Hill Drive

Travel: It was on mid-December just in right time life the time we were facing, as two days back there was a spell of unseasoned rain and that reduced the effect of coolness to the larger extent.

For some time till to date, there was a heavy spell of cold that was streaming like that of a cool wind and that was making the life more and more difficult to attain and imagine. The way in which the air travels through and also the cool wind had subsidized to a larger extent due to the advent of rain.

Daddy had planned beforehand for a travel to the north of the country and this time we would be travelling through the flights and that was the most wonderful, fascinating happenings of my life so far.

We had anticipated riding into flights , but our town was a smaller one, though it was not our hometown, we were here only for the reason, that daddy had been transferred here and it was extreme south of the state, whereas our native land was at the east of the state by the side of seashore.

We had been anticipating a wonderful holidaying time out there, and for this, my family had decided beforehand. We had to travel by car for well about 10 hours through hilly roads to reach the nearest airport, and the nearest airport also well beyond the city there.

Our flight was at three pm and that was the reason from the morning four we had been getting ready to set it out to airport, and the taxi had been given time to reach here at around almost three am, and daddy is always punctual and in the morning tow thirty am daddy phoned to the taxi driver and then called him to reach at ours official quarter 15 minutes beforehand and the taxi driver obeyed.

We on that night never slept and was planned that we would be taking the well-deserved rest in and around after completing our journey and for this, all the packing and also some food items had been carefully taken into. We always tried to take a few pieces of luggage, so that it would not be heavy and bothersome.

Then we calculated the luggage there, then we locked all the doors and windows, switched off all the lights and other utilities and also carefully checked the taps so that it would not be kept open and also tried to cover all the drainage systems out there with, drain covers and as there could be any such fear factor of insects that could be staying inside the home and thus that part of it carefully decided.

All the screens had been covered fully and also all the locks had been done with, in the manner of inverted manner so that the locked portion would be staying inside, here locked portion did mean that the portion where the key is to insert in order to open the lock of the door.

All the luggage had been carefully locked into and also inside what are the items that had been taken was also carefully calculated, it was them written into one fact sheet in a clear-cut manner and that was making it the whole process a really wonderful to have it in.

Then, we wore dresses and we did particularly choose the dresses that were the really going to be for the longer days the darker shades of the dresses so that , in case while travelling it could be mud filled still then it could be used as due to its shade colour the dirty side would not be immediately recognizable and for this all these had been some sort of wonderful ideas that daddy always conveyed with me and also for this we tended to plan for a long.

Then, about the wallet, daddy would be keeping the big amount and that not to be spent, but I would be having the smaller amount and that to be spent while we were at the travel. So, with this strategy with hand, we always did very careful while at outside.

In the meantime mummy called for food, and we went to have lunch at the mid of night as it was unusual as we were streaming out from the station for some days and we did have to eat some so that while at the flight we knew there would be foods served there, and also we had to take the meantime journey for almost about eight hours through taxi, and due to this fact of the matter was that, the road across would be between two states, with plenty of hillsides to it and for this we had to be extra careful with the journey.

As in between roads there would be small pockets of people who would be there, and their shops would be tiny and for this we should not be eating anything there as daddy told us and for this mummy told me to eat all the foods so that, there could not be any starving matter their on and also we would not be compelled to eat anything from outside and that would be good for health also.

Daddy had already been familiar with that route, having most often had been there for official works from time and again, he knew the exact route and also he told me that there would be almost ten kilometres of still hill roads and also mild hill roads will be of 120 kilometres and before this the rest of the roads would be almost plain and beautiful roads, and inside the hill roads there would be very dangerous roads, as sometimes the road would be such that even a bigger vehicle would not be able to cross the other four wheeler like that we would be riding it.

Still the vehicle had to go backwards so that it could arrange the much-desired space, for the other vehicle, in this way and also while driving in those roads the sideways would be so nearer to hill and also on the other side there would be dangerous dungeons and that would fill the fear inside of your heart and mind.

In the meantime, the sound of the taxi and then I reached the front gate and then took the entire luggage to the taxi and then my family reached there. Mummy told me to enter into the SUV first, it was the rule that the male members would be inside the SUV at the first instance and then meantime ladies members, daddy seated at the back side, mummy and sibling at the back side and then myself at the front side and then the journey began. We prayed to the Lord Jagannath and Santoshi Maa and started the journey.

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