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The train is running, it is a long distance train and pretty popular and one of the oldest in India. The Coromandel train, it is from Howrah to Chennai, I boarded at Chennai to Bhubaneswar as this is one train I always use while I am on the tour. Reservation one AC and so I am deeply satisfied that I will not be bothered by any strangers during my journey.

I and my wife’s birth are at the side upper and side lower and I had the experience of a good journey with this train and while seating on this train I am pretty proud of this. I and my wife’s seats am one compartment before the gates side so it is very convenient to use the toilet.

The AC is the compartment is of very high order and am thinking about good things for my return journey, having achieved a lot and seeing and meeting the doctor feeling extensively satisfied and gratified and we are talking about all these occurrences and what to prevent and how to prevent and how to manage the health in the future.

I was managing my luggage so that no other persons should occupy that privileges as we are both at the side upper and lower seats so, it is one privilege and the sense of privacy can be attained into. The train starts and after a few moments, I have seen my good old friends straight from my service days and from my College days.

He also came with his better half, we talked some time for a few moments at least then I came back to my berth which is almost 12 seats far from my childhood friend‘s berth. In the friend’s berth out of four seats two are with the friends and his better half and in the other two four personas are seating out of it three ladies are seating and they are saying they are in the RAC.

After some time friend realized that one lady who is almost 50 years old, is with the waiting list and that lady is saying that she is from a public sector company and she is emergency to attain the meeting that is why she came there rapidly. The ticket collector came and checked all the tickets but not the lady’s ticket, this surprise the friend as he was telling me this truly happening inside the great Coromandel express after the incident was over so am elaborating what he had told me earlier.

My friend is always of a sheepish nature and he feels the ticket collector will tell that lady to get out of this AC cabin but instead that ticket collector bring that lady to another compartment and it feels something going on between them like some transactions which are known to many a that lady came back with a winning smile but without a valid ticket.

How the coromandel ticket collector of AC allowed that lady inside the AC compartment without a ticket, that lady says she is waitlisted and in rules she is not allowed inside the compartment but she is making the mockery of law and also with her the ticket collector bending all the rules of the railways and also it is not a good practice to allow strangers inside the compartment.

That lady has five luggage and imagines she is a waitlisted ticket holder and she is illegally entering into ac compartments and invading the privacy of the fellow travellers and she is been helped amicable by the ticket collector of the coromandel train and for what reason?

Why she is been allowed to enter and the conductor also not been taking the strict action this is very sad and especially of Coromandel a vintage train in its class and it is coming from the Chennai where I have seen everywhere from the railway reservation counter to the Apollo lift , people automatically in queue to wait for other preferences and that has been liked by me so much so that I have deep respect for the Tamil persons and their way of life and upbringing but so sad to feel the behaviour of The ticket collector as it seems he is engaging in some sort of fraudulent activities,

As far this is not expected at the AC compartments at the Coromandel express and it seems no security in place near the AC compartments and during the Vijayawada and then Rajmehndry and then Vizag some persons standing nearer to the latrines of the AC compartments and this can be a really harassed situations for the ladies as well as the sober people.

This has not been seen at Coromandel from the experience of my old friend and to the no guard experience and then the unwanted persons standing nearer to the latrines at the AC compartments, and the most of it the behavior of the ticket collector and his greedy attitude in allowing the stranger inside the ac compartment reiterates the same thing that once Aristotle said Power corrupts and the absolute power corrupts.

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men. I can only hope at best to post an honest ticket collector inside the AC compartments of coromandel especially the train which starts from Chennai to Howrah and also adequate security must be provided. Then the question arises. If absolute power corrupts absolutely, does absolute powerlessness make you pure?

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