Gumrah (1963) Movie Review

Aftermath of 2019 and at the advent of 2020 I got the opportunities for moving towards Chennai for a long train Journey. I fond of train journey with train as it makes the movement train and it provides huge amount of time to relax and then write articles or seeing good movies of yesteryears. I got up to Puri-Chennai express, and then I have had plan to watch Gumrah (1963) movie.

Daddy told me that this is one such a good movie and I then started watching it and this article is all about review of this movie and I hope readers will find it helpful about it. This is one of the great movie from BR Chopra and the storyline of this movie is so simple but yetr you will be absorbed with its story-telling.

This movie was released on first January 1963 and the IMDB rating is seven out of 10. The main star cast of this movie is Ashok Kumar, Mala Sihna and Sunil Dutt. This movie is based on Ramayan ethics which we see at the beginning of this movie. This movie is about Hindu culture and how a married woman should be expected to live.

The entire story of this movie is very simple as it shows how Ashok Kumar saved his marriage from Sunil Dutt and the black mailer episode is very interesting to learn about it. The emotional sequences dealing with this movie is perfect and provides some raw and interesting facts and the tension and the indecisiveness of Mala Sihna throughout this movie is very exceptional. Ashok Kumar is a well-known barrister and he has reputation in their communities.

After sudden death of his wife and circumstances enabled to marry Mala Sihna who is sister of his first wife. Mala Sihna was in love with Sunil Dutt but circumstances compelled her to marry Ashok Kumar but love with Sunil Dutt remains. This story moves in such a direction that, Sunil Dutt tries to follow Mala Sihna and Mala Sihna also meet him from time to time and ultimately Ashok Kumar knew this but he does not show any signs of emotions so that all of these could be known at the earliest.

At the end of this movie we could see how Ashok Kumar make a trap so that ultimately Mala Sihna who seems to be moving towards Sunil Dutt continues to find it at the last moment that she could not stop all of these and ultimately she tried to kill her when Ashok Kumar told her everything and then he provides her option to go with Sunil Dutt or stay with saving her marriage. Most of these scenes are well directed and very well acted and the emotions and the ultimate confusion of Mala Sihna whether to go with Sunil Dutt or stay with her marriage and that makes entire movie worth seeing.

Ashok Kumar knew all of these but still the way he made progress in saving his marriage is outstanding. Ultimately, he employs his secretary as blackmailer and then continue to blackmail, and while facing all of these black mail she realised importance of understanding how important is the family values and in this way she realised all of these in complete detail. Entire movies gos in simplicity and from time to time we see the vonversion of these plots and nice dialogues and with some good songs from Hemanta Kumar.

It is a black and white movie with mono sound and for this at some point of times we do see that the sound becomes slower but most of times it is good and with good volume. The run time of this movie is of 155 minutes and the climax scene of this movie is worth seeing and enjoyable. The remake of this movie was Bewafai in 2005 which stars Anil Kapoor as lead cast.

This movie is based on the real-life of actress Kamini Kaushal who married her brothr-in-law after the death of her sister. Kamini Kaushall wanted to marry Dilip Kumar in real-life. Sashikala was the black mailer and secretary of Ashok Kumar and won the best supporting filmfare award. Chalo Ek bar phirse is the best sound track mysuc by Ravi and sung by Mahendra Kapoor. This movie is one of the best of BR Chopra and its copy Bewafaa which do not provide credit to the original movie flopped but Gumrah is a sweet film with good dialogues and excellent copyright.