Oh, what a climate indeed, after so many days of hot summer, finally a day has arrived where it is cool winds and plenty of moving clouds on the sky. What a pity, life requires coolness but we are living in an area where summer is extreme and painful.

Really, one cannot even think of going out in this midst of scorching sun from eleven to three pm as it is making entire atmosphere supreme disliking of entering streams into self-conscious mind.

Some flow of philosophical thoughts migrates into my mind due to the advent of coolness in the form of sweet wind and it drops body temperature further and steams out precipitation in order to make sense of living in this hot wind easier.

Today is Sunday and the next day is also the holiday and for this I decided to take a long drive along the coast of seeing into marine drives by enjoying the waves of sea in the left side which can give the feeling of a bed of silver after sunshine touch the water and reflects back into the atmosphere.

What a joy to look at and I also have taken my Windows mobile to have pretty of screen capture and also in between I can take these moments with me forever. No one knows how many days one will survive in this mortal world and in order to enjoy the seconds that have been with us forever is always glad to see and find the effects of life within all these happenings.

I have taken plenty of music with me in order to have a complete depth of relaxing while driving and I booked holiday home for one day so that after long drive a decent sleep and waking up in morning and left back to native place is a must and for this everything is done in advance and meticulous planning in going for travelling is to be done at the fullest.

I love driving in these marine drive roads and in between all these I feel the power of winds that come across from seaside, which many times is hotter due to the presence of sea across left side but the effect of sun in these hot noontime is, of course, diminishing to a greater effect and this creates a sense of happiness. Surprisingly, there are places, where people desperately want complete sunshine for a cover of reducing coolness.

Whereas there are places where people do not want so much of sunshine and why nature has not done equitable distribution of sunshine so as to make everywhere a nicer place to live. Many times due to extreme summer it is almost difficult to live and many people have a sunburn and other sun-related diseases as a result of this.

Many such weird thoughts come into mind when driving alone and listening to different beautiful songs though at times favourite songs seem to be enough for me and I want some different songs which if anyone listens at any point of times seems to feel what a man how he is listening to such ear disturbing songs.

Human as a nature wants to see and perceive difference and when the same happening come and reach to mind it flows to observe different dynamic attendance where even favourite songs seem to be a way not matched with different stages of mind and for this we need a complete change of guard and deviation from the present scenario in order to have different understanding of attitudes and mind to have a perfect glimpse of life at it best scenarios.

In some distance, I am able to see one of the famous seaside hotels which is a vegetarian hotel and it is famous for its delicacies by giving away some of the rare native foods. This hotel is known for its cleanliness, and taste of food as well as it is famous for its wonderful price tag which many visitors feel that does not hurt their wallet at all.

I reached there and parked the vehicle and washed my hands and orders some of the good foods and have eaten there and rest for ten minutes before reaching out to the vehicle for a long drive. It is almost a quarter past to three pm and the entire atmosphere is still filled with the hot sun and rays of the sun are still embarking upon different boundaries of sky whichever comes under eyesight.

It is one such wonderful experience which might not place any such disadvantage for a nature lover but for an avid traveller like me, all these seem to me fierce of nature compounding with rage towards human civilization in making it more wounded due to the advent of modernity and real estate.

I have almost reached at the preferred travelling destination where I shall be staying today at company’s holiday home and will try to write a blog and then publish on to my blog to let readers read the beauty of nature and different dynamic association which makes it one such preferred available destination for me.

The zest to find the best is still not being seen but the preference to enjoy what gives the nature is the most widely accepted understanding which never ever happen in times of nature where everything makes it the most widely accepted dynamic presentation to life where simultaneous happenings comes and go like the myriad of ice in morning dream around a wide scale of desert.

I want to change the current song which is giving me the strongest ever weird feeling and I hold the remote to change it instantly without any such denunciations. Life is full of miscellaneous feelings coupled with limited relevant happenings which might happen here and there without so much of instantaneous feeling arrived through the process of decision making.

It all happened to persons from time to time and people have to find it from minutest part of their mind in order to have a complete decisive strategy while countering inevitable in fighting out the inevitable in attending the most possible underestimation of life which may find it relevancy from deepest and wildest thought of mind.

It is the happiest moments when nature overtakes wholes some thought feelings and converts totally into the deeper destination where most of such deepest cracks of minds seem to be lost in the happy dungeons of nature.

All these are the deepest understanding of life which needs to be analyzed wholesomely with a complete stretch of mind and the wildest abomination of complete care to active it in the fullest sense of reality by completely removing the venturing cover of stress and deepest concentration of cognitive understandings.

When, all these happenings are completely checked and managed with proper definition of nature at its present times, it aims to coupled with self esteemed understanding of ideas that pours deeper into perceived flashback of life which have no deeper meaning coordinating with it which may or may not be coziest to happening of life all around acoustic interventions which has no other meanings to it except a removal from conscious stage to a complete unconscious stage.

Life of flashback is not an accumulation of newer events but an estimation of the energy of the future course of events which might not work as it has been attributed to the limitations of the past.

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