What is the time buddy, it is almost seven pm. Let us move faster as the train timing is approaching and we have to reach the station on time in order to catch the train. That’s true but the sudden approach of ‘Kala Baisakhi’, the summer thunderstorm in this part of the world makes the movement within specified road much difficult.

It seems entire ground is frozen in with cold winter. It is a very much welcome change, of course, no doubt about it. From the distant, the visibility factor is fast reducing but we have to move it on to catch the train. The train will hardly stay for utmost five to seven minutes and the time is fast approaching.

From the sky the thunderous lightening removing the darkness of the sky getting more and more fear to the eyes as this indirectly letting us know and convey us to move out from the open sky. The trees are moving wildly and their branches seem to be touching the ground. Suddenly the force of the incoming wind becomes stronger and it doubles with the presence of the force of rains.

Due to the uneven goodness of draining system in the townships, somewhere the presence of undrained water due to the advent of the high capacity of the force of water and unable to drain themselves suddenly and makes the entire land almost difficult to drive in these terrains.

Slowly, we reached towards the railway station. There was almost jam space but luckily the traffic at those place coupled with the presence of well-maintained luminosity makes the entire space wonderful to walk in out there.

We slowly moved out there and reaching towards platforms and to ours well comfort there is some time still the train to arrive, and we reached at the platform number four and wait for the train.

The sounds of thunder as if we are into a newly advent land of ours favourable places and the amazing part of it is that the sounds of precipitation on the tinned blocks make it even more amazing or freight full for us. Now, the announcement comes and the train within some minutes arrives and we reached the air-conditioned chair car compartment so as to find out ours seats out there.

We finally reached and ours names also written out there and we go inside and find both of these seats are on one side and there is one window shied seat and the air condition is working fine and nice.

In the meantime, we booked tickets to IRCTC app and we got the digital form of ticket and this is for the first time we have done and for this it is important to keep these tickets on the right manner and for this, we intended to make and charge the mobile to its fullest capacity.

Slowly, we are becoming digital. As most of our work and what we spend and what we intended to spend have become completely digital and now we are slowly moving into the stages of absolute digitalization. Even the small restaurant in our coastal city is also receiving the money in terms of the card and that makes spending even more wonderful and easier.

The sound and the effect of thunderstorm nowhere felt inside chair car and the train slowly moving out from the native platform and move into the bidirectional railway lines at one side it is towards the north and the other side it is towards the south.

Our native platform is a junction and most of the times the long-distance trains used to change their engines and that is why the train which moves to north India used to stay almost for half an hour to one hour as the change of engine and change of guards and drivers are being done here.

This time we are in south India and for this, there is no change of engines as the direction of the engine are the same as usual. As we slowly move the serpentine direction of railway lines moving into the north is being seen and then the train takes its speed and moves forward from there. After the journey of one hour or so the feeling of thunderstorm seems to be slowed down and the train takes its speed as during the night time it used to take the speed of maximum.

In the meantime the ticket collector reached and he asked for the ticket and we show them from the IRCTC app the ticket and with it our identity cards and then the formalities of checking tickets completed.

In the meantime, we see the complete change over of the compartment with its latrines are now bio toilet and completely cleaner as well as the interior of the train is cleaner and it seems that the security point of view the advent of security persons and stopping any trespassers to reach into these compartments and that makes the entire atmosphere peaceful and safer.

From the previous one month, I had collected my favourite movies and then put into my tablet so that during the course of a journey I would be seeing those movies as well as listening to my favourite songs so that ultimately the tired coming out of the tenure of this long journey would not be feeling at all.

Nowadays finding the entire movie is much easier than the earlier times. With the presence of YouTube as the source and reservoir of most of the movies and there are various walkover from which one can download the movies or can at best save these movies to see to watch it offline in the case you want to be on YouTube and connect to the internet at least once in the 30 days.

Or else can use the web browsers such as Opera, or Firefox and use some extension to download movies at your own favourite format and you do not have to worry about it. Then buy one external hard drive and then save those movies in catalogues so that in the times of future when you need it can bring it back to laptop, notepad or mobiles.

In this way, with the availability of affordable internet solutions, you can download your favourite movies and then save it for later on watch such as this type of journey and so on. What is even more surprising is the presence of same sort antagonisms such as one cannot download movies to see offline in Google Chrome but one can do it with extensions With Opera web browser as well as with Comodo Dragon web browser without any add-on as the downloaded add-on is there installed in default.

What it sense us that though at some time we do feel that the internet is a closed arena it provides more freedom when we do apply mind to it. Similarly, there are many services which do provide virtual private networks that come at a cost for a month or for year otherwise their free versions have very limited bandwidth limits but when we do see that some operators such as especially, Opera web browser which provide double virtual private network for computer web browser such as in the form of Opera Turbo and another in the form of its built-in virtual private network as well as Google Chrome with some of its own extensions does provide the comfort of almost free internet for virtual private networking.

While moving into the night and when it seems that for the far and wide there is no big train station is there and the train is moving very fast and both of its sides comes up jungles and the tree and some of the most outstanding natural environments out there. It seems like that of a dream run and the specification of the speed of the train makes me think of some of the most outstanding stories that I should write about from time to time here within spaces of my blog indeed.

I do know that travel and journeys are very good for collecting experiences and amass large form of stories and the outstanding real-life saga of blog writing that would slowly come to the upfront with due course of time and that makes the realization of life in its vital entity prudent to the life to its most recognizable aspect.

Slowly, I come to my dreams and by thinking about I slowly slept for some time, though on chair car but still the journey makes very much of comfort for us and slowly the train moves with high speed and we are at the deepest of dream and sleep.Footnotes

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