The Kapil Sharma Show Season 02 Review

The Kapil Sharma Show in the season two is the revelation and it provides one of the outstanding comedy series and day by day it is becoming heavy popular due to revival of Kapil Sharma and the way there are over 70 episodes which provides awesome level of comedy series and this make people to wait for the Saturday Day and Sunday to watch these episodes. Sony television also shows and aired these series time and again and you can watch these series, and enjoy these series either in the television or with Sony App of android.

Kapil is outstanding in his role and provides huge form of comedy series in this series and his body language is outstanding. The character Swapna is the lose form and her role is not so good and it does not provide huge form of comic as the duration till Swapna enters into the character does not provide good amount of comedy into this series.

The same acting of Swapna aka Krishna Abhisekh, provides the same comedy such as asking for one core, massages and of this the way Swapna speaks seems like just reciting the same type of comedy again and again. One of the leading comedian in this edition of Kapil Sharma is that of Kiku in which he acts like Indian as well as that of foreigner and provides one of outstanding form of acting and one of major improvements in Kapil’s show and the way he prepares and comes into the stage is one of the major attraction of this show.

The role of Krishna Abhisekha is repetitive, and her dance is good but after seeing in all of these 70 episodes so far it provides the most repitative acting and in most case the way he speaks the words seems to be reciting the same thing again and again. He needs to improve the delivery of dialogues, and the process of the same massage information proof that it is one of the only weak part in this show.

This time the role of Bhuri is cut short but her presence in this show and the stage provides good amount of acting and this makes the entire show good and also the roles of Chandu is improving and provides one of major improvements. Chandu’s combination with its childhood friend Kapil is very nice and the expression of Chandu is outstanding and it is one of the major improvement in the show.

At last it needs to find that dialogue delivery of Swapna aka Krishna Abhisekha needs improvement. It seems he wants his time of dialogue delivery to be finished with hurry and from time to time it seems he is conscious of his roles. The time duration of Bhuri needs to be increased as she can do more than the lesser time provision for her time now. I do hope with all of these improvements The Kapil Sharma Show season 2 will improve more and more and continue to touch 100 episodes.

By Mohan Manohar Mekap

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