Cosmic Mysteries that Scientists still Hope to Solve

There are many seasons inside Earth’s atmosphere and continuously we do see the presence of changing of the season and with it come to different climatic conditions. As we know, Earth has a special atmosphere so far than any other planets or moons where the presence of life and its support system have always been there.

It has not been able to come in one single day, the processes of evolution of life which are directly proportional to the creation of conducive environments all over India show caused one of the most brilliantly attained prospects to spine out every alternative form of energies.

Scientists are continuously searching for signs of even microbes the smallest part of life so that there could have been hoping to find more and more definitive answers to throw back the possibilities of attending the most definite and most constructive pieces of evidence of life in some other planets. Why we are so curious about it as so far we have been accepting that we are alone in this vast universe. So far we have no ideas about how big this universe could it have been.

We do see how the media and other even considering the presence of life when the news comes about such and such planets ahead of so many of light years away and based on such and such chemical and physiological experiments it has been found that such planets could have sustained for life and ultimately we do find many such ideas and interesting information regarding all such to find more and more leaning towards it.

We do find very much interesting to listen and understand, the slow nature of finding the life in some other parts of the universe. So far we do not have any iota of an idea about how big universe is? If it is so big that even crossing pint percentages of it takes more than a lifetime of humans then how could we authenticate information that has been preaching to us from time to time through Hubble space telescopes and from some other audio and other streaming methods.

Are their aliens out:

Humans are social beings and could not stay isolated. For this, it is important to continuously search and find and erase the misnomer about are we alone. We are still not able to grasp that we are alone in this vast universe. So far, no concrete evidence to suggest that there are aliens out there at least in the public domain. We have been listening to a lot about it and the space shuttle of aliens namely UFO but still, we do not find any conclusive evidence about it to suggest, are their aliens out.

So even points out that there could have been present in such and that is why the origin of a planet or solar system needs to be ravelled with. If we move with the theories that there are aliens we have seen the aliens and we do believe the presence of them we should move towards this in finding about their presence and their elements but still without sufficient information about themselves we could find anything substantial from it and even their origin of the planet or solar system.

If we do move in the form of finding about the races of landing of aliens on our planet then we should find it hard and then move with such directives so that from these conclusive forensic pieces of evidence we could have been found more and more stringent and corrective information so that ultimately all these information should provide some of the hardest and raw facts about their presence if at all these seems to be true in the first instance. Instead of searching for planets which might have been so many light years away from that even authentication through space telescope seems to be a distant dream.

From time to time we have been listening of the so-called stories of people who have seen the presence of such UFOs as well as aliens but the similar part of all these incidents that only single person has seen this and the pictures taken from these so far seems to anything conclusive about.

There are reports about many space agencies knew about these phenomena but these are nothing to substantiate about and this goes on to provide so far that whether the such and such level of information has anything substantial to say to the least or not.

What are some mysterious things that happened to you in life that were solved or still remain unsolved?

So far if we move towards such school of thought the prime factor should have been the evidence of landing of alien’s on Earth’s surface so that we could be reached to certain ideas of their knowledge about.

On the other hand, if we move towards the second school of thought regarding searching for alien life in any other form is it in microbes then

I think we are moving in the right direction. We should not be in the state of creating one mirage image of something and move into such direction but instead we should move forward in finding about any form of life that could be forming an indication of the probabilities of existence of the presence of life or creation of such conducive energies which could hold the and sustain for life to move forward in creating one of the most creative and most dynamic presence of search where there could have been every possibility to find the real discoveries which we are longing for many years.

During all these years we are confusing all about within the presence of aliens but still we have to find out whether the sources of energies containing the creation of life are available in other planets and we should see it first within our solar system in order to understand these trends clearly with more articulation and clear-cut ideas to reach to the definitive conclusion.

While going forward with any of the notion towards achievements of something we need to find out the most robust and most definitive interpretations of ideas where we could find the exquisite lead towards getting the most finite form of ideas where we could find even the trace of energy sources that could provide sufficient interpretations to each forward and move ahead towards ours discoveries.

These could be possible as we are moving towards the correct path of detecting the ways and the manners could a life be sustained inside of the planet and the elementary shreds of evidence could provide the real justification to it. But here the million dollar question again comes to mind whether for sustenance of life the forms and factors involving of the same criterion which the earth needs could have been the standardized form or some other forms which we might need to find and try out with due course of time.

Why not there was another set up of rules for living entities in some another planet even inside of our own solar system where the energies ingredients for sustaining of life could have been so much different from that of the earth. Where we think the liquid hydrogen particles are essential for sustaining or even microbes but could it be nitrogen or her forms of chemical ingredients that could make life to sustain in some other atmospheric zones which we need also to be carefully considered.

We should not standardize everything in the format and manner of the same yardstick than that of the earth as we have to move beyond it and found out what should have been the most basic difference formula and the essential for the existence of life.

The minimalists achievements where we could find more and more anticipated solutions is to not to define anything in the manner of the similar to that of earth surfaces as we have we could move to universe we should see it everything in the perspective of zero and should not pre-determine anything what should constitute of life as with due course of time we should see whether there are any signs of life at anywhere and from there on we should find the exact evidence of it and that should provide the real anatomy of space mysteries that should have the definitive information and coherence to find the most of mysteries surrounding in these universes.


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