Holidays reminds me of happy time

On the eve of December 25, and after this day, we witness flurry of vehicles, the reason might have been due to the presence of a large number of tourists or floating populations.

The conglomeration of people around here proves the testimony of the fact that such tourists population flock together and provide the celebration of these days with utmost happiness. The lean roads of here and there provide the most difficult part of the journey and it does provide one of the most important and significant ways to provide more and more opportunities for happiness all over.

Suddenly on December 226th I witness the roads are being cleaned up over time and as the most of these roads are covered with sands due to proximity of sea and it just provides glimpses of very important personality coming to this coastal town. On the road side as well as in between roads, we witness large scale hoardings as well as presence of large number of party workers from the regional party in power reaching to this holy land.

Bleaching powders are being spreads here and there and all over the side of the roads and this means it should be looked like that of entire road is full of cleanness as well as the workers are constantly trying hard to clean up the entire place. Suddenly, there has been large number of police personnel and most of them are standing nearer to the squares, and this justifies that some important happenings are going to take place here.

In the mean time, I saw, the nearby Hanuman Temple beside the Fire Station is being cleaned up properly, and high-powered water cannons are being thrown upon on it as the result of it the muddy looking Hanuman Temple due to flying of wind storms touching it and making it looks like dirtier. Now the flow of water cannon touching it and making it looking smarter and brighter as the nice spreading of colors which probably made of distemper making it looks like one of most outstanding form of visibility from the far side.

From now, on we could witness the presence of large number of people who seemingly are tourists reaching here and there with colors and enjoying this festive occasions with great spirits and merry-making. The entire footpath is now covered with large number of people and they are willingly trying hard to buy some foods and other small sea toys. Small kids are playing with balloons and they enjoy the moments and while their parents are enjoying the climate and its cool natures.

For several days of this year, the presence of rain makes every climate in each duration cooler and that provides the real form of understanding of how these natural environments produce one of the most glorious antecedents of understanding everything spectacular out here. The presence of calm sea and from the distance it looks like one of the most outstanding serene elements makes the feeling of the place wonderful.

The entire place is full of people and suddenly this place looks like as if we are in the state of extreme happiness with festive moods.

In the mean time at the one side of these sand places of sea-beach and its shores there has been large hoardings of large-scale advertisements of regional government which just completed its 20 years of ruling and in these hoarding and advertisements we see the presence of large number of large-scale portrait of chief-minister and from the distance I could see some people with their cell-phones, standing besides those large portrait of Chief-minister, taking selfies as if they are standing beside him.

From the distance it looks like one of most serene place where people are free to do anything and they are enjoying this festive occasion with Great Spirit and enjoyment. This is the modern form of understanding of how such and such small gestures can be turning into large scale merry-making as well as enjoyment to share of social networking or keeping these in safer places for future uses.

In the mean time, I saw some temporary food vendors, are being kept on the side of foot path, so that walking in between large and comfortable foot paths should be extremely comfortable now thanks to law enforcing and law executing agencies of the land.

The most annoying presence of large number of hotels just on the side of foot path and nearer to sea-beach is slowing engulfing the beauty of the place and that makes even the people who are coming out from these hotels straight towards the road which is famously called as marine drive road.

In reality almost half of this road is being taken over by the encroachment from these hotel owners. Time and again there have been efforts to remove these encroached lands but due to presence of some influential personalities in the sphere of politics from these hotel owner associations slowly negating these decisions easily.

In the meantime the most wonderful aspect of this development is the presence of at least one police personnel in most of these main squares and that makes the entire area to be kept in terms of peace and security. The only difficulty is the presence of large number of, three wheelers which moves into the road with great-neck speed and the way these three wheelers does move in some puzzling movement and that makes movement of pedestrians difficult coupled with the presence of narrow lanes and full of vehicles and encroached by the nearby, hotels.

Nevertheless, when we do cross over to inside of city, the most of these roads are full of width, and at least on one side we could see the presence of large number of width footpath and walking in these roads becomes extremely easier and that makes the movement even in such large traffic zones, walking becomes easier and comfortable.

When we do enter into the coastal townships we do find most of these places are comfortable except the patches of places nearby to the locality of sea-shores and that makes entire movement inside the townships one of the most outstanding place to move here and there.

One should not eat the street foods as most of these are cooked by water that are mostly nearer to the dirtiest water as most of these waters are nearer to the dirty pockets of waters. Most of these waters contain high-volume of contaminated water, and that is the sole motive of high amount of water-borne disease and that could provide the most difficult part of living the life. That is why it is imminent to remove those shops or compel them to sell with good water and this should be doing greater amount of welfare of people in the larger senses.

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