Mekap Nijog Meeting ମେକାପ ନିଯୋଗ ବୈଠକ

It was an evening that to be remembered for many days. After my sister’s marriage, I went to her in-laws home and stayed for a few hours. It was one of the most exciting and anticipating stay of my life there. It was planned suddenly as I reached home for some urgent work. It was the annual meeting and Daddy telephoned to me.

I reached two hours before the scheduled meeting and then at seven in the evening, both I and daddy went to the temple to attend Nijog. At the first instance, there is a doubt on the location of the place and for this, we reached near the log house and they asked a few persons about the location of Nijog. In the meantime, daddy telephoned one of the prominent workers of Nijog and he told that it was at the southern gate where there are two horses and opposite to Gaurang temple Nijog is situated.

We reached temple and then the location of Gaurang temple is known to daddy and there is nothing worry about it and then the location of Nijog needs to be searched for and it should be at the opposite side of Gaurang temple, and it has been found and it is at that place and then we seat at the nearby steps there to wait for other members to reach there so that the entire proceedings of meeting will soon start.

Prior to this, we have deposited our shoes at the shoe stand as no shoes are allowed inside temples. We received tickets and then keep it in a safe place inside pocket and then went into the temple for Nijog meeting. Daddy glanced at some other place and able to realize some additional members are reaching there, and beat at the ground there and in seeing this both me and daddy climbed down the stairs to reach them.

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There was a complete silence after seeing us as we are new members of this community as daddy had to be in service for more than 39 years and completely detached from the community. Due to work he has to stay away from the community and for this he is trying his best to be included in it and after almost one year of the process finally he would be included in the community and so is me his son. It was one of the most anticipated moments for both me and my father to be included to worship Lord juggernaut.

We reached at the first floor there and all the members reached their one after another within a few minutes the small yet good located Nijog meeting hall would be filled with countless people and meeting started and at the start of the meeting. In the meeting secretary and treasurers are there and annual expenditures were discussed in detail there and questions and cross questions have been put together towards each other within few times and at one point of time the secretary accuses treasure of looting some huge money and thus started the acrimonious decisions making.

Then, after few minutes of discussion now it is time for the applicants and it is to be discussed and finalized at the meeting about allowing of pali of Lord Juggernaut and Big Lord and their sister and Big temple in this beach town of the eastern coastal district. It is a win for us and this gives the real impetus for daddy and me to reach the present situation.

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It is like a dream come to be truthfulness after a prolonged one year of continuous perseverance and other forms of trying hard able to reach to a conclusion and finally, after the car festival is over one day, the sadhi bandana, vowing for seven of Lord is to be started soon.

It is a fantastic achievement to be included inside society after being stayed outside for long years seems to be one of the most spectacular achievements that is ever been there. It is a dream to come true. Having born in the family of priest of Lord Juggernaut and also with due course of time with the advent of reading and other forms of situation one has to find the real peace at the hands of Lord Juggernaut, it is one such feeling that one can hardly think of at any point of time.

The secretary of Nijog signed into the document, with two separate pages with daddy’s and mine name is written there, and then it is to be sent to temple office, prior to this all the formalities of clearances from various authorities are being taken and preserved there. It was an admirable anticipated moment with each passing day the significance of life and its related prospects for better future prospects has been in anticipation here.

This news has been spread across communities all across the boards and there has been a strong discussion among communities in this matter and happiness spread all over throughout entire communities. This is one of the most revered victories for all of us and with due course of time the matter is very close to the heart and is like reaching for dreams that have been just reached the beginning.

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