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Jilling is the path to heaven. Amidst densely situated Kumaon hills, the road to the core of Jilling is not so easy and tolerable to normal human dynamics. It is situated in 300 kilometres away from the northeastern side of New Delhi. It is up above 6000-7000 kilometres above sea level.

Being the lover of forest and natural elements, I decided to set my journey out to this deciduous forest arena where one would find plenty of green forests and self-loneliness to find our inner spirit and discover what we have left so far.

This happened seven years back and am not sure whether still to date any proper road router would be there or not. I had to hire a pony in order to reach this town.

Pony ride from Padampuri road has been a new sense of experience. There have been many also walking through these two kilometres but the side of the pony and the songs of the owner of the pony has been exceptional to hear about.

Seven years have surpassed from there as I am writing my experience about this happens a few years back. Uphill from Material, visitors had to ride or walk for two kilometres to reach Jilling. While riding on the back of a pony, I glanced back everywhere and found that due to no straight road the town of Jilling is being properly preserved in its natural green elements.

Why not many towns all around India should have these conditions so that people have to walk for two kilometers in order to enter the city so that containment of greenery and its related elements stays there as it is.

It took me about one hour to ride through two kilometers long drive from Matial. In between, I find across and lobbed leaves of oak trees which were in plenty inside route giving me clean air and proper weather to experience the beautiful nature.

It reminds me of awards given to soldiers for their exceptional works in the United States as a bunch of oak trees with a bronze award medal. The soldiers who have already won an award in the next coveted award they were given such medallions made of oak trees.

While riding on pony’s back, I saw the signs and presence of such trees in large numbers. After riding for a few more minutes here comes the collection of many such pine trees with whitish and yellowish timber. It gives me the sense of finding someone and remembers that the lovely shadows of all fine trees which remember the incidents of past with the colour of the present.

The smile broke to the face of my while watching such a beautiful happening of natures where there are not any traces of signs of the presence of pollution. Everywhere, I breathe is free of any such pollution where every time I reached provides me with the sense of complete peace of mind and heart.

After sometime comes the arrival of bright-red bell-shaped flowers. These provide perfect colour combinations of weather to climatic conditions. During that time it was just the end of winter for my land but here at this place, I found the pleasant weather with shadow presence of the sun all the time.

Rhododendron provides and presents the sense of futuristic life vision where the accumulation of plenty of hopes and aspirations comes from within shining delights of shrubby trees with leathery leaves. Within few seconds entire climatic conditionals comes about a way ahead of time and provides a sense of land which is in between of heaven and earth.

There is no proper roadway right to the top where Jilling town is situated which ensure that the fittest person should be reaching to this place and the person with the slightest bit of walking problem should not dare there as it might aggravate the problem more than anything.

In between, I found there are many dark-bluish-red coloured trees with oval sized fruit which have smoother skin and a single bit attached to it. From the distance, it seems that these feet could be of single hard fruit and must have a good edible for native people. After riding for a few minutes a string of peach juicy fruits arrives which is sweet and contains enough water?

It has as usual yellowish flesh was as in my place the peach contains whitish flesh inside of it. From a distance, these peach fruits are covered with pink flowers and from a distance, it looks like very attractive and seductive looking lady is standing there and while slow breeze is flowing in between it looks like they were waving hands to visitors in appreciation of their arrival here.

It was a completely natural element at its best which presents some raw potential to work it out with the proper mind where everything seems to be flowing towards a sense of artificial natural alternatives.

For sure, if you are a nature lover and try always to find out the real beauty from among the presence of the vagaries of nature than it is the best place for you to reach here out and enjoy every moment there without any differentiation. Jilling is not a perfect tourist destination.

It is an invitation to people who want a natural life and want to stay and experience nature at its best. City seekers like me in the first phase of reaching with this beautiful nature filled environment would find that time stopped here but within a few hours, I felt there is no need of time and I should expect to stay here always and all the time.

There are great wide spaces and limitless absolute possibilities to roam here and there and enjoy the presence of nature at its fullest bloom. It is the outdoor of this town which would present you the feelings of indoors where everything possible you would find seems to provide you random experience nearer to nature.

There are many small villages here and there and by walking you would go to at different places and experience the real valley life and people are friendly in nature and they would be talking to you and describing their life.

Climate and everything except politics. Thanks, Lord Jagannath, at last, I find a place where politics has not entered to disturb the basic thinking of life and hardships. You would find a dense forest with natural fermentation of different trees with color full blooming all around everywhere.

There have been many jungle streams which would surprise you at many points and it is not wiser to step into those jungle streams without examining properly. Most times, there were small insects which would strike on foot and they would take away your blood and sudden collapse might happen to you. It is wiser to wear a gunboat and with jean pants in order to avoid contact with such insects.

There are many apples and oak orchards and most of these are available for free and if you want it then rides over it and plucks it and eats it and get down from there and then walk beyond the jungle.

In between walks you would find some large apple or oak orchards by private individuals and they would invite you to visit those places and happy talk with you and most of them are very friendly people out there. It is wiser not set up forest fire while walking in the jungle. It is against law and also does not hunt any animal or birds, just enjoy their presence and appreciate their privacy while you are on the go through these jungle lands.

Spend a night with a small canopy out inside jungle with artificial light and watch glittering of stars from there and you would find and have a feeling that most of these stars are nearer to your and as if you would pluck them down and keep those inside of your pocket.

Try to wake up early in the morning and look at the other side of the hills to watching walking of large hoards of deer which would feel like a moving boundary from the distance of one valley to the other.

For the first time, you would enjoy the pleasant sound of barking dear at you as they feel they were the strongest as I am alone camping inside their own hinterland. For the first time, a deer comes near to me and barked at me and I provide some grass and looks in dear eyes and then go away.

It is one of the most enticing feelings I ever hard to speak it up and that moment of closeness with deer still is inside of mine and continues to appreciate the nature which makes them feel secure and comes with brave to bark me out from their places.

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