Do you believe that Universe is controlled by any kind of mysterious force?

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Towards the end of Lord Sri Rama’s regime, Sri Hanuman was advised by Him to stay in deep meditation until he was called for services in the next age known as Dwapar Yuga. Sri Hanuman was immersed in dhyana-yoga in Padmadri Hill.


  • Sri Hanuman then asked how he would see during his dhaynayoga at the time of changing of Tretaya Yuga to Dwapar Yuga?
  • Then Lord Sri Rama answered that he would see Him during each and every seconds of his deep meditation in the form of Lord Sri Neelamadhab.
  • Lord Sri Hanuman’s is the everlasting bliss and equidisposed towards Lord Sri Ram.
  • Thus they have attained victorious over the world during their lifetime.
  • That is why Lord Sri Hanuman able to conquer ages and able to stay during the changing of Yugas or ages.

The perfect state of perpetual perseverance:

  • Almighty or Paramatma is flawless and equidisposed.
  • So as Lord always wish their devotees to follow His faith being whatever the circumstances and situations might have been.
  • Always showed their conscience towards Almighty.
  • In this way, the most revered devotee of Lord Almighty experiences the perfect state of absolute ecstasy and unalloyed purity.
  • Perpetual perseverance leads to achieve divine grace and bliss to reach nearer to Almighty.
  • Achieve perfect meditation as the result of it.
  • In this way, one can stay in an isolated place where the only devotion and perfect state of mind come in the form of staying closer to the Lord.
  • Thus attaining perpetual perseverance.
  • It creates an undisturbed faith towards the Lord through an absolute removal of materialistic aspirations.
  • Lord Rama advised Sri Hanumanji to stay in the hill of Padmadri is to secure his meditation in completing the process to attain perpetual perseverance.
  • While attaining it he has the undisturbed faith towards the Lord in his mightiest faith.
  • In this process when Lord knows about his dearest devotees he continues to help them.
  • He makes the environment close to isolation for their deep meditation.
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Divine Wisdom:

  • In order to attain unalloyed bliss where there is every chance of distractions while reaching towards the goal of the mysterious controller.
  • It demands meticulous devotions and complete isolations from the infatuation of the body.
  • In order to attain the perfect state of perpetual perseverance.
  • One need not try this meditation while thinking about anything that sort of goal.
  • As it is as one should try to attain perpetual perseverance through the state of nothing and wanting nothing from Lord.
  • Slowly, Lord Almighty bestows this spiritual wisdom by virtue of your strength, wisdom and your state of reaching to Lord.
  • One should always remember and should realise that only due to the bliss of Almighty one can easily move towards the path of absolute freedom and divine wisdom.
  • When one reaches the stage where he would think that there is no friend and no enemy all over the world.
  • His only saviour is Almighty then the process of absolute wisdom and divine wisdom begins with the grace and bliss of Almighty.

Complete surrender to Almighty is the mightiest gesture:

  • Complete surrender to Him to be driven by his wishes and blisses which always lead to attaining to the state of absolute divine wisdom.
  • Lord Jagannath in KalYug remains detached from the ill effect and thus provides incompatible effulgence to save the humanity from confusions arising out of Kal Yuga.
  • Almighty’s name is like the best medicine for devotees as by hearing his name they would be getting free from the cycle of birth and deaths.
  • The body of Lord is just like blue Lotus which surpassed all the other beauties of the world and universe.
  • During the end of Dwapar Yuga when Lord ShriKrishna told Jara Sabar, to reach out to Brahmadri and reach to Tiger Cave.
  • Where it was guarded by Tiger who safeguards Lord Madhab out there and worship there.
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The process of salvation:

  • What it concludes is that mysterious controller of Universe through outages guided humanity and bestows the belief of lords upon them.
  • Even in the times of Kal Yuga, there are instances of self-restraint, surrender, self-knowledge, purity to find out divine bliss and divine knowledge.
  • We learn from divine pieces of literature that the only way to get salvation is through the following the footsteps of Almighty.
  • There are places and conveniences where we can achieve this irrespective of Yugas or ages we live here in.
  • When devotees stage at the meditation stage when whatever happens to them nothing matters only the presence of the Lord in their senses.
  • That makes hem feel reaching towards absolute salvation.
  • The devotion of devotees such that one should not forget the presence of Lord even in painful times of death.
  • It is the complete confidence in Him that even in turbulent times the belief with Almighty stays stronger and mightier.

The divine is present everywhere but there are certain fully sacred places where the presence of the divine is being sensed and followed:

  • What we ought to believe is that Mysterious Controller of the Universe is ours real friend, guide and by following him blindly we could remove all traces of impurities and sins.
  • When we try to find pieces of peace the real peace laid on lotus feet of Lord NeelaMadhab or Lord Jagannath.
  • Through his grace and bliss, we could get complete salvation from this moral world.
  • Everywhere you go try to find out the appearance of Almighty and ultimate you would find and Lord will guide you the ways and means to attain salvation.
  • The divine is present everywhere but there are certain fully sacred places where the presence of the divine is being sensed and followed.
  • The Divine play of Lords is performed there.
  • Lord has always been there to save the poor and the downtrodden from the clutches of difficulties.
  • His footprints and presence clears the way for difficulties for devotees and creates similar attainment for them to live in this mortal world peacefully.
  • When devotees remove all such instances of anger, greed and sense-linked desires ultimately they find the perfect place to live here with without any such difficulties.
  • What all of these means that since the time immemorial the mysterious controller of the universe is constantly guiding out to devotees.
  • To stay in the perfect world without any such earthly desires.
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  • What it means that we do get salvation by attaining to divine grace alone.
  • The mysterious controller of the universe is constantly guiding us in this regard to attain this without any obstructions and hindrances.
  • When devotees perform complete surrender to Almighty, whether you are placed in heaven or in earth or in hell, He will manage it.
  • In this way, the complete path for attaining salvation comes to devotees.
  • In any circumstances be it in the state of happiness or it in the state of absolute abject poverty devotee should not forget Almighty.
  • As Almighty continues to be the saviour of devotees irrespective of ages, times, situations.


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