A Smell of Wonderful Affinity

It is already a quarter past to six. She is about to reach the friendly forest. There are many tourists who are reaching there, the entire area is very crowded and plenty of vehicles making progress to the route slower and for she is trying hard to drive carefully as on both sides there are numerous vehicles roaming here and there.

The weather is getting cooler and strong winds are blowing but there is no sign of rain or sandstorm around here. These areas are mostly sandy due to the proximity of the sea, but as this area develops as a prominent tourist center, it gains attraction from investors.

For this various establishments have been in construction mode. For this, they started building tall structures and many more important avenues for revenue generations. As a result of the band that is used to be a few years back from these spots altogether.

It seems this place continues to be grabbed under sand mafia and other illegal establishments as they have been illegally taking sands from here and then transferred to a separate establishment their need.

In the mean time, she drives past the toll gate and there she submitted the money used to be given to toll gate, she looked herself into the rear view mirror to see her face as it is looking nice, then from the car drawer she brought back some of her makeup tool kit, then slower the car and park it at one side and then she looks at the window pane it was closed and then she opened the makeup tool kit and started doing some make ups to her face and hands.

Then she drank some water. By mistake, some water drops on her jersey and it became wet there. It looks uncommon there and for she brought out one paper napkin hanged at one side then wipes that out in order to dry within some moments.

Then she started the car and beginning to drive slowly and then normal speed. The rearview moves towards its destination. Then she parked the car at the parking by paying the requisite fee, then she at her jersey, it was almost dried out as she sighed a relief then she glanced at her which is slightly ironed due to driving at the different curvy roads, and for this she entered into her car, closed the doors and then she by putting the palm on the cotton of skirt to make it straight and then she slowly walked out of her car, she brought out her purse and there put the ticket and car parking tokens and slowly moved towards the sight.

On the left side, there was a colossal jungle. It was natural and there it was well barricaded and protected so that the wild animals would not be able to enter into there and for this the whole kettle of technological brilliance on display there. Pilgrims will be staying inside those barricades and will be enjoying the life of wild animals.

The barricade is going into the jungle and the entire road is covered with nice and strong barricades and that road goes towards the middle of the jungle and from two sides one can watch the life of wild animals as they cannot enter into the barricades there.

The entire area is well lighted and also the space inside of the jungle is well lighted so that one can see and enjoy their from the barricade roads easily without very various disturbances out there. She enters into the barricade and from there she slowly moves into the jungle and everywhere is well lighted out there and for there is no fear to be lost or attacked from feral animals from that vicinity.

She slowly moves deep into the jungle and stopped at one point where she seemed to have seen some crazy animals. It was lions and most probably the lion family out there, with two diminutive lion cubs are playing like anything and they are very cute and naughty as it seems there.

Their mother is sitting there watching them playing and guarding them and their father is standing at a distance probably guarding the entire area which he owns.

She stood there and she was watching closely how these two lion cubs are playing there. She was surprised at seeing them so close she was within the closely guarded wired road where the irrational animals can never ever be able to enter into her road, but she had been seeing them so closely that she could not imagine this happening there.

Suddenly, both cubs reached near the wired barricades and stopped playing and started watching her closely, perhaps they were amused at seeing her. She could not decide upon what could be the reaction at this juncture, but she was pretty sure that she was watching them nearer.

They eagerly watched her, and it seemed that they are feeling funnier in watching her. She stood there for some moment and still looking at them, as both lion cubs are watching her eagerly from there with due attention and diligence. Their mother is watching them but pretty sure that she would not be harming them as she knew the barricades out there between them.

She sat there and closely looks at them, on seeing her sat down at the other side of the barricade, the lion cubs were sitting there and they watched her closely. It felt to her that maybe there has been some previous birth relationship out there.

Within a few minutes their mother reached there and sat there to see her and after ten minutes the male lion reached and stood there, but they were not barking at her at all. She was surprised at the response of the entire lion family and could understand the reason behind this calm attitude.

Generally, lions are angry towards humans and for they tend to be aggressive, and in times when their cubs are they feel that humans tend to take them into and other bondages and for they became easily angry but here the situation is entirely different and unthinkable.

The manner in which they are behaving is completely out of the box and for the entire sphere of some wonderful feeling is there. A smell of wonderful affinity is boring out from her mind as the lion family with broad smiles is watching her so closely as if they were forever lost relatives just been happily united.

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