My fascination for the tour of South India springs from three paramount significant considerations which according to me are comparatively more safety, better affordability and lesser headache for the availability of both air and landline tickets than most of the places elsewhere in India. Also, package tours are more complete and less worrisome when compared to my bizarre experience to other parts of the country. So it is not surprising that I have travelled in this direction umpteen numbers of times.

I do not usually undertake package tours where I am, at times, forced to make adjustments especially with regard to lodging and boarding as things do not appear as rosy as they are promised to be by the tour operators. Of course, they take advantage of our helplessness and total resignation to their mercies.

We preferred chilly winter to scorching summer while undertaking the tour of South India inasmuch as the latter is more severe to forbear while the former is more pleasant due to its less severity. At the end of the journey, the gain was more enjoyment, more comfort, less stress on the purse and lesser worries. The tour operators are less vulnerable than elsewhere and they almost give you what they promise.

I boarded a Delhi to Trivandrum flight by Indian which gave me more comfort than other domestic airlines I had travelled earlier with. All the tall claims of all other airlines I have travelled earlier in are only publicity stunts and they have less to offer in terms of comfort and safety, though they are miles ahead in their way of treating customers. But only beautiful uniforms and captivating smiles do not guarantee you the safety and comfort you are aspiring for.


Kovalam beach with three adjacent beaches is both beautiful and enjoyable. The beach of Kovalam is nothing short of a swimming pool as the sea is less wavy and shallow – ideal for sea bathing. Sunbathing and swimming here is exciting and enjoyable. The evening beach beauty can be better experienced than told. The night breeze can be enjoyed from the window panes of your hotel rooms. We spent two days in a beach-side hotel there devoting the first day for sea beach and the second one to see seeable in and around.


Closed on all Mondays, this is a palace of the erstwhile King of Travancore where you find rare woodcarvings.

Napier Museum

This museum remains closed on all Sundays & Wednesdays. On all the other days you can see many rare collections.

Padmanabha Swami Temple

The temple is famous for its mural paintings and Dravidian styles of stone carvings.

Shree Chitra Art Gallery

Vast varieties of the Rajput, Mughal and Tanjore among Indian paintings besides a large collection of paintings from China, Japan, Tibet and Bali have been kept here

Tour of Alleppey and Kumarakom

Alleppey is 165 km on road from Thiruvananthapuram. We hired a taxi to this on the third morning after breakfast and had a pleasant night stay at houseboat which reminded us of our three-decade-old Dal Lake experience. The next morning, we got transferred to the backwater resort to enjoy full and square the whole day and night with palatable food and beverages.


The distance we had to cover was 75 km by cab. We had a plan to stay there for a couple of days. We had our early lunch and set out for half-a-day sight-seeing tour keeping the other half for the following day when we arrived at Kochi in the afternoon itself for complete rest and good food.

What we saw on both occasions offered us more than our money’s worth as we were neither tired nor lacking in the spirit to enjoy more and more. The first day we went by an a/c luxury bus and on the second day by an a/c tourist car. But we found the bus more comfortable and enjoyable, though in cars you can customize to see things remaining at enjoyable places as per your sweet will.

Kochi offers you Chinese Fishing Nets, The Hill Palace Museum (closed on Mondays), Santa Cruz Basilica, this historic church built by the Portuguese, The Jewish Synagogue (closed on Saturdays & Jewish Holidays), the centre for Spice & Handicraft shops, Mattancherry Palace (closed on Fridays).

Perhaps a few selective offerings of the palace like backwaters, houseboats, Chinese fishing nets and beautiful churches suffice your love and lust for the place which less other places offer in India.

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