Absurd concentration by sage Yuvkrit

In the ancient times, there have been many instances of how great sages due to the presence of their large amount of concentration towards Almighty for continuously for many years have been able to achieve the inevitable ultimately making empowered with many such powerful powers for the ultimate attainment of the greatest form of achieving.

This writes up is of such presentation and attainment of ideas. In ancient time, there was a sage namely Yuvkrit, who expertise in Vedic rituals and gain the high amount of knowledge about it and

continue to gain the superior bit of attainment of knowledge in order to reach towards the ultimate attainment. He continues his prolonged concentration on these subjects and slowly the heat of this felt by Lord Indra. He reached to sage and asked him what is the reason behind this heavy concentration of this.

He asked one blessing from Lord Indra. He asked him to provide the blessings of reaching to the highest pitch of concentrations without any master. So that he should achieve this excellence. Lord Indra said dear sage you are moving towards the opposite direction.

You should stop this concentration right now and should go towards any master to understand each and every Vedic rituals in correct perspective and this is the norm that has gone on for years and to is continued for years. Dear sage, please stop this continuous concentration and move towards any master to hear about Vedic chants and understands it so as to learn it from him.

After saying all these to sage, Lord Indra disappeared from that place. Sage does not provide important in the words of Lord Indra and continue in his deep and high concentration to receive blessings from the Lord.

Lord Indra has to come back again to that place and dear sage what you are currently doing the concentration of is extremely difficult to attain. It is almost impossible to achieve this. You are Brahmin but still, without education, you cannot reach this greatest attainment of Vedic knowledge. You should reach to Vedic master to find out more about it.

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It is not ethical to go towards this way to reach to the perfection of learning Vedic knowledge. But the sage does not listen to the words of Lord Indra and he continues his endeavour to reach towards, learning Vedic knowledge with blessings of the Lord to reach towards learning of pieces of knowledge.

He continues his concentration to reach the highest level of blessings. Now, he decides to sacrifice his different limbs with the largest form of concentration.

Now, Lord Indra decides to create a plan so as to stop him from getting these incredible blessings which he is currently planning of. Sage was in concentration nearby the Ganges. Lord Indra took the appearance of an aged person and appeared at the same place where the sage was in concentration.

Lord Indra changed his appearance as the old Brahmin and reached to that place. The old Brahmin was doing some peculiar work out there. What he was doing surprises, Lord Indra, out there. He was taking out the sands with both of his hands and continues to throw to the Ganges.

It was really a strange situation which the sage who was in the deepest form of concentration out there. He was taking stands with both of his hands and putting into the water gateways of flowing Ganges. It was one of the most curiously work performed by the old Brahmin at the riverbed of the Ganges.

He continues his concentration on this peculiar work performed by the sage at the river bed for sometime and trying to understand what he was actually doing out there and continues to understand what could be the real reason behind this.

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After watching for some moments he failed to understand the real motive behind this and could understand the real motive behind this. Now, he decides to ask the question to the Brahmin. He asked dear Brahmin what are because you doing here.

In this time, why you were doing this absurd practice of continuing with this form of absurd practice to throw water into the river.

Ultimately this is doing not going to dry the river or the sands at the river bed is not going to be dry out here. Brahmin replied swiftly, that dear sage, I have seen for years that many people are finding it great difficulties to cross the Ganges, and I have from my experience able to observe this problem for years.

Till to date, I have not found the real reason behind this and now I am trying hard to create one bridge with the help of these sands so as to create one passage across the river and help people to reach the other side easily. Sage surprised with the answer from the Brahmin.

He asks dear brahmin how can you construct and build bridges with the help of these small amounts of sands throw one at a time. He said dear Brahmin, your idea of this is of the highest respect but these are absurd to the meanings of it as in nowhere and in case you would not be able to construct the bridge with it.

This is the worst form of effort and you should not be doing this. Your thoughts are of the highest quality but the way you are trying to achieve this is not going to achieve this. Dear brahmin please do not continue to do this. It is not suitable for your age as well as not suitable as it is not going to reap you rich dividends of it. He added to the Brahmin with requested voices to stop doing this.

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The old Brahmin then replied, then dear sage, you are also trying hard to learn the practices and chants of Vedic rituals without learning from master, it that is not so absurd part of understanding, then how come to my process of creating the bridge with the help of these manual collections of sands, also has the importance vitality.

I also try to achieve with the similar feat which you are trying hard to achieve as both of these practices though have different goals but do have similar aim to reach it. If with the highest form of concentration you are trying to achieve this then so do I also hope to achieve this with the help of similar forms of attainment.

Now, sage able to understand who is the old Brahmin is. He told if you are attempting to achieve this, with the help of this, then so as I can do this with the help of it as you are trying to achieve the inevitable so as me trying to do this.

Now, the sage understands who the old Brahmin is and he now understands what he is trying to achieve. Now, he understands what wrong he is trying to commit to. Without a master, one cannot learn with absolute authority about different Vedic rituals and practices.

Now, the thinking of reaching to achieve this without the help of sages slowly disappeared from his mind and he stopped the concentration and move towards the forms of reaching to the master to understand the practice of learning of Vedic rituals.


[1] The Sage And The Old Brahmin Mystery

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