Luminous Dots

The path which leads to one of the most solitary places of earth can ever be thought of. The road is straight and full of trees on both sides of it. The entire area was full of trees, birds and other living being but without any signs of human presence so far.

The locals intimated to me that this would be a long journey and there would not be any signs of human settlement on the road ahead. Those people whom I met last had been telling the truth.

Everywhere I did look to find the signs of the presence of a large number of natural environments and most of these trees which I could find here had not been seen by me in my entire life.

The road that which I was driving seems to white in colour and that amazed me to my utter disdain in the true sense and I continue not to find the perfect answer to it.

The road should have been black in colour and it is the standard due to the addition of the materials and its colour appearances out of it. It is one of the most surprising aspects of environmental presentations which I could not comprehend to understand so I stopped the vehicle and then got out of it.

I stood at the side of the road in order to have a clear view of roads from both the sides. Everywhere I could see and watch the road out from there it is the cream white road and the sunshine was not there at all.

To my utter surprise I could not find any trace of sun out there but still, the lighting part is good and the weather is nice and bearable cold and there is no such luminosity but still lighting there everywhere.

It was already four pm of the afternoon but still no sun as I looked at the sky to find the where the sun was but failed to find it at all. I gazed here and there for some moments and then decide to roam around there for a few minutes.

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As for the last 15 hours continuous driving which leads to some sort of ache in my legs and some part of hands. I moved here and there to find out what could be the reason for not finding a single vehicle and pedestrian out there.

I looked everywhere, and as far as my sight goes it had been trees everywhere and nowhere I could find any signs of humans and even the road was long and deep but still there was no vehicle so far.

Most of trees I could watch out from there seemed to be of different kinds, s I had never seen such and such trees and the entire place seemed to be showing some kind of different presence as the more I dwell into it the more and more presence of such astonishing presentation of ideas I could find herewith.

It was one of the most vividly and poetic moments of knowing our planet more as the more you involve with it more and more wonderful presence of such and such astonishing facts comes ahead of you.

I decided to return back to the vehicle and then drove it again. I switched on FM stations but sadly nothing signal out there and even of mobiles the towers were not simply visible and that created the most interrupted connectivity.

In the road where there were no signs of any such presence of vehicle as well as the humans and now the connectivity to the world simply cut off completely.

It was so boring as if I was the king of the road here but still, there were no signs of any personal presence as my subject. I was the only human in my kingdom.

I roared there and waiting to be anyone reciprocates it but sadly no one was there and the sound also could not resound from out there as there was no presence of any of the mountains out there.

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The birds that had been flying out from branches of trees and jumping from one branch to the other without anyone fear and most of these colours of birds were of different and had never seen them as before and it was almost fascinating to watch them out there.

I was waiting for the night to reach as how could such fascinating lighting to be out there without the presence of the sun and I was eager to know or if the sun was there when I was wishing to watch the sunset out there.

I was driving relentlessly as there were no signs of the presence of any traffic as well as there were no signs of movement of any creatures in front of the white road ahead.

Due to the presence of brighter lights out there and the white road the road ahead seemed to present the signs of one of paradise presence here as most of the times the movement out there provided with some of the most fascinating ideas dealing with the real ideas to find out what constitutes the best for in that moments.

The revolving of the brighter lights inconsonant with the presence of white road did provide one of the most anticipated presentations of some of the hazy visions which not only beautiful to find but also one of the most fascinating ideas to come to real terms.

I could not find it any better so that ultimately the ideas and the movements of thoughts in these regions seemed to be at the state of pale nesses as everywhere I could find the presence of perfection and no where nothing to think for and could find any such deviation attendances to further think of any such derivatives out of it.

The road ahead was so brighter than ever before and it continues to provide more and more luminous presence out there and for sometimes even looking beyond these luminous dots was so much of disturbing and damaging in normal times.

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In those times it could provide real-time visions and its management to see everything in complete detail did provide the most wonderful aspect of understanding the beauty of nature or the most powerful and impressive presence of nature out there.

The effects of luminosity were so huge that at times I could close my eyes and even closing eyes I could see the entire road and that made me feel comfortable with it.

More I drove towards ahead of the road I continue to find more and more increase of luminosity and the presence of such brighter side could not be at all tolerable with my eyes open but surprisingly.

When I closed my eyes, I could see everything and able to drove the vehicle further with it. How could it be, and how could I see everything with my eyes closed and even drive without any difficulties.

But I felt that closing eyes felt me better that opening eyes and moving with it. I prefer to close eyes as with it I could see that other vehicles were moving on that road and now the same road looked the normal pitched black colour.

There had been humans who were walking and driving on that road and that was so surprising but I prefer to close my eyes for longer durations so that I could see signs of humans out there as it made me feel comfortable even during this longer and solitary journey.

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