Let you experience in a world truly frozen in time

While desperation to flee from the dust and chalk urban life and continuous work in the profession to get away some relief from these far away lands to stay.

Afloat to all these vibrant and hidden truth behind such incredible Himalayas to find out the more of life and its wonderful attendances to its and take the shelter there for some time to see and understand.

The perfection is there waiting for you to stay afloat and stay in between it so as to find the complete natural solace and regenerated the lost energies to make it the most vibrant and most memorable journey ever of a lifetime.

The privilege to be go nearer to the mother nature has been absolutely true to the sense and it continue to provide awesome ways to understand how could it have been the most fascinating form of attending the life where the real living of life comes to the life in these nature where in every milliseconds we do live with real life and breath that have been in realities which we do have been assigned of.

In short one should experience the thrills of trues escape to these far away land and could find the real life among everything else to live it as it is. In this solitary journey, I continue to perceive to my senses to reach out to the lands of many facets where I discover, mountains, valleys and vast stretches of wonderful places and some nice local people.

All my experiences does indicate and shows to me that entire world is simply frozen in time here and the presence of such and such vast array of experience and its ultimate destinations of reaching to the perfection comes in the way of sticking to the basics and going nearer to nature and binding entire nature to its ultimate part of exemplary presence comes with stipulated and wonderful takeaways of life and its constant experiences attached with it.

Do not plan anything while reaching to these sort of faraway land as there could not be any such takeaways from it and with due course of time you could find and understand the truest form of meaning of life where there could have been every sorts of experiences and wonders you could encounter with and find out every possible dreams of life where it comes to the mind seems to be at the tone of realities out here.

When I think of the last eight years of the life there had been so many instances of pebbles within the sands where the marble pebble seems to remember me of some of mostly acclaimed and ever green memories that never ever fades just like the full moon on the sky for entire night and also at the dawn.

While collecting the sands of life from within vast arena of life memories I do find plenty of instances of lovely places where I got the chance to travel and rumble around to see the state of wonderful attendances of life where the scenic understanding of these places are so marvelous just like the palatable ice cream.

I was privileged to travel and traverse around so many beautiful places on the earth where I could find there had been many places which are the roads less traveled and justifies the functional efficacies of life where we could find the life within the nature and nature is vibrant and dynamic all over out there.

I simply loved the snowy elements of environment look exactly the same as the basamati rice from the distance and the smell of earth and nature could be enjoyable and the breath with which we could feel the presence of nature is simply awesome.

As we simply watch and enjoy the childish movements of ours just like a child at play within his close knit relationships does indicate the point of extreme exuberance at play all over out there.

The price and the feelings of royalty just like seeing such calm surroundings all over comes to the mind at first, as it provides awesome ways to understand what it could have been as the movement of elephants from the country side jungles, the royal feelings and the carelessness with which they play at ease does indicate how such a beautiful presence of life comes to the light again and again.

It slowly moves to the stages of extreme aesthetic feelings where everything does points to the stages might have been almost similar to that of paradise. The feeling of royal ambiances and the presence of all sorts of beautiful creatures does make the entire surroundings something to cheer it for.

History beacons, presence comes into reality and the movement of ideas just indicate the point of extreme attendances where everything possible could be easily managed with where the place has sunshine and the snow and the mild mixture of both and that indicates just like the extreme balance of sandwich where the feeling of the natural environment and its absolute surroundings does provide one of most outstanding passages of life where everything can be flashed back just like the shades of four sided mirror turning into absolute realties.

Entire surroundings seems to be there at the behest of dazzling regal gallery and entire environment are just like the way the art gallery exhibition are going on and at some point of time there has been instances of presence of nicer and wider aspect of modern art and some where some forms of art which could ever be forgotten at any point of time.

The presence of such and such priceless heritage and architecture by nature makes me wonder why the humans has been trying hard to build such and such larger monuments and what should have been the need of such and such peaceful architecture when at many places nature has presented us with such tremendous level of art presence which not only won the hearts but also provide the awesome feelings of understanding it at the behest.

This is one of the most fascinating holidaying time of the year where the drive towards the great Himalayan ranges is simply fantastic with broad roads and there had been no signs of difficulties in driving into the deeper and scenic presence out there.

There has been slight phases of dust and small hamlets and the majority of downside slopes does provide glimpses of existences of civilizations out there but still I could find the most part of these journeys has been simply awesome and fantastic.

High rising steeps of this hill roads at times almost the tip of the mountain and it remembers of me of my childhood days when nearer to the nursery school there had been one small hill tops out there.

There has been numerous stories out there about the falling of chalks from its top. Some said that there were some sages who had been there on the top of it and throw the chalks from out there in order to provide blessings to the people.

But when someone reached there when he could bring about curses and for this it is not advisable to reach out there. When I and some of my school mates tried hard to ride on that small hill found that the entire path is so slippery coupled with many stones and we left within some meters of riding and when those stories of my child hood comes to my mind now while driving and moving into such stiffer ride I just smile at my past experiences.

After so many years when I could remember those instances of my nursery days, I could only smile and enjoy those moments with its fullest might and extreme exuberances to create the most passionate part of understanding the way I feel the movement and exemplary part of life is to enjoy every bit of it with its mightiest part of wondering here and there.

In the mean time, while driving through all these mountainous terrains I came across one of the most outstanding and beautiful mountain river which present and move across the roads and I have to ride through it what an awesome feeling it.

It feels to me as if I am driving the vehicle on the surface of water and that provides some of most wondrous momentary presentation of ideas to me and I could feel how it should have been as the fear of slippery the vehicle towards the left dudgeon could it have been and on the other side I could feel the presence of gravity to cross it at what ever be it might have been as I am alive and writing this article.

What a scenery it is. The crystal clear water looks so clear and lucid that even the ground button rock and its sediments are clearly visible. What an atmosphere it is and what a place, I longed to live there for the rest of my life always it had been one of the most outstanding parts of living on the turn to the nature and then live with nature.

The entire place showcase the stunning resemblances of Kashmir before 1990s, the beauty and the enchanting presence of it and coupled with it symbolizes the presence of wider aspect of understanding of how such and such wonderful presence of Switzerland country side in this part of India which amazed many but it stumbled my senses to its wider limit to present one of most outstanding form of wider acceptances of it glossy presence of beautiful surroundings.

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