The First Queen Choices of BigBoss 13

Big Boss 13 is getting popular. In this edition of bigg Boss 13 we find all are the celebrities and no one is common person here . The first task treatment of the inmates. This is basically of three types one is that of hearing treatments and second one is startup skin treatment and the last one is eating treatments.

Entire inmates of the bigg Boss house has been divided into two groups and Mr Abu become the umpire. The performances of most the inmates is exceptional. The male model from Jammu and Kashmir is only worst performer in the first game show a big boss. Shefali Bagga news anchor performed excellent and see deserves the job Queen post.

To my utter surprise the winner of this task is group 2 to most of them choice the devoleena Gopi bahu giving chance shuffle clear which season making. Hindi thoughts the most difficult job is the treatment of near Aaj it is the most difficult one and in this tax from among two teams Shefali Bagga performed excellent but sadly her group mates choice for queens post is devoleena instead of Shefali.

While talking about decision on the queen”s post was the Splitsvilla winner Paras falsely said to bigg Boss that that have the candidate debolina as queen’s consensus decision while in real Shefali Bagga never ever agreed upon. For the first time who is strong candidate who are able to speak for herself this shows this strong grit and aim to win bigg Boss 13.

Siddharth Shukla trying hard to be the headmaster of the house as he has the advice for everybody but not for him continues to provide advices as he should conscious as we can derive more and more opponents in the same house and that can be difficult for him to continue free as currently has been.

In the bigg Boss house all actresses aur actors and in this house they have to perform more than acting and one should always be on their own self instead of controlling others each and every step. This time bigg Boss is probing to give going towards a successful venture within3 days more interesting events occurring this was the path to ladders of moving towards a successful season of Bigboss are waiting for us.

By Mohan Manohar Mekap

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