Ganesh Chaturthi in Puri

Recently, Lord Gannesh Puja being celebrated with much needed pump and galore all over Odisha. Recently, in Puri town also we can see this celebration in great glamour and does provide adequate amount of interest within population of Puri town. Recently, I travelled across in and around different areas of Puri town to find out what has been changes or additions after the onset of Fani cyclone which rocks each and every nuke and corner of Puri.

Fani cyclone breaks important structures of Puri and after three to four months Gannesh Puja came. This time, there are several changes to Puri town. This time the several time legislative assemblies MLA Maheswar Mohanty surprisingly lost this time to Puri head of corporate. This is one of the unexpected win and it is expected that with this people of Puri town, perhaps wants to have change and that is one of the indication of the way Puri will be going to change.

This time I noticed that the Gannesh idol, that is nearer to Puri sea-beach police station nearer to Acharya Harihar square, this time the size of Gannesh idol is lesser in height. After Fani I find that the height of Gannesh statue is lesser in height. The Gannesh statue nearer to Badashankh this time is bigger in height and the front design is exceptionally beautiful to look at it and the way that provides wonderful delight to see this wonderful exceptional designing.

Then, one statue nearer to my home is of the same size, and this time they do it at the last moment, as it is the same size and this time there is no people staying there, only idols is there. Sometimes, the nearby people stay inside the idol nearby by home and when I go outside from home and from outside I used to pray to Lord and it provides extremely wonderful delight when seeing Gannesh idol there.

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Then, I moved in front towards nearer to Big Bazar and in front of it there is big Gannesh idol and it is of red color and wonderful and vivid and colorful idol and sad to see there is no one there but due to prime sun ray some people reach inside nearer in order to avoid sun burn and they removed both of their shoes, and stayed inside of it and this Gannesh idol is wonderful and red in color and that provides one of the most outstanding, place to live in.

Then, nearer to square just before Big Bazar, one of the biggest idol of Lord Ganesha I found at the entrance big statue of Lord Shiva and then inside the design I found that one of the biggest statue of Lord Gannesha with multiple hands provides one of the most outstanding Gannesh idol.

Last not the least I while returning back from morning walk through hera gouri sahi and at the square I see one of the wonderful idol of Lord Gannesha, with five face and five hands and one of the most outstanding panch vinayak and I moved always through this route but this time I found it one of the most memorable place which is full of devotional and spiritual experiences.

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