Is it possible that Titan (Saturn’s moon) could have some form of complex life based on different elements/compounds than the ones upon which life on Earth is based?

In the recent discoveries of finding two “ocean world” with moons within the solar system creates absolute probabilities of sustenance of life within the solar system. It strengthens move for future space missions to these locations so as to find more and deeper information about finding the life within these moons of solar systems.

Enceladus is the icy moon of Saturn. Previously it was found in the flow of flames on it but those are not so clear to understand what it might have been. Recently, the Cassini spacecraft of NASA while orbiting Saturn, discovered the presence of plumes as well as the generation of hydrogen gas from there. Hydrogen gas is emanating from these surfaces to the completely icy moon of Saturn.

It creates the thesis of the presence of liquid water under the surface of the moon Enceladus, as well as the presence of hydrogen, does create the sense of probabilities of containing the form of chemical energy from which life can feed on for its existential presence. It also strengthens the theories to dwell for more information on these “ocean worlds” in our solar system.

With the presence of sources of hydrogen there, which could provide scope for hydro-thermal activities, and the energy generating from these hydrothermal activities could provide the much-required energies for the source of life.

The detection of sodium-salt rich grains created from the plumes of the Saturn moon Enceladus suggests due to the presence of hydrogen and its corresponding hydro-thermal activities. The frozen droplets of ice inside the crust of this moon could provide an adequate source of energies for life to sustain.

This also suggests the presence of rock-solid inside crust of Enceladus and the presence of such chemical reaction could occur from both of it and the chemical footprints stay in solution conditions with liquids and slowly bend to the upper ward plumes of oceans there.

Those chemical substances stay inside plumes on the upper surface of Enceladus and when the spacecraft Cassini moves its orbit, it could measure the amount of such soluble chemical molecules out there so as to find the most measurable and outstanding part of amount of chemical reaction and the amount of role of hydrogen in these chemical reactions to finding out the most outstanding part of whether such as such level of chemical reaction the amount of energy generated from hydrothermal activities could sustain life or not.

From the stage of geothermal activities, these particles on these flumes are converting into hydro-thermal products and that suggests the presence of hydrogen and the required energies for sustaining of life in the Saturnian moon Enceladus.

Still, these sources could not confirm whether there is life in it but one thing pretty sure is that the presence of a food source must be there so as to provide the existence of life. It might have been the sizes of microbes, which are too small to be seen with the eye and could only be seen with instruments.

Microbes are like bacteria and fungus which could not be seen in eyes but certainly, there has been living with it, old be the smallest form of life and of those exist in these surfaces then there certainly the conducive environment for sustain of life there at Enceladus. It does provide the closest form of discoveries in any planet or moon to have some form of life that could be sustained in such a habitat able environment.

Hydrogen gas is can create hydrothermal motion and thus resulting into creation of energies that requires for the sustenance of life as mostly, these gases and these results of such reaction occurring at the sea below the surface and producing the mass number of such energies that are most suitable for life.

This means there is the presence of a massive number of hydrogen within these surfaces and this means that. Plenty of microbes within sea-surface could be there. Those microbes could find their energies for life from these hydro-thermal energies which appear to be there in mass numbers.

As the result of chemical reaction occurring from hydro-thermal activities, the produced chemicals are known as ‘methanogenesis’ which contains methane, which is also there in the earth and it is an essential requirement for growing up trees as it deposits at its root. That is why the press does not require oxygen to survive. It is, in fact, help to produce oxygen indirectly.

Scientists also believe these could also be the same set up of rules for creation of private life on earth and slowly with the growth of a large number of trees we could find the presence of oxygen which is the prime importance factors of humans and animals.

In order to sustain life on any planets, there ought to be three primaries must-haves such as liquid water, established source of energies that could create metabolism processes, and absolutely necessary chemical ingredients.

Appearances of similar plumes are there in subsurface ocean of another moon of Jupiter known as Europa, but such creation of energies and presence of liquid energies appearances seems to be hazier but in the case of Enceladus, the moon of Saturn, appearance of plumes and energies seems to be absolute certainty and it is the process and the measurement of such energies in liquid forms could provide absolute knowledge about life on these surfaces.

The intermittent appearances of plumes on Europa does not provide so much confidence as it stays the idea of life intermittent as the appearances of plumes seems to be not so clear and the presence of oceans in subsidiary areas but in the case of Enceladus, it does provide a stronger evidence as the limits of investigation seems to be in the scope of what Hubble space telescope could do but still the appearances of plumes and ocean world in such large number does provide confidence to think of life at the surface of Enceladus.

Definitely in the years to come the follow-up missions should be there to Jupiter and Saturn in order to observe behavior of their moon and close screenshots so as to understand and observe what are the chemical reactions that has been occurring these surfaces and from these observations we could determine what should have been the presence of energies out there in order to understand whether presence of life in any form could be out in such places.

For the first time in space history, we could have been closer towards detecting some forms of life on other planets or the moon and what could it have been the most memorable if that we find within our solar system.

The two aforesaid moon of Jupiter and Saturn respectively does provide many such indications of contain life due to its energy and chemical reaction behaviour and with due course of time with the sending of Europa Clipper in 2022 and expected to reach Jupiter within two years could unravel many such interesting facts and could be we find the source of life on some other planets or moon eventually.

The prospects of sending the mission to Enceladus are still not clear. The current spacecraft Cassini is still at its end leg and its fuel thruster is slowly becoming weaker and its main observation is to look and observe the Saturn and its specialized sending of mission to Enceladus has not been started and so far we could observe it from all those photographs send from Cassini as well as from Hubble space telescope and observation and for this probably we have to wait for some more time.

Some other school of thoughts entirely negates there could have been living at Enceladus. They think that the presence of so much of hydrogen in the plumes of ocean waters does indicate that hydrogen is not being consumed or in some other words it does not being put into test of hydrothermal processes and conversion of life-saving energies from it but all these are mere speculations and for this many support the mission to Europa the moon of Jupiter instead which does provide lesser and spatial presence of hydrogen but the presence of such energies which might be the creation of life might have been there within the limited appearances of plumes of ocean worlds.

They believe that Enceladus might have been younger planets of Saturn and with due course of time, the presence of such hydrogen would be overwhelming that the force of vast amount of energies could turn into the ring of Saturn within the Enceladus while forming methane and other gases as the result of continuous hydrothermal reactions.

The thin, Europa is as older than Jupiter itself which guarantees for the creation of life as and when the such and such presence of conducting life energies are there, and with due course of time with the advent of so much of years, we could find the evolution of life with due course of time. That is why they advocated primary mission to Europa instead.

Nevertheless, even presence of life in Europa is uncertain as from such a distance with such level of plumes visible and it is only estimated to create the energies of life out there but still the progress towards any of these two moons is always a good sign to see if such alien are there or not and if at all they are from our solar system, then most probably they should be for these two moons of these two faraway planets, let us wait for the results.


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