainy days such as this and with due course of time when you find at any such situation then retrieving passwords should be easier and this should be one of the most automated process and the last option should be best for you.

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