Mysore Musings

After some time, gets the opportunities to travel with parents. The aim of this travel is a matter of medical tourism. It is all about making the feelings on high as well as feeling some of the wonderful moments in order to arrive at the world.

In the third leg of the tour, we reached Mysore through Rajyaranni express from Bangalore city railway station. The peculiar fact about this train is that from Mysore to Bengaluru this train is known as Chamundi express and then after reaching Bangaluru the same train becomes Rajyranni express.

Generally, this train reaches the platform no. 6 of Bangaluru station and then automatically this train becomes the Rajyranni express and if you are a newcomer and do not have any idea about it then you should check this out otherwise you could have been missed the train.

There has been little number of coaches inside Rajyaranni expression which has been preserved and most of the other coaches are unreserved.

A Day at Mysore:

For conveniences, we have reserved most of these journey tickets and for this, we reached the coach which is meant for us and then sat there. Even if there are no advance bookings till there are chances that one could find the suitable seat out there without any such difficulties due to the presence of a large number of vacant coaches and people who aim to travel there are fewer in number.

The speed of the train was good, but it keeps stopping at almost every destination on its way to Mysore. In the meantime, we are nearer to Sri Rangapatnam and the ghat road of railway begins from there.

The speed of the train becomes slower and the nearby environment becomes cooler and everywhere we look there have been trees and the entire atmosphere has been the coolest and eco-friendly ones and that makes the journey most enjoyable to move ahead.

In the meantime, the fort at Sri Rangapatnam is visible and the vast dam at the road ahead is also clearly discernible and entire atmosphere now changes into the similar type of hill station environment and that makes the entire journey more interesting.

In the meantime, after almost five hours of journeys, we reached Mysore railway station. It was part of the cleanest railway station available and people out there also keenly engaging themselves to make it cleanest.

We reached the waiting room. The unique thing about this railway station is that there is one waiting room for first class, and second class holder tickets, and that makes us understand that this has been due to the reason of the lesser number of people reaching here and that makes entire railway platform cleaner and there are some instances of it too. While we wait for some time in the waiting room, one couple reached there with some items of luggage.

Sadly for them, there is no such place for sitting in and for this, the male couple stood with pieces of luggage and unluckily the food items which they kept for travel poured and makes someplace nearby dirtier.

The lady couple goes to the attendant and calls her and the lady attendant immediately thanks to the air and calls for the wash person and then the person cleans the place.

This goes on to say the simple importance of sterile India and how these are affecting people so that they want to make it cleaner. It is not just for the fear of a fine but the endeavour to make it cleaner and that makes us understand how good we are and how could we surpass the basic tenets of observing the excellence in each and every sphere of life.

Then, we move forward, and in this station, there are three types of bridges, to cross the platform and the first one is the normal foot over bridge and the second one is escalator and the third one is the underground bridge which also helps people in the case of more luggage with them.

Most of these roads inside underground bridge have been equipped with slopes so that the trolls could move into these spaces without any difficulties.

Then, we reach nearer to outside Mysore platform, and there on the right side of the autos and the left side while crossing the road the prepaid autos are there.

I find the people of Mysore have been extremely satisfied and even if you do not go with their autos still they are very polite enough to help you out and that differentiate the people of Mysore from the rest.

The climate of this has been excellent and the city of Mysore has been divided into two segments and the upper segment where transit house is there has been cooler and at the higher altitudes and the lower segment or downtown, is there has been, slightly hotter than the upper segment but more space there and the townships and various shopping phenomenon out there.

We went to pre-paid auto and deposited the money to reach towards the Daspalla street and VV near where the transit house of ours is located and it is almost the straight towards the upper altitude of Mysore and could be almost three kilometres but straight from the station.

In the meantime, the winds from the sides of the auto have been piercing into skins and that makes the feelings of the cooler season. Thankfully there is no rain so that we could reach the transit house well and good.

We just lost the letter of transit house but by showing the identity card to them that makes the confirmation well and good and we reached the suite number 2 of the transit house which is equipped with air condition and water geyser.

We wished to take some rest before venturing out to the market in the evening. The entire environment of Mysore in height has been tremendous with spectacular weather and the presence of people all around that has been showing the signs of comfort with their talking as well as emotions.

The entire surroundings and atmospheres have been providing with so much of expectations and wonderful satisfactions where people all around has been there with the fullest form of smiles which provide you with so much of wonderful antecedents to watch and observe the life from there on.

The sole aim to cool the mind and bring back the much-needed concentration and that proves to be regaining with due course of time due to the presence of so many happy faces all around and that makes entire surroundings and understandings of life much more collective excellence that could not have achieved with any of these not there at all.

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