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Many years have passed. Time moves on. Once school students and now is professional filed, still the memories of those instances of a nice cloud arena with clouds roaming here and there and moving and touching the shoulder while moving towards school and suddenly the weather changes and the entire atmosphere becomes darker. Even looking at the shortest possible distance becomes extremely difficult and that makes the place name Tensa.

It is this place, my most important days of school have been there and many classmates which continues to be still-to-date and that makes the most gigantic and monumental feelings of touching the atmosphere of returning towards childhood days again. Tensa is situated at the valley and one of the coolest places of Odisha and is situated in Sundergarh district of Odisha. The place belongs to mostly steel authority of India and is the most resourceful place in terms of various minerals and one of the most environmentally friendly places of Odisha.

Towards Tensa

From Rourkela it should take hardly about four hours if you are with the four-wheeled vehicle and these places are mostly the securest place with stiffer security and mostly outsider vehicle crossing here and there is out of the question. Mostly the road towards Tensa from Rourkela has been newly laid and it has been well built and it was not in the analogous condition a few years back. It was in completely dilapidated conditions all over and it continues to provide a very difficult road to reach there.

My High School

With due course of time, the road to Tensa has become one of the better roads and it has become wider ones. First, we reached Lathipada a smaller town and a small market but most of these areas seem to be in good condition as it seems the economic conditions of the native people here have been good looking at the health of these shops out there. Most of these indigenous people have plenty of works due to the presence of steel plants and its ancillary plants out here. It continues to offer awesome ways to understand the process of development considering looking at the conditions of people.

Tensa Home for two years where I stayed there with my parents and sibling

The road to progress comes in the form of development of roads. Considering the presence of these wonderful roads and in addition to it the construction of separate rail line that was visible from the side of road movement goes on to show the amount of development in these areas is slowly witnessing about. I could feel and notice the amount of development in these areas which continues to surprise me to compare it with previous years of childhood days where the memories are there and the presence of such instances is rare.

It means we are slowly moving towards into the path of complete development. The signs of complete development can be seen and perceived through these processes. There is one river in between the route from Rourkela to Tensa which remain always with water during the entire year and it is believed that the source of water comes from inside of any of the hills that have been embedded into environments out there all over these places.

Tensa Market

During my school days there used to be one low level without barrier bridge over that river which used to be very dangerous to cross during the months of monsoon due to the heavy presence of water and most of times most parts of bridge used to be dipped into it and some experts drivers have to by calculation would have to drive through it and now it has completely changed with the advent of very higher bridge and even during the highest form of monsoon that would not be touching the parts of that bridge.

During school days, in the monsoon times, there used to be rain for more than 10 days and record being the 7 days as far as I could remember and it continues to provide more and more water from Tensa valley and the water from there used to reach this river and as far as water route to be concerned is not yet discoverable but there could have been the natural route and the bridge used to dipped with water during that time. The people who desperately wish to reach to Rourkela from Tensa for some work with to reach there and most times, the bus would leave there and another bus would wait from the other side of the bridge to take you to Rourkela.

In the meantime local of those places used to tie ropes from one side of the bridge to the other through two stronger trees and then they used to demand more money from the passenger to take them from one side to the other and if they had luggage then they would demand more money for it and it becomes one of the most financially benefit businesses for them. They do not guarantee people of their security while crossing from one side of the bridge to the other and it is those who have to take the risks while crossing the bridge during those times.

While moving through that bridge which is now in very higher and in good conditions with side barrages and a modern architecture does provide the imminent and wonderful presentation of how such a thing could change the entire movement and miseries of people to a considerable good amount of healthier proposition.

Now, the connectivity to Rourkela from Tensa throughout year restored and that makes development process of each and every land to a considerable extent and that should provide the much needed and much demanded the wonderful presence of signs of reaching to nearest townships any time you want at any point of time.

While moving through this route many childhood memories come out again and enlighten and liven once again and it comes to the mind through the mirrors of flashbacks and everything comes and go with a similar case and does provide ample presence of such and such wonderful timings that it seems as if I were in that moment once again.

Slowly, we crossed Lahunnipada and the river which feeds most of these places including that of Tensa throughout year seems to be running along with us and continuously asking us many questions about why we have left this wonderful place to go for the dean and bustle of life and just urge us to see and enjoy the beauty of nature what it seems to make us believe that most of these places are of wonderful happenings where every dream seems to be staying in the means of absolute constant.

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