Ethical Freedom Fighter

Person’s identity can only be determined through his acts of omissions and commissions. There have always been two sides of same coin and person has to choose between two and most of the times one is clouded with ethical propositions and the other is mixed with different unethical ways which are most of the times easier to cross upon but that is not going to make some very important considerations to cross all meaningful barriers of life.

In life, there has always been one person is questioned with right and wrong and most times right are always deepened with deep crisis and there one has to find it with utmost corrections. On the correct path, there have always been difficulties and one needs to find it irrespective of any such bad demeanour.

In this ethical story, we will learn about deeper ethics of life and why every person should go with this as this can make a person man and in this way, all good things of life can have positive influences upon the human mind.

This is for me to be the most deepened understanding of life as most philosophers tend to understand and analyze life as the process to estimate every action with due considerations of possibilities and that can have utmost importance attached with life.

Each hour of life gives spreading attention to learning and motivate others and this storyline depicts such an act. This story begins during pre-independence days of India where we have seen India is being governed by the British and constant fight with Britain from different domains and different segment of people.

These are extremist’s people of Bengal during pre-independence days where they believe strongly on defeating foreign rules through the process of force and for this they have been engaged with distinct domains of people at grassroots to encourage their fight against strong and mighty British rules.

In such an organization, there was Rama Prasad who was uniting strong people who want to fight Britain with mighty as they believe might be right. In their organization, Chandra Sekhara Azad, also joined and he was a warier and determined to free his motherland from the clutches of foreign invasion.

He was a patriot and full of honourable understanding of life. In order to support their fight with British, warriors including Azad reached in Pratapgarh a village where they wish to accumulate funds in order to run their fight with British rule.

There was an ill landlord at Pratapgarh and they aim to take away his money in order to fund their fight against Britain. People of that region are also constantly complaining about him and want to get free from the clutches of that landlord.

The aim of freedom fighters was to collect money from a landlord who has been accumulating these resources for hard earned money of the poor and exploitation of them by their extreme poverty conditions.

These freedom fighters never ever lost the money from the poor and downtrodden as well as people who run their own life in ethical ways of obeying all principles of ethical understandings. Azad and his group went near to landlord’s house at Pratapgarh and they attack his big bungalow there and then suddenly.

Azad comes to know that there were many women inside that house. From a distance, it had been understood that those ladies are courageous and probably warriors and they would withstand from the attacks of freedom fighters.

When those revolutionaries wanted to take back money from the landlord, those ladies come in front of them as their defence and try hard to stop those freedom fighters from invading that place. This generates a real fight between two sides and that creates immediate fight files there. During these fights between them, one lady comes forward and takes away the revolver from Azad and gets away his revolver from him.

Then, Azad kindly requested, her to return back the revolver to ladies with the kind voice, as he meant his revolver not to use against his fellow Indians but to use against those British who have been exploitation Indians and want to control India in order to get supremacy over them.

In the meantime, many villagers loaded with many weapons, arms and ammunitions attacked with fierce to revolutionaries inside the domain of landlord and the fierce fight between those two groups began immediately.

Only Azad stayed there and fight them with courage, but his fellow revolutionaries left from that place immediately without giving a strong fight to these villagers who are backed by the landlord there.

In the meantime had a group of revolutionaries to Ramaprasad, fires two bullets in the air in order to terrify villagers who are armed with traditional weapons. Then, all of the revolutionaries, except Azad left that place immediately after that as villagers became terrifying with the shots of bullets.

Then, all these revolutionaries left the place with their head by Ramaprasad and then they gathered at a solitary place where they have prior decided to reach that place. They came to know that from among them one person is missing and he was Azad.

Now, they decided to return back to that place as they anticipated that probably. Azad was being taken hostage by villagers at Pratapgarh. In the meantime, during that moment, Azad return back and reached that solitary place.

One fellow revolutionary at that time asked Azad in a sarcastic manner you should have put in force and take back your revolver from that lady who had taken back your revolver, instead of asking her to back the revolver.

Azad replied back it was unethical to apply pressure on the lady and for this, he did not apply it in that instance. It goes on to show in times of the opposite situation when a person goes in virtuous ways and apply different ethical principles which would make this world a lively and nice place to live in.

With the application of such virtuous principle, that person would still stand with his might and did not fall upon certain parochial thoughts which seemed to be different standings at different point of time. It provides self-strength to that person to save himself from different dangerous situations with the inward might of resolving all sorts of critical situations with complete ease of mind and heart.

That is why in ancient scripts it had been decided that those persons who run with ethical principles and are custodians of ethics and they are always been protected y religions moral values in whatever the problem of life they face and encounters.

Acts of Azad to justify the height of morality that he performs beyond any such imaginative limits and those persons are always been saved by the Almighty in whatever situations and environments.

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