Unbelievable Mini Drama Series of Netflix Review

I have seen so many detective series but the first season of eight part Unbelievable series consists of a true story and it exposed the department of police services as how most of officials tend to take these cases lightly. It is based on true events and how the not so good, investigation instead of making good investigation, the victim made to the culprit.

The way two female detectives in the subsequent investigation find out, the serial sexual assault abuser, and finding him at last and the way the investigation occurs and the amount of deep thought comes into the investigation provides one of most outstanding form of other part of police how deal with the investigation too.

In the last scene of this miniseries, when the victim Marie phoned to the detective and said that she is now feeling safe and also due to her efforts she is now started making the living of life much comfort. That assurance to the victim provides one of most outstanding form of wonderful abundance, where, the victims of sexual exploitation, and the afterlife of these incidents, the way victims finds difficult such as the living of life after these incidents, as the service also removed, and financially also becomes difficult to live for them.

It also shows how the serial sexual offender how he stopped all evidences, and how he read police investigation reports, and how it is one of the most outstanding series where there is suspense and the real stories and the way the process of detective found out their investigation to reach to the absolute conclusion. How male detectives stresses in solving crime scenes more than that of solving sexual attack cases.

In between episode three to six the difficult life of victims and how they hand problem in dealing with friends, and how they find difficulties in dealing with it and the difficulties in managing fear is the most important difficulties to live the life. This mini episodes also shows that how the culprit read everything and how he know that how to deal with life and how to remove traces of dna s are going ways due to continues bathing of such as over 20 minutes and those investigations could not reach to absolute conclusion.

The victim also said that due to lose investigation of police in the first sexual assault case of Marie as there police failed to find signs of crime scene it emboldens that culprit, to go ahead and done more these cases and this provides the way to live into think all cases in serious ways, to understand and remain the importance of taking each and every case in seriously so that ultimately all of these future cases should be stopped and the culprit, in this way caught after they performed crime in these series.

It is important to understand that one should see each and every miniseries sequentially, so that ultimately you could see the suspense rolling out slowly and enjoy the final and before final series to find out the real story behind this so that the enjoyment of this web series you will find out that element to understand the process of maintaining the provides the real-time incidents and enjoy the wonderful web series.

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