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It was a perfect morning. I waited for this day for quite some time and for the last few days the weather was better than what it was to be expected during summer times. One thing that keeps me holding and I was in doubt for so many days it is all about conjunctivitis problem which I was feeling of late on one of my eye and that makes me doubtful to attain the pahandi rituals of the bathing festival of Lord Jagannath.

Puri is one of the most sacred places of the earth for Hindus devotees and devotees flock in so many large numbers, here that during
the beginning of car festival such as bathing festival which we are talking about currently it is almost difficult for the administrator to manage such huge crowds who used to flock into this coastal town in large numbers.

Climate-wise generally the time in and around bathing festival should have been warmer with plenty of precipitations but surprisingly this tie weather is nice enough to sustain the rituals of pahandi which usually being performed by so many priests of Lord by creating one of stronger associations with one another while performing these rituals.

One has to move beyond the sanctum sanctorium of the main temple of Lord Jagannath and this is the most laborious task that needs to be done with complete precision and Lord has to be carried out by priests out from sanctum sanctorium through twenty twelve steps which are considered as holiest steps and then to the outside where three bigger chariots waiting for Lords to move out and travel all across entire grand road.

Three big chariots of Lord Jagannath and his elder brother and his younger sister to be travelled all along entire straighter routes of the grand road through the process of Saradha Bali which is also known as sands of blessings and then reach to Gundicha temple and stays there for some days before coming back to the main temple again.

These rituals have been performed since time immemorial and it is considered that the then king of Puri shredded his power of kinghood to Lord Jagannath and he also become one of the same sort of subject to Him just like other people around his kingdom and this has the by far single most influence in every people dwelling there and this makes them more religious and engaging with Lord and being protected and ruled over by Lord makes them equally powerful and all entirely the mass feelings of religious fervour exists everywhere.

It is also true that nowhere In the world you would find such forms of administration ever and this of and importance of the king of Puri even today’s due to some of important function and rituals he has to perform during the month-long car festival. It is among the most awesome presence of times due to the advent of such festive occasions one can find the presence and maintenance of perfections of religious connotations everywhere in and around Puri.

The author is being belonged to inner Brahman sevayat of Lord Jagannath it is always been anticipations as well as important ambition for him to enter into these rituals which are considered as annual even though staying at far away places due to some professional commitments. The problem with the advent of conjunctivitis which not only prevents the author from doing this ritual and attends the ritual of pahandi which is very much liable by the author and one of the most outstanding performance orientations for him.

Conjunctivitis is also one of the most difficult eye diseases as there are no shortcut ways to heal it out as you have to feel the pain of it as well as you have to stay away from people as it might catch them as well and for this doing such mass rituals with collaborations of so many such fellow priests which with the power of unison comes to the ultimate power of taking lord from sanctum sanctorium toward the sides of Ananda Bazar and on the way of twenty two steps towards moving out of main temple to the principal entrance which is called as Lion’s gate and then towards three standing chariots which have been coloured with so many of cottons and all these have so many traditions attached with it so as to present the world His ultimate attendance of reaching to outside so as to enable all to have such a glimpse of his outstanding presence all over there.

It was an awesome moment coupled with the presence of such world of ambiences where one could find the presence of such a world of divinity out here with difficult time but still one can perform the tasks of Pahandi with equal ease and smoother flow of strong association and affiities among one another of all such priests who has been presence there and with equal cooridnations doing the at of pahandi with great zeal and much needed anticipations.

That hurts me the most as I was waiting for this time for one year but still at the end of such moments the presence of eye infections hurts me the most and this has make me feeling more stress as definitely reaching out to the rituals phandi feeling me more difficult as I was almost decided not to reach there but something somewhere the interventions of divine presence happens. I was pretty much sure that, s time I could not attend the holy pahandi of Lord Jagannath’s bathing festival this time.

Was feeling sadness and always was in the times of stress owing to this and this has made me feeling difficult and also I was not feeling so sure this time. Then, I asked daddy about whether to join the holy phandi rituals this time or not but daddy said that I should refrain from attending this time as there might have been so many fellow priests out there and all has been doing the rituals of pahandi simultaneously and that means that most of these priests standing one by another should be taking Lord towards the grand road through lion’s gate.

Daddy advised me not ot attain the pahandi ritual this time and after this, I concentrate more on doing my core works such as writing blogging and working with my professional commitments.

On the day of the holy bathing festival of lord Jagannath, in the morning at 4 am, I decided to move along the way for jogging times and this has enabled me to go for jogging instead of attending the rituals of the holy bathing festival of the Lord.

I reached home at 6 am and while washing my face on the mirror I watched my standard of eye infections towards watching at mirror and find that the form of infections is qualitatively on the lower side and it is not so visible out there and this has been the most happiest moment and then I asked daddy whether I should be reaching to temple and daddy after watching condition of my both of mine eyes happily said to me as you wish and this is the permission which I sought to be and now after getting this.

I am now ready to go to attend and perform rituals related with the bathing festival and in every sense, I was still amused to understand how speedily both of mine left eye infection healed completely and this is an awesome moment for me powered by divine intervention to make me feel nice and well hearted.

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