Gradual Beginning of Kick Boxing in Odisha

In Odisha, there has been very precious try to improve kickboxing game, and the process still continues, plenty of work to be done with this sport. Kickboxing first started in Italy in the year 1985, but still to date, it is not very popular in India.

In 1993, due to the great effort from Sudhanshu Shekhar Harichandran, kickboxing came to India and it was known as Wako Kick Boxing. In the meantime, 19 years have passed and inside India, there are many kickboxing associations all around it.

Still to date this game is not popular with the likes of cricket, tennis or badminton in India.

It seems that there are plenty of works to be done in this regard, It is also true that the game does not become popular in one day, when we think of cricket, we recall international players like Gavaskar, Tendulkar, Kapil, Shewag and so on and with these names we tend to identify ourselves so much and then the game become popular.

Then, the audience came to the stadium to watch their heroes succeed in matches, these are some of the awesome feelings.

When these heroes perform, the audience came to watch in their eyes, as they do not believe to see it on television as they watch the innings so that their heroes should perform and also in this manner their performances should emulate and they think that by following their career they did immense work of knowing a player.

All these are part of celebrations when a player function and it is being watched by millions of fans among chanting and shouting of names and this always makes the most fashionable journey of sort of the player. All these should have some of the most promising and wonderful aspects of the gameplay and captaincy.

Like we said Dhoni’s ultra-powered helicopter shot just makes the playing games a wonderful playing field and fans just poured in to watch that excellent match. Similar, currently there is no game idols for kickboxing and that is why audience could not recognize this sport within themselves.

If one of their players is playing at international circuit then for sure audiences should see that and witness excellent work of their favorite countrymen and that is why this game is not been so popular but with times it could be more and more popular, as it has all forms of entertainment and other factors that could raise the game above wonderful level.

So, time is to search for an international start from India and that should make this game more and more interesting. It is for sure, the game of kickboxing has been waiting for these classes of starts to evolve from ground levels to attend maximum.

Kickboxing is still waiting for that day so that the game should be popular and darling of people’s eyes. In the recent times, first Wako Asian Kick Boxing championship a new talent brightens all eyes. He was Amitanshun, 14 years old, he participated in 79-kilo semi contact event.

He participated and he was from the eastern state of this country, from Odisha, and he defeated strong contender like that of Kazakhstan and Iran and he defeated all to win gold in that event.

It was a stupendous event but sadly not been highlighted by electronic media, I should thank Dharitri Odia daily to highlight and wrote one wonderful article on this talent and that gave us real proud feeling.

Prior to this event, he contested Cadet Kick Boxing Championship, at aerobics with step event and he won silver in that event, a real world class championship to win this medal.

Amitanshu started playing kickboxing from age of eight, now he is studying at standard ten, and within these short span of his career, he had won 14 gold medals in both national and international tournaments.

Amitanshun nature is very cool, his father also involved within kickboxing games, his father is working with Nalco and his father is treasurer of Anugul Kick Boxing Association. His inspiration is his father and for this reason, he started playing the game of kickboxing from the age of eight.

Later on, he got his coaching from the international famed player and now coach Kartik and Krishna Chandra and then he improved his performance to top-notch parameters.

With excellent coaching and Amitanshu’s excellent concentration and dedication that give rich benefits and his performances and medals are some of the real inspirations that can make this young kickboxing player to a top-notch level in future.

His first significant participation event was on the year 2008 January third, there he participated 21st national kickboxing championship, in this event he showed his aggressive gameplay, and he participated in musical form event and won the gold medal there.

Then, he participated in the Indian Open kickboxing championship and won a gold and silver there and performs magnificently. In the next year, he won two gold medals in national kickboxing championship, in the next event he participated is second eastern kickboxing championship.

He won one gold and silver there, then in the fourth edition of eastern kickboxing championship he had won two gold medal there, and he had won and performed excellently in all kickboxing championships.

He also very much attached to his studies as well as kickboxing game, as he knows education can make him more intelligent and with time it should give him immense benefits to perform further. If this sport is encouraged through schooling levels in this state, then, in the long run, this should give richer benefits to this game.

With scholarships and other add-ons for this game, the player should perform better with time, as this game has future, and it is only the interests among many kids that should forward this game further.

It is true that this game is slowly becoming more and more popular. Now kickboxing has been included in Odisha Olympics associations, but it is true that it is very difficult to get the sponsor for this game and it is high time sponsors should invest in this game.

It could give them rich benefits for the future and for this they should concentrate and make interest in this game as the long-term investment as slowly this game is fast becoming more and more popular.

It is the high time people should observe and follow this game with more and more interest so that this game can have more and more potential to be a game like to the stature of tennis in future.

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