Cheer Pheasant the rarest breed bird

A road to Jilling has been discussed in a previous article which is most natural pathways to reach a place which is the greenest of the environment ever seen by the author. With plenty of nature’s presence always makes sure, you are on the pathways to heaven while walking into the midges of Jilling. It is an experience never ever to be forgotten and one needs to find an exact detail of how a biological environment could be.

If we could compare with this environment with that of the present environment we could find plenty of dissimilarities and what a pity to be where we have been in the place called as the best part of civilization.

The walk up to pathways to Jilling is full of the stunning bit of Kumaon Hills on the side where you would find the presence of white-clad mountains if it takes place in the summer. The road of Jilling was mostly mud roads similar to village ones still you would find enough happiness while walking across these roads. One of its pathways the stunning look of the Kumaon hills makes you feel lighter and merrier.

Pathways of Jilling is full of plenty of birds which are mostly not recognizable to the author through but it provides plenty of wonders while watching birds fly all across these routes. Yours walk would be coupled with the scenic view of Kumaon Hills with plenty of greenery as its toppling as well as it adds an additional form of moving view when many species of birds would fly all across you and most of the seating at different branches of trees.

While watching all these species of nature you would forget that you are walking on a hilly road. If you are bird lovers and loved to watch birds than you would find almost 110 species of rare lower Himalayan birds which would be flying with carefree nature as if there was no fear from anybody around there.

In the preceding article, I have discussed in detail how a deer is not afraid of me and possibly it is fearless due to the courageous presence of nature at their behest.

Cheer Pheasant:

Wherever you are in Jilling, you would never be far off from birds songs. Every time you would love to hear those sounds at all these makes entire sonic atmosphere brilliant to listen and stay lively all out there.

Being a bird watcher and bird lover since childhood, I have terrible passion to watch birds and follow them and take their pictures from a distance in order to know their nature and provisional routes and their lifestyles.

While walking at the pathways of Jilling, I found a rarest of rare bird and mostly not available anywhere around the world whose name is cheer pheasant the rarest breed of birds which are thereupon a pine tree.

I stopped there and looking at the birds with rejoicing and straightly looked at her eyes which seemed to believe that there are fears still inscribed upon those species as there is one of the most dangerous species in the world.

Owing to human wish for less endeavored these birds slowly come into extinction but much appreciated watching these birds stay there and I paused for some moment to watch them closely. I hear their birdsong and what a beautiful tone and so soothing to my ears as if all tiresome feelings gone away within seconds.


Entire regions are full of serenity and its reigns entire regions as there is no trace of any vehicle that would generate any sort of sound pollution. From different interval, the birdsong of cheer pheasant used to make me feel happy and I want to stay there for more moments in order to find myself immersed with that sort of environment which I feel I would never ever find at any time any time in the world.

I want to listen to that sound all day as I slowly stop the music from mobile in order to hear these beautiful songs from these rare species. I was here in the month of March and it is the time of butterflies to come alive and reach Jilling in so many different species that one could not imagine. It was countless species of butterflies which show the beauty of nature at its colourful best which not only show how colourful nature could be if we protect and use nature with utmost care and attention.

I like to sleep at the meadow in the night and waking up with the arrival of so many butterflies all around to me so that I could wish to fly and be colorful with their light heart panoramic intense presence.

The flapping of gorgeous wings of attractive butterflies with different colors presents some of the most glaring and beautiful presence of nature where I feel left out due to the vagaries and destruction caused to nature by fellow humans. Nearby village people are very friendly to talk with you a hand where you to go to which directions and their manners of talking are brilliant and wonderful.

They would say at some point of distance on Kumaon hills one could find the presence of leopard or bears and most of them have seen these wild animals. Most of these wild animals are stays inside Kumaon hills nearby though a great dungeon separates between Jilling and Kumaon Hills.

To utter delight of visitors one could be stood for long hours on the side of the valley of Jilling with strong binocular in order to watch the movement of these animals and I was not so lucky to watch these animals despite concentrate for more than two hours at the onset of Jilling.

At that time a villager reaches nearly to me and advised me that one would have to camp here for more days in order to watch movements of these animals on the nearby Kumaon Hills.
sense prevailed so I decided against staying there and move beyond to my scenic walking path. Though I was extremely lucky to watch barking deer and mountain goats with sharp horns as if looking stronger than deer from a distance. It was a grand sight to hear fearless barks of these animals and provides a solace to nature which enables them to live utterly beautiful life out there.

If you arrive at which these animals in camps from Jilling towards watching towards nearby Kumaon hills, then you would be utterly delighted when you flashlight towards Kumaon hills to find some animal or the other jumping out from the focus of light. Two nearby glaciers are there which provides excellent opportunities for trekking lovers to reach out to the native environment.

Milan Glacier and Pindari Glacier are two most popular trekking destinations and trekking packages are obtainable, and lovers of trekking should reach out those places for five to 15 days of exhaustive trekking facilities. It is wiser to reach out trekking destinations just after rainy seasons and just before the onset of full-scale winter seasons so that the climate would be extremely dry and nice in order to enjoy the movement of trekking on a broad scale.

There are lovely camp houses within relaxed surroundings where you would be taking rest amidst unaccountable described scenic locations. Most of staying at Jilling related to staying just like homemade accommodations provided by Jilling estates and these people would not find any difficulty of life even if amidst the land that has been extremely separated from Dean and bustles of city lives.

During my visit, the number of cottages is available in small numbers and for this, it is important to book those before arriving there otherwise you would not be finding any such rest houses at any cost. Most of these cottages have kitchens and one caretaker who would be cooking food for you and it would not be going to be tough for you to find homemade foods.

Most of these caretakers are a good cook and they provide and present nice food and they provide foods in accordance with the taste you prefer. You would find a wonderful breakfast in the form of eggs, toasts, honey and fresh and nice fruits. You also find curd and pickle and apart from this regular lunch and dinner you would be finding and that would provide the most charming stay in these resorts.

Occasionally, you would reach to some cottages which run within bonfire and provides extremely tastier foods and you could enjoy those foods in front of bonfire giving you the optimum feeling of staying amidst beautiful surrounding nature which would not only provide the most attractive destination of life as well as present you the most unforgettable experience that you could ever surmount and stay alive within temptations of nature.

In those cottages, you would find occasionally Kumaon folk songs which have very nice tuning to hear and almost similar to that of the presence of nature within these folk songs.
The performance is coupled with skilful dramatic acting by those artists which would never ever be forgotten for the rest of your life.

During my visit, those cottages do not have phones and television though it might be here in the present time, as I was talking about my experience seven years back. Experience of marvelous Jilling of mine now comes to end and I have tried to summarize both experiences within two sets of the article here in order to let visitors understand the perfect set of scenic experience in reaching out to a land where one could find the extreme passionate experience of staying together with nature.

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