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Parking Problem at Salabega Lane, Puri

Few years back, Salabega Lane, Hospital Square, Puri, Odisha has been a narrow lane where there is no cement road in this by lane, and there are plenty of trees and this will make provide extremely wonderful place after 14 years where that place of Salabega Lane has become one of the most demanding places due to good cement road, and now establishment of Vishal Mega mart, the cost of that place is now on higher side.

My father’s home is just next to Vishal MegaMart, and then the next building to our home, is that of Shivananda Hospital, and then Shree Mandir Ultra Sound the next to Shivananda Hospital. Both Shivananda Hospital and Shree Mandir UltraSound adjacent to each other and both of these provide implementation, of government health schemes. Both of these hospitals , become the center of a large number of people coming from nearby villages, and most of these people reach with bicycles and three wheelers, then provide the accumulation of large number of vehicles and they obstruct the roads with these two and three wheelers.

Both of these above mentioned hospitals does not have their own parking location as for this they tend to stand their vehicles in front of ours and some of the other family houses and stopping entire route of ours houses and in this way disturbing family like us. The vehicle tend to come in numbers and due to no parking zones they tend to fillup entire route and even moving vehicle in those roads and passing into these roads becomes extremely difficult.

As far as norm of government is that no hospital can be allowed without its parking side and when we see both of these hospital at Salabega Lane, in front of Hospital Square, Puri Odisha,and the name of both Hospital is that of Shivananda Hospital and Shree Mandir Ultra Sound which both of these hospital does not have a parking place and the people who reach to these hospital park their vehicles in the front of my home and also some of other family homes and in this way the entire space is full of these vehicles and even moving in and out from home becomes difficult.