Late Walk

Oh, what a place. It is the most sumptuous presentations of natural vibrant attendance of living nature were everywhere I could see, the presence of life and the sounds of joyful nature. Scenic understanding of this valley seems to suggest I being the only human here. Everywhere I could see and round my eyes. I could see the dynamic movements of different ideas as well as the presence of nature at its very best.

Trees are there. Birds are out there and small friendly animals could be seen here and there. From the distance what I could perceive is that there is no such fear for humans and perhaps they have not come across to them at any point in time. That is why I have no concerns about me looking to them and watching out their movements.

Here, I could imagine how we humans are so cruel to other animals of the earth. We always think that it is our planet and fail to understand the presence of other animals as well as their majority in numbers. In the areas where we had constructed the so-called civilisations, we could see the presence of only pet animals and the extinction of other animals are imminent. We could not justify these sorts of antecedents in what so ever was. I one school of thought it is for sure not correct to allow wild animals into the civilisation arena as they could have the potential to attack humans.

If we could allow the presence of wild animals in the same place as where we were living then this could be the end of human civilisation at some point in time. So, that is why we did everything to push them further into where they were living. At first, we do tend to see the amount of comfort and room for every person and that expands her scope and the perimeter of our living further. It created the ambitious to cut through the woods were at first instances those are the living places for animals for millions of years and perhaps from the beginning of the presence of life on Earth.

Slowly we move from the river beds into deeper into the jungles which were once the natural protected areas for animals be it wild or pet. From time to time we have discovered tools such as fire, iron and others so as to create the fear and panic among the animals which have already there inside the jungles. Since the ages these animals accustomed to staying in these places and now their protected environment which is full of trees and no staying of humans slowly being indented and wiped out further from it. While we humans always tend to think of ourselves and think of our own betterments failed to forget the psychology of animals who have been dwelling in those places for so many years.

It has been the most difficult part for animals to move from their own native place which has been for theirs for years and towards one of the most difficult terrains where already there could have been more and more other animals and staying at those places should be difficult for them. We have also seen how such animals create difficulties for other animals when some of their trespasses into their territories. This should be seen in the light of such and such difficult parameters to understand the entire process of their psychological balances in its present form. That is why there has been complete extinction of many species in this earth and it remains there.

At this solitary place at the juncture of this weekend, I could see the presence of such and such nicer environment where everything seems to be at the state of stealth happiness and every animal, birds out there seems to be enjoying the presence of such wonderful environment out here. Everywhere I could watch and find the presence of serine environment where every possible idea and links attached to it provides more and more confident of reaching out to every possible thought processes as the peaceful mind and its provisions for the scope of understanding moving further into it. There is no other part of thinkings except the pure and holy thoughts and the entire processes of thoughts were slowly getting into thinking of something perfect and better as it retards and drives away from all these parameters of understanding where every possible idea and its concerted environments make it think about something better.

We tend to be so much self-centred and not thinking about the betterment of environment where we were dwelling in and could understand the possible emergence of plenty of ideas that were meeting with us from time to time. It is for sure inevitable to understand what is there in the nature in its perfect understanding should be there for every time to see and perceive and we should not create any such instances where the natural imbalance should come forward and destroy the sanctity of green environment where we are proud of this planet. I looked everywhere out there and found that the sense of freedom and the paramount importance of living the life in a better way comes forward with each and every possible presentation of life out here.

What nature told us is all about staying healthier and perform the better life with it comes the much desired and anticipated part of understanding what could have been the most anticipated underestimation of thoughts but in realities, it does come out into some of the most wider aspects for the movement of all possibilities out here. I could hear the swan songs of birds at a not so distant place and the place is so silent out here that every pin drop could be heard from some of the distance out here. What an environment where we could find the presence of vibrant enthusiasm where every possible idea comes about in a completely real term to make it the most wonderful experience of all time.

I could see the running and dancing of deer and that provides the complete assistance and convenience to suggest that it is one of the safest places for them to dwell in. One could see the satisfaction and the movement and motion on their walk to suggest how they are completely absorbed into these environments without any further signs of distractions.

It is the real freedom which we have been talking about and the signs of such liberties come with due course of action on their faces to suggest the most dynamic and gigantic form of attendances out here it’s plenty of charming presentations. It reminds of us how to live the life uncomplicated and simple and how to cope with nature as it is without anything damaging to it.

While we construct and build the civilisations we still not being able to understand, what our nature offers and the form and factor involving with the presentation of natural environments should also entitle us to think beyond about saving it for many more years so that there should not be any such alternation about the present and the future attendances to it.

Entire green fields are filled with countless snows and the smooth laid field from the distance could be seen in terms of green filed mowing natural laid attached environments where the presence of garden path and its countless greenery makes it the most populous presentations of life out here. The toggling withered weeds where it seems the presence of standing mountain provides the enormous attendances to which every form and factor need to be carefully observed.

It seems all the trees out here provides complete emergence of life but with some leaves, there has been the presence of withered leaves due to the advent of fall seasons. It just indicates that there is no end to life, as it continues as forever and provides the most sumptuous part of it to understand that life moves on without any such disturbances and it continues to prosper and extrapolate within specific environmental variables.

It reminds me beautiful lines of Robert Frost where it suggests that end is not far from my going forth as the presence of last resort faded bluish aster flower keeps remembering you of the presence of life out here as it continues to provide the most relevant importance attached with the movement of life which is mostly cyclic in nature where it reminds you to carry with you further towards the posture of complete attendances. Though there are the trees standing out there with completely bare but still the signs of life on it in the form of withering leaves did indicate to carry it again to you.

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