To be or not to be

In a delightful evening when there is plenty of flowers swinging slowly with nice cool winds, spreading fragrance all over the arena when the harmonious lighting of decorating fascination of brilliant jeweller like syndrome all over the garden, a smile across his face comes to grip.


It is a smile after many days, as the blossoming of flowers and sparkling fragrance of garden is making his mind full of energy to attend the unattainable syndrome of achieving something bigger than anticipation.

He sat in an armchair in front of the home and looking at the flowers and trying to flash back his life with some jovial yet tragic moments which he cannot continue to hold it in some high heeled and fascinating manners.

The past has proven to be a point of contention where his parents have requested him not to run with those shreds of memories. Life has been full of surprises and his life is so full of pain and death can be even more painful. He is at the crossroads of choosing life over death.

He wants to see flowers and wants to engage with those flowers and trying to see life, smile and future from all these fascinating factors of life with lots of possible painful pondering of the entire stage of life is still continue to be counting down to the last.

He looks at the sky, that is purple painting all around, for, over many years, he continued to live in denial and trying hard to avoid light which seems to lay down the least possible anticipation of anarchy which some segment of his life littering without any such static point.

He does not want to be wishfully dynamic at any stretch of the imagination. He is holding a galaxy phone in his hand and trying hard to find the answer of this automatic diseased destroyed mind was a sad part of life is pinning permanently without any such activities and anticipation.

The purple sun:

He looks at the sky and observes the sinking sun, purple in colour and seems to be showing the light to the entire sky and it is predicted to the possibilities of a return of stars after sinking sun sinks from its seat out.

Along automatic air comes out from his lungs and looks to him where most of his limbs are not laying down there with slow and passive positivity but the mobile and agility of all sorts of life is still devoid of any sign of revival.

He wants to live as for sure the pain possibly coming out from inside is inked towards his face signs and he slowly and shuttle making his life a remarkable happening which cannot be overcome at any point of time. He opened his galaxy phone and then open its music player to hear some songs that can give proper cool and fresh mind to all these miseries.

Many have said songs are the greatest form of pleasantness and with these songs, all miseries and moods can be changed and charged with all possible part of positivity. He is desperately trying hard to take his mood towards not so troublesome ways and from where he can woo his life with a stiff and proper manner of making it most from all shreds of life without any such preponderance of the fast pace of life.

In the meantime, sinking sun vanishes from the entire sky vanity making the mockery of light as the entire sky is now total dark with some twinkling stars moving here and there as it seems to his probable eyesight is slowly fading to the failing health and they are moving from here and there without any such disturbances.

He looks at the sky and it seems to him the better place than here and he is trying hard to find a place for him inside the vast domain of universe and trying hard to go for a long distance so that no one could ever achieve even with the presence of binoculars.

He thinks why such pain and miseries at the earth side, despite systematically humans are the best possible species but still why many humans are living a life of painful participation to their long life and why they are completely ignoring their entire life with as such painful preparation, where he could not understand a single bit of story of every life which has many miseries and pains.

Why many people are either suffering because of poverty or suffering thanks to pain and past miseries. Why our head is always thinking of the past and the negatives and why after so many continuances of ignoring past still our mind continues to be there all the time thinking of past and preventing possible advent to advance to different dynamics of life with most of the time worrying factors.


He always asks these questions to himself and for many years he has multiple answers, but no time he gets and garners a correct co-regulated city where he can find the real part of probable and possible with painful answers.

It is as such one of the factors of life where there is no time for humans to think beyond life and this is giving them the most possible pain and parts of life where everyone is at the stage to be or not to be and from which arena one can find the correct part of life where nothing can be changed as everyone feels one should always be there thinking about past but there is no undo button of life to maintain and carefully observe to be and no to be syndrome.

Life is full of surprises and but no point of time one can find the real part of observation when nothing can be changed and attracted towards every possibility of life and in order to find the meaning of life slowly one becomes one such weak and tired that no one can find the complete way out and from where to continue life without observation of complete manner that sets it and make it completely apart from the degenerating thought processes which make it most of the time hilarious and unattainable towards ease of life.

He thinks of his own self and tries hard to find the real answer of his life and trying to manage all his worries to a cluster of possible vertical identity so that one thought and one pain which is associated with it can be distinguished from one another without any such disturbances and animations to life.

It is a question of living a life and trying hard to find a simple way to live. Look at animals and birds they are free and they roam here and there and trying hard to find the real part of life without any such worries and for this entire part of life is the singing bird from where everything can be completely calculated and attend able to the core part of life.

It is all about living as he knows to live a life comes with a harrowing but death is not the answer as it can be more destroyable and painful than living a life.

By Mohan Manohar Mekap

Business Blogger, Webmaster, Digital Content writer, Freelance writer, SEO specialist, android specialist, Social media writer.

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