With The Advent Of The Storm…

What we will do when the storm arrives and what should have been the possibilities to keep yourself from the imminent advent of the storm. Humans for sure have gt the winning proposition in most cases but with the presence of natural calamities, they always failed to deliver. The simple reason behind this has always been the presence of mighty forces ad acts such a swift pace that most people unable to reach to the point of action.

The simple formulae about it is that, most of times we have seen, presence of such vast number of ideas which mostly failed to justify as when we think of some basic ideas to prevent us from cyclone the timing and the force in which it comes and destroys the place has been enormous and beyond the stronger management capacity of humans.

Strom does not come all of a sudden, as it continues to be in the centre of the sea and provides the direction even most of the sophisticated satellite signals could not detect to which exact direction it will come. Which means that it is unpredictable but in reality that is not as we have so far not been able to detect proper directional mechanisms and in which method it moves towards us.

In which mechanisms it comes might not be detected but still, the presence of it inside deeper ocean is detected and we get alarmed of it at first sight. Still, we not been clear to exact which precise location the storm is moving into and that makes the situation difficult. Though with the presence of some of the modern methodology such as the presence of high-speed internet as well as other sophisticated and modern communicative mechanisms, we tend to fight the advent of the storm the better way.

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With the advent of high speed and faster internet such as 4G Volte-LTE internet connectivity now everything can be seen in terms of life and even if another medium of communications failed still this can be done to communicate with people in much smarter ways. Even if during the high-speed cyclone the people who are in the stage of extreme despair and being in the middle of the storm could possibly send the message of helping and with the GPS on in their device, the rescue team could possibly reach out to those people with ease.

Now, with the presence of Large degree of communication mediums the pro-active government in most places, they tend to provide huge helping hands to people. We are slowly progressing but still, we are not much nearer to nature as there are some void points out there still we not being able to solve it outright.

In the areas nearer to sea-beaches it is of extremely important that people should stay away from the sea and its sands because no one could predict at which times there would be the advent of the tsunami the water stream and that can grasp the people within no times. With the advent of commercialisation and advent of a large number of floating population, the places nearby to seas or its sand locations are slowly being covered by people who tend to open smaller shops to entertain visitors.

People love to stay at the nearby hotels in and around sea areas. The hotels continue to be built in these areas and mostly the sweet water zones and thanks too for whichever and what so ever reasons it becomes preoccupied and when there will be a large degree of the cyclone the people staying in and around these areas tend to be in the times of distress. Surprisingly, even after time and again the reminder of the honourable court the people and the hotels nearer to marine drive roads continue to pre-occupied and at the roads in the coastal town of Puri as well as continue to eat out taken away the sweet water zones. Despite the time and again reminder the action to shut down these hotels have never ever been made.

One of the most famous devotional place for Hindus is ‘Swarga Dwar’ or the gateway to heaven but when we move towards this place as compared to my childhood days, most of these areas are preoccupied with hotels. Now, it becomes cut short and that is the real worry and the amount of corruption and the association of hotels have been doing is the prime mirror of this. They continue to provide some other mentions and only show cause actions of the breaking of these encroaching lads are present.

Why this is happening is nothing to think about as most of these hotels are of supporters of the party which is currently ruling of about, many years and most of them have become stronger regional leaders and then they find alternative ways to mend the decision of the honourable court.

I have seen, within the sands areas of sea-beach of Puri, there are longer tunnels where the wastages coming out of hotels are being there. It short cut the sands areas of shrinking further and what next the small tea-vendors of these local areas continue to take this as their own location and continue to open shops and tend to sell contraband products openly.

This in a way provides the most difficult situations for most of us who tend to go for morning walk and always find difficulties due to driving away of heavy vehicles out there too and from these locations. What next there is one good footpath is there but sadly most of these places are occupied by these small vendors that it becomes almost impossible to run within these areas. Even walking in these footpaths are now becoming very difficult considering the amount of vending shops located in and around these areas.

When there is advent of storm most of the times it is known to sea-creatures and they tend to come out of sea and return to sea beaches and most of the times, snakes and other harmful animals tend to come out of sea and hide themselves inside of sea beaches and its sand areas and it is always advisable to stay inside and do not venture into sea sands as these might be hiding inside of it.

What it makes is that due to presence of such large number of unauthorised hotels and temporary shop vendors the presence of large number of people in and around these areas make the life of these people extremely shaky considering when the presence of storm arrives and if that converts into tsunami then no one can provide safe passage to them. In earlier times there have been so many numbers of trees in those areas and that makes the force of storm as well as Strom with the flow of water stops due to the presence of such trees.

Now, most of these trees are cut and in the place of large number of hotels presence out there and that makes the life and people of Puri dangerous considering that the presence of sea and then in whatever time there could be advent of tsunami and other cyclones and during those times stopping those cyclones and flow of water into the main township areas difficult. What is makes, the entire areas in and around Puri townships as well as the famous Lord Jagannath Temple is a difficult situation and in danger but still, no one is listening to and there is the building of a large number of hotels in and around these locations and who is permitting them to do it only Lord knows.

It not only makes life difficult and in danger for native populations of Puri but also it makes life difficult for people who are visiting this places and this makes the real decision to be made and what so ever difficult it might have been.

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